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Honda Ridgeline Maintenance and Repair



  • Did you find out what was causing the creaking? I just bought a 07 and it creaks or groans on a slow turn. It dose not thunk....more of a groan. Just wondering if you solved your problem....thanks
  • The same think (groan/creak on a slow turn) happened to me, and much to my surprise my power steering fluid was down below the low mark when I checked it.
    (Hint: the power steering fluid cover just yanks off -- what a great design!)

    Truck just went out of warranty, and it turns out the problem was with the power steering cooler unit and hoses, which were leaking. Cost me $330.00 (at dealer) to fix.
  • This is coming from the rear of the truck. It loudest in the right rear on a left turn but will also do it on a right. Only notice it at slow speeds but it may be there at higher speeds and not able to here it. It has me baffled. The sound is smiler to the sound a the steering makes when the fluid is low but deeper and louder.
  • This has been going on with my Ridgeline since I got it (late 2005, 06 model RTL). Some kind of strange honing groaning sound under the middle of my truck, maybe more on the passenger side. Only at low speeds going down a hill while turning. I took it in but they found nothing. Honda changes my oil and checks all the fluids every 3 months. It has not gotten any worse over the years. My truck has 45k on it now. It is an irritating sound. I would like to know what it is. I don't have a power steering leak or problem otherwise. My truck goes in for inspection this month. I will post anything I find out
  • Thanks for the reply. I bought the truck knowing it was there and hoping I could fix it. It dose not seam to be a problem driving but it is irritating. It is an 07 with about 70k. I have a few problems with it but It is the most comfortable truck I have driven. Thanks for the info...
  • Hi Frankie,

    I bought a 2010 ridgeline and I got it at the end of October 2009. I didn't drive her a lot since I got her as I am leaving 5 minutes from my office. I came back from 3 weeks away without driving the vehicle and when I got back the truck wasn't going well. Weird sounds coming from the front of vehicle, steering hard to turn. Went to dealership and still under warranty as I haven't 4000km on it!! Cooler Transmission unit need to be change! I was looking to know if anybody else has more problems with their ridgeline as I have problem with back driver side window...doesn't open now! I did had the splash guards when I got the truck......I did have some problems to started to the truck too...some days it happen I did try to started it and didn't work. I had to turn back the key and re started again!

    I am disappointed as it is a NEW truck so if you can help me or anybody else who experienced any other troubