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How to get better fuel economy w/your diesel



  • keuper20keuper20 Posts: 5
    for 6.0l owners be careful when thinking about a computer chip when trying to increase economy.if under warranty installing a chip may void your recommends using a cetane booster addative every fill.ive personally seen this addative increase fuel economy 10 mpg!!ford now also recommends changing BOTH fuel filters every 15k(6.0l).contact your local ford dealer for any questions.thanx.
  • 06 Ram 2500 Cummins 4x4

    Two weeks now with ~500 miles on the clock with mostly city stop and go driving and I am averaging 15.5 according to the trip computer. During a 100 stretch of highway, that went up to 18 driving a steady 70 (cruise).
  • stdbobstdbob Posts: 14
    Not trying to get away with anything, but am currious. Other than color why aren't we allowed to use it?
  • it's dyed red so that when burned in an on-road engine it will bellow alarming colored smoke.

    other than the dye the only diffrence is that the on-road diesel is taxed and the off-road is not.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,490
    Taxation is a main issue. However home heating oil and red dye farm diesel have GOBS (many more times 10x more in CA) more sulfur content. This of course pollutes more. (you are probably wondering why it is permitted given this fact? ME TOO!!)

    So for example in CA farm diesel aka red dyed diesel can have 500 ppm and more of sulfur vs 50 ppm on the road. In other states the ppm of sulfur is FAR higher. Again keep in mind the 2006 standard will be 15 ppm.
  • jbclawjbclaw Posts: 1
    don't know if this is still timely, but aero tanks in corona california has a number of large replacement and other tanks, they have a website and ship. I replaced 20 gallon forward tank in my F-350 with one of their tanks that bolted up and provided 45 gallon capacity, which they rated at 40, best wishes
  • I used dyed diesel (offroad diesel) in my tractor. I don't notice any unusual smoke.
  • ddf1ddf1 Posts: 18
    I know a lot of people running off road fuel in their personal vehicles around here. About the only way to tell if they are running on or off road fuel is to dip the tank or a sniffer. Because of the higher sulfur content. At start up on a cold engine there might be a difference but I don't think it is very much.
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    Why would you not believe 55 mpg going down hill? In that case most of the motive force is gravity and there is no reason to question 55 mpg as the true mpg. If you take your foot off the accelerator and cost at a slower speed, you will get even higher mpg.

    Going up the same hill at 50 mph you might see the mpg gauge read 10 mpg. This could also be correct.
  • taointntaointn Posts: 2
    recently I've been researching some of the pros and cons of the vegetable oil possibilities. Does anyone have any personal experience of running veg oil through their diesel. I'm sure it will work in the short term, but I'm interested in the long term effects on plugs, fuel lines, etc...if someone has first hand experience.

  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,024
    A local newspaper is looking to interview consumers who are driving a diesel Volkswagen or Mercedes-Benz in the Midwest/Northeast area, please send an e-mail to no later than Friday May 5, 2006 by 2:00 PM PST/5:00 EST containing your daytime contact information and where you’re located.

    Chintan Talati
    Corporate Communications

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • zachinmizachinmi Posts: 228
    We have a very similar truck - 2006 2500 4x4 quad cab with the Cummins, auto transmission, 3.73 gears. We get roughly 18mpg at 72mph on the freeway, using cruise as much as possible. Around town in short trip city driving our mileage is 12-14mpg.

    We also recently went on a 2300 mile trip towing a 5000lb gooseneck horse trailer (two feet taller than the cab) and in freeway driving at 65-70mph, half in the mountains of North Carolina and West Virgina, and roughly 1300 miles with the trailer empty (5000lbs) and 1000 miles with a horse in it (6200lbs total) we averaged 14.1mpg for the whole trip. We're pretty happy with that!
  • bubbapugbubbapug Posts: 1
    I've heard people addding acetone to diesel. 2 - 3 oz for every 20 gallons of diesel. Alot of these guys on a VW forum increased mileage by 8 - 10 mpg or more then there were a few that didn't see any difference. I tried it on my F 350 6.0 and saw no difference. Wondering if anyone here has tried this with different results. One thing I noticed was exhaust was not as black when under full throttle acceleration. My only mods are a Bullydog downloader and high flow air filter.
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    A small amount of acetone cannot possibly help, but probably wouldn't hurt anything. I say "probably", but might attack some seals. Don't repeat this and especially don't use a higher level of acetone.
  • alex1640alex1640 Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 silverado w/ the duramax engine and a little more than 103,000 miles. I'm a lead foot and use the truck for commuting from Sacramento, CA to Berkley, CA (about 80 Miles). Sythetic oil DOES help, but I have found it is NOT worth the additional cost. My mechanic is a dealer for D1280x and has been adding it to my oil and selling it to me as a diesel additive as well. I used to get 15.4 mpg cruising at 75mpg. I now get 17 to 20 mpg. it's way worth it and more than pays for itself for me. I am pretty sure he gets it from interpacific environmental (google "interpacific environemental" or
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    What do the engineers at WORKHORSE know that the engineers at VW, Mercedes, Cummins, etc., etc., don't know? What tradeoffs are involved? Higher NOx? Or just much finer control of fuel metering obtained with custom built hardware which costs more than the stock, mass produced systems?
  • I agree, it is BS that diesel costs more per gallon than regular gasoline because it is "less refined".

    I read an article (that I wish I would have kept) that stated that oil companies were "restructuring their fuel prices based on energy content", which means that even though diesel is cheaper to refine, they are going to charge you more for it at the pump because of its high energy content...

    With diesel costing more per gallon that gasoline, I've been second guessing my desire for a diesel truck. Granted diesel is 30% more efficient than gas (given the same vehicle), but if diesel is going to cost 30% more than gasoline I can't see paying the additional $5,000 to get a diesel truck.
  • Hey everyone, I am going to buy a new 06 Dodge Diesel Pickup and had a question. I am wondering if anyone can tell me the difference (if any) in the fuel economy between the Automatic Transmission and the 6-speed manual. All of the other Dodge pickups I have had have been 5 or 6 speed manual so should i switch? and what are the differences?
  • '07 Ram 2500 Megacab. I Love This Truck!!
    It is very nimble in traffic and has tons of power. I was getting 15-16 mpg in a small town stop and go. I change my oil at 2400 and went on a 400 mile trip avg speed 70 mph with an avg mpg of 18. I pulled a Tacoma 4X4 on a tandem trailer for 75 miles and avg. 16 mpg. This past week I went on a trip of 580 miles all on the interstate avg speed 75-80 mph, (I set my cruise at 75-78) and left it alone as much as possible. I had 3200 miles on the truck and I filled the tank until I could see the fuel about 2" from the edge of the fill nozzle. I averaged 20.8 mpg. I couldn't believe it.

    I have been very happy so far. I plan to continue my "break in period" and then I have been considering a programmer, AFE air filter and +/- dual exhaust. Any thoughts out there?
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    1. Don't change anything and use the vehicle as is.

    2. Keep records and check mpg while highway cruising at 70 mph and 65 mph.

    3. Increase your oil change interval to the specified one.

    4. What oil are your using? After full "break in" consider changing your oil to the best you can afford.
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