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Honda Ridgeline Maintenance and Repair



  • Shimmy,

    It may not be your speaker. I have the same problem with my radio, but only when it's in the AM position, so I think it's my radio that's presenting the problem. It happens most of the time, but only when there is a vibration (moving or bumps). Sometimes it does not happen at all. I'm planning on taking it in to the dealer at my next oil change to check it out. I'll let you know.
  • shimmyshimmy Posts: 14
    I've had same problem. Antenna plug was loose in the radio socket.
  • :confuse: Well, they diagnosed the problem as a bad left front axle. They replaced it, but the same noise keeps occurring as I described in my previous message (#311). I am driving the truck, and there seems to be no obvious problem,brakes, steering, driving all seem fine, but it is annoying as heck for a new vehicle and so much $$$. The dealer decided that I should just drive it until the noise goes away or the source of the noise becomes obvious. I tentatively said okay, but the more I think about it, the less happy I am with this "solution". I'm a pretty laid back guy, but can get angry if I need to. What would you do or recommend for me? Thanks. (A guy can go nuts thinking about this!)
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    maybe, maybe not so FWIW:

    my Odyssey, some Pilots, some Accords, maybe even your truck has a strut tower where the welds may not be deburred sufficiently before assembly. following assembly, there is enough compliance for rattling and rubbing.

    i had a rhythmic tick tick in the right passenger front at about 30mph which the lead tech found immediately when driving my car.. there was a TSB for it for the Pilot, or perhaps it was the MDX. i cannot remember.

    anyhow, taking the strut out, deburring the welds, applying grease to the plate at the top and re-assembly made my Odyssey quiet again.

    it *might* be your issue.
  • Update on our 2006 Ridgeline with the saturated floor... dealer said they 'think they fixed the leak' and wanted to wait a few weeks for the carpet to dry out to see if the problem was solved. I insisted on new carpet now since it's butt cold outside and I don't want to deal with the moldy/musty smell inside. Dealer says it will take about 1 week for the new carpet to arrive. They don't even sound confident the problem is corrected. Should we contact Honda Customer Relations and see about getting them to buy the car back? I feel as if we have permanently damaged goods here. $34,000 truck and still under warranty. I think Honda needs to step up to the plate and issue a recall. Any ideas? At this point we really don't want to keep the car if this issue is likely to come again, especially when it might happen after the warranty has expired, and we'll be stuck with a lemon then. Anyone else with the same problem been able to get Honda to step up to the plate and take the car back?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Lots and lots of leaky 2006 Ridgelines in the first few months of production. I bought in Nov of 2005, truck built in Oct 2005 I think. The production line problems (bad welds) were supposed to have been fixed by then.

    The plate on the driver's door gives the month and year the truck was built. 2006 production started in what, Jan 2005? Anything built in the first 6 months or so may leak.

    Leaks were in the front windshield frame and int the rear side panel behind the rear door. The glass does not leak, the welds where panels are put together are not complete.

    Any Honda dealer knows about early month production having leaks. Lots and lots of carpet has been replaced.

    I know it's winter, but get a water hose and flood the truck for a long time on the side where the water came in. Why drive it and wait for a rain? I would not use a car wash, I would use a hose that puts out a lot of water. If you get more water inside, take it back to the dealer. If not, it's probably safe to get them to replace the carpet now.
  • shimmyshimmy Posts: 14
    My dealer says that Rear differential (or transfer case) fluid should be replaced every 10.(ten) thousand km. The job cost around $400. That,s a lot of money to maintain a single component in the truck so often. It cannot be true? Can it?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Read your manual.

    You will have a 'maintenance'code come up on the dash display when the computer thinks you need to change the rear differential.

    I think I've read that the first service usually comes up at about 15,000 miles, then the following will be at about 20 or 25,000 mile intervals.

    It will be an Alpha code and/or a numeric code.
    Read the manual.

    In general, most dealers will try to do maintenance sooner than necessary on many items. More money in their pocket.

