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Infiniti M35/M45 Maintenance and Repair



  • njm35njm35 Posts: 7
    I have been having similar problems. My seat does not always come into position when I start the car and the memory looses its memory.

    I just took it into the dealer to be fixed and they said they reset it and it worked fine a dozen times in a row. As soon as I picked the car up that night it would not go into position automatically.

    I have to take it back again now. Big waste of time!
  • njm35njm35 Posts: 7
    I have the same problem and I just took it to my dealer for warranty work. I was told "yea we know that problem and there is no fix for it". But we noted it in the computer.

    I am also haveing problems with my power seat memory.
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    I just was reading the service manual on adjustment of the HID low-beams. There are two different procedures depending on whether you have the AFS system or not. Without AFS, you can mechanically adjust the lights. With the AFS, you can only adjust them with the computer +/- 15%, since the height is controlled by the vehicle height sensor on the rear suspension and a servo motor. Next time I'm at the dealer's, I'm going to ask them to set it to the max height and see if it makes any difference, since I have the AFS on my car. I'm going to check to see where it is actually pointing first, and see where that actually is relative to the manual system's specs and the specs for the car with AFS. Note, the height is adjusted based on the load and the driving and road conditions. It seems to integrate the changes with accelleration and decelleration so you don't have the motor constanly making small changes.
  • j21mj21m Posts: 22
    Much to my surprise, I just picked up my M35 and found that the doors do not auto lock when driving...worse than that, if you lock the doors, they do not automatically unlock when you try and leave the cars, which my E320 had an I was used to...
  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    The only time the doors will automatically lock is if you unlock them, but don't open a door within a (fairly) long time. They do not auto lock or unlock. Many people find this odd...doesn't bother me, but that is the way it is.
  • spaceguy1spaceguy1 Posts: 2
    Just thought I'd let y'all know what the resolution of my issue with the rattle coming from the rear of the car was. It seems that one of the brackets holding the exhaust had been jarred loose by a pretty hard scrape on the undercarriage. Not sure when it happened, might have even been present when we first got the car. In any event, it was about a $90 repair job, and now all is well.
  • j21mj21m Posts: 22
    Same that the way it is supposed to be???
  • My '07 M35 went in for 5 irritations in March '07. This was only one of them. 2 different gas stations, 2 different weekends with temperatures below 5 degrees. The gas station spicket had 3 settings. I put it on the slowest rate of fuel-in, knowing it happens on this car. Pump stopped at half way. 'tried manually filling and it stopped and I left station with a half tank. Dealer says "we've heard of this issue, but you brought your car in with a full tank, so we cannot check it". Imagine, dealers "heard of issue" but needs to see it happen fothemselves. 'same fuel station, never happened with car at half this price.
  • badboymiabadboymia Posts: 6
    the only problems i have with the lightin system is the materaial they use for the head light it gets scratch very easy i hate it!!!
  • I have had my M35x for almost 2 years. Early this spring it started to do the same thing and my dealer cannot seem to fix it. They actually witnessed the problem, but were not able to duplicate it the next time. There is also no particular pattern which makes it even more of a challenge; however, I have the problem most of the time (except when the car is at the dealer). They contacted Tech Line and indicated to me that the problem has not been reported.

    Were you able to have it solved?
  • tmartin63tmartin63 Posts: 19
    '07 M35 (7900 miles) I had the same prob several weeks ago, but thought it was the gas station. Car would only take 5 gals into the tank - happened twice in a row, but not before or since. Let us know how this turns out.
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 930
    I am the starter of this topic and I just live with the problem. I don't think it's heat sensitive because I'm in Florida. The problem does seem to only occur at gas stations with fast pumps. I pump gas slowly.

    This is a design dealer has no idea how to fix it.
  • nycdudenycdude Posts: 33
    I've seen several posts regarding this problem, but didn't know what they were talking about, having never experienced it. Twice in the last couple of days, while descending a somewhat steep grade on dry pavement, the transmission downshifted, causing RPM to go to about 4500. Can this be a programmed-in response to conditions, or is it a design flaw? I found it very unsettling and plan to discuss it with the dealer. I have about 20k miles and 21 months on the car. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? :confuse:
  • bw45sportbw45sport Posts: 151
    From what I've been told, the early pump shut off is not due to a design flaw. The M's gas tank/sensors were built to comply with pumps now required in California. As the newer pumps work across the country the problem should disappear.

    Then again, this could be total malarkey but it is what I've been told by an Infiniti rep who was responding to my question, not complaint.
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    For the last couple of months I've had this problem as well ... after two years of NEVER experiencing it. I've been filling up at the same Chevron station almost exclusively and there was new signage up a few weeks ago ... perhaps evidence of a change in pumps? Next fill I'll try a different Chevron and see what happens. Bart :shades:
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 930
    If this early cutoff is by design, someone should be shot. Most of the time you can wait a little and then refuel slowly to fill the tank...but a couple of times, I just couldn't add any more fuel and the tank was only 1/2 full. This would not make me very happy on a long road trip....or where there are few gas stations open (night driving in the country).

    I believe it's a design flaw...and potentially a problem when you really do need a full tank of gas (before a major storm, etc). I live with it...but let's call a flaw a flaw.
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    How can it be an Infiniti design flaw if it hasn't happened in 2+ years? I do agree with you, however, that if it's a pump flaw someone should be drawn and quartered. Bart :shades:
  • tmartin63tmartin63 Posts: 19
    Thank You EPA!
  • bcorig1bcorig1 Posts: 3
    Yeah, I got my M35 in October 2005 and noticed it almost immediately its been happening ever since. I sent this in then but no one responded.
    I told Service and they said they would have to reproduce it - the dealership is in flat land. I haven't bothered.
    So, when I get to a hill I change to the manual shifter and just up shift till its controlled.
    Let me know if you have any luck.
  • blov8rblov8r Posts: 567
    Filled up at the OTHER Chevron station today ... filled fully. While the one I usually frequent has s pump issue the rare alternate is on my way to and from work ... and at $2.69 per gallon for the medium octane they now have my business.

    Bart :shades:
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