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Infiniti M35/M45 Maintenance and Repair



  • one and 1/2 hours to replace six sparkplugs!!!!! Do they have to remove the engine??
  • I posted this message sometime ago, but no one has ever advised me of a possible solution. My 2003 M45 is in great condition with only 75,000 miles, but the instrument panel only works when the temperature is over 80F outside ambient. It was 70F, but the temperature has increased recently. When it works, it works very well. Discussing this with several dealers, including Infinity and Nissan has proven useless. They simply wanted to replace everything at a great expense. I think it is a minor glitch, but have been unable to solve the problem. I believe the problem is power, since the DVD for the NAV system is dead when the problem occurs. Any suggestions?
  • My aunt has a 03 Infiniti m45 and her instrument cluster works when it wants to. Also her gas gauge had went out and when it said 1/4 of a tank left it was empty. She took it to the dealer and we looked it up and it happens to be a problem in all 03-04 models but infiniti does not pay for it.
  • I've been driving a 2011 M37 since June. Two or three times I've put my foot down on the gas (not all the way, but most of the way) to pass cars, only to have the car feel like it's going into neutral and then after a delay of a second or two, it catches and accelerates. This seems like it's being done by design....and it seems like a design flaw in the shifting computer which could be dangerous when trying to get out of harms way.

    Am I alone in seeing this? I'm about to go to my dealer, infiniti and then, if nothing changes, perhaps the NTSB.
  • If anyone wants to recreate the shifting issue, try to accelerate in "standard" transmission mode from a steady 40mph.
  • Can you tell me how to replace the in cabin filter. Dealership is charging too much to have this done. Thanks
  • It's a very easy just have to remove the glove box. The exact procedure depends on the model year of the car....but it's at most 20 minutes start to finish if you've never done it before.

    The filter is directly behind the glove box in all the M's.
  • I recently acquired a 2006 M35X which came with the stock tires. As the stock tires are worn I definitely need to change them. But here is my dilemma: The ground clearance of the M is too low for the kind of roads I drive on so I need to increase the ground clearance if I am to enjoy the car.

    My question is: will it be okay if I installed P245/60R18 which will raise the height a little bit. Will this spec of tires dramatically alter the driving dynamics in terms of safety?

    Thanks as you respond. Any suggestions will be welcomed.
  • What size is on there now?
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,659
    edited October 2010
    Okay, you have 245/45R and you want to put on 245/60R.....(calculating...please wait.....calculating....please wait....)

    Nope, wayyyyyy too big. Best you could do would be, in theory, a 245/50, if they make such a size, I don't know. That'll give you 1 inch greater diameter.

    If you go to a 60R, you increase diamater by 3 inches, probably causes interference issues with fender and suspension, and also an 11% speedometer error, which might drive your car's computers crazy.

    A 275/45 would also give you an inch with a 4% speedo error, meaning when you are reading 60 mph, you are actually going 62.4.

    Most experts recommend about 3% increase or decrease.
  • i just replaced these with my friend who owns his own automotive shop. It only cost me $50 for parts and labor. The dealer will rip you off.
  • jk05mdxjk05mdx Posts: 15
    Thanks for your response and suggestion. I have checked the size: 245/50 does exist. However, I wish you could please help me run your calculations again and see how close or far 245/55 will be in terms of safety and alteration of the driving dynamic of the car.

    Thanks a lot.
  • I did check 55s, and they are too big...almost 2 inches larger in diameter with over 7% speedo error. I suppose if you could live with the speedo error (when it says 60 you are doing 64+ mph) and your ABS and transmission don't get confused, then you could mount the tires at the tire shop and see if they hit anything. I'm thinking they'll rub, esepcially on hard turns or bumps. But I can't say for sure.
  • jk05mdxjk05mdx Posts: 15
    Thanks a lot. I shall take all your suggestions into consideration and hopefully I will get it right. In as much I wish to increase the ground clearance, I also do not want to compromise the safety of the car!

    Once again, many thanks!
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,659
    edited October 2010
    It's not easy to substantially increase a car's ground clearance without a) spending a good deal of money and b) compromising the car's handling and safety.

    I'd invest in heavy duty skid plates before I'd mess too much with lifting the vehicle. If you can't clear it, then you can slither over it. (within reason, of course).
  • jk05mdxjk05mdx Posts: 15
    Suggestion noted.

    Thanks a lot.
  • BMW540BMW540 Posts: 33
    Infiniti has replaced my engine in my 06 M45, 45k because of oil consumption. They also replace all of the fuel sensors and the pump because of total inaccuracy. They have replaced the rear end twice because of what originally sounded like a ring and pinion mainly at 40 and 80 mph. Now it sounds like a hum or wurr at those speeds. Still trying. On top of it all, after I got a new engine, the car became quirky especially on city streets, following all of the messed up asphalt. This is especially noticeable while braking at stoplights.By the way, I do have Pilot sports. I am getting ready to take it back to the dealer for the wurr, any thoughts on the crappy steering? Obviously the wurr is not coming from the rear end. Thanks
  • barryendbarryend Posts: 121
    I had a 2006 M35X. Infiniti replaced the steering rack under warranty in 2007. They were defective. Are your tires in good condition? Make sure air pressure is correct. M35X has horrible steering even if it is perfect. I lease Audi A4 now.
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