    $400 seems very high. There is a drain plug and a fill plug. And it takes about a quart of fluid. Even knowing HOnda prices its fluid very high, this seems extremely excessive.

    I would use Honda differential fluid. If someone rather than a Honda dealer does service, I would use Honda diff fluid and trans fluid, probably even Honda Antifreeze. They 'compound' these fluid so they are somewhat unique, and I would not want to bet on a warranty problem tied back to not using these.

    Now, oil and oil filter - use any good, national brand.
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Posts: 408
    No, a rear diff VTM fluid change is right around the fifty dollar mark if I remember correctly, and it takes way more than a quart. My first VTM fluid change was at 15,000 miles, but I don't think you change it every 15,000 miles.
  • The real dif oil should be changes that often, your truck will tell you when it should be changed, I think the code is "A6" on the service reminder. They are however taking you for a ride at $400, Honda Windward charges $74 to change the real dif oil. It is also very easy to do yourself for around 15 bucks.
  • Has anyone installed running boards for the ridgeline. I checked out the installation instructions and it requires a special tool. Do you need this tool and if so where do you get it.
  • Mine was in for the fourth and final repair late last year. Mine had welding problems and a missing plug. Mine has been drilled at right A-pillar, caulked and plugged. New carpet done. The right front area has an electrical box where the water came in which concerns me for possible future electrical problems. Passenger side dash taken apart to reach areas as well as center floor console for carpet replacement. I just started to have dash creaks... Yes I know how you feel-I was so excited to buy a new Honda-kinda took the excitement away. I do understand there are limits to manufacturing and I got to experience those limits. So far no leak-if it does leak again, will request a buy back as per Florida Lemon Law.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Well, you apparently haven't tried hard enough.

    toast3 was able to catch his on fire two times.
  • Well, my AM reception has been an issue that seems to be unsolvable. Honda replaced the radio and replaced the antenna boot but still I get static with AM reception. It almost sounds like a bad speaker but they checked those as well, besides FM and CD sound beautiful. The static doesn't occur constantly it's an irritating crackle noticable with 'talk' radio. Anyway, Honda told me there was no way to correct the problem at this time because the antenna was placed in the rear window and not the big windshield like most cars. Therefore the signal is not coming in good. They mentioned some kind of booster that the Pilot has but that Ridgeline hasn't had a service advisory yet. I called the main Honda in Torrance and they said they wouldn't fix the problem until they get more complaints. Well, I'll be constantly complaining because it is driving me crazy -- BUT I love my truck overall!!!!!!! Is anyone else having this problem with their AM reception?
  • trinaytrinay Posts: 5
    No, no radio problems as of yet. My only problems so far have been water leaks and now today they tell me I need rear shocks on both sides. Well now, the truck is already 6 months old so why not!
    Crazy problems with this truck, but I must say, still love it. I will be after Honda Canada for some extended warranty though. I mean really, having your truck ripped apart and put back together after repairing body seam leaks and having all new interior put in because it was pretty much a swimming pool and now needing rear shocks already! Shocking! It's a 2007 with under 7,000 km's.
    Anyone else needing rear shocks already? I know many water leak problems out there but apparently I am the first with this problem, or so they say.
  • trinaytrinay Posts: 5
    Oh my floor was soaking wet too about 2 months ago. They had a company come in and fix body seam leaks on both the left and right side. The dealership also replaced all the underpad and carpet as it was soaked right through for some time. So far this problem seems to be fixed but I am really concerned about the future and potential rust or any other unforeseen problems. Today I was told my RL needs the rear shocks replaced. My truck is a 2007 and has under 7,000 kms. Unbelievable! I am now planning to go after Honda for an extended warranty at the very least. I had fought with them previously with regards to the water leaking because the truck was only 2 months old and I had it in for service numerous times to have it repaired. I tried for a new truck but they were not giving an inch. But this time I will fight for extended warranty. Having shocks replaced like this is beyond comprehension. So far in my experience Honda Customer Relations was a waste of time. They only stand behind their warranty that you receive with your vehicle. Don't even think a buy back would be possible, but worth a try I guess. Good luck to you.
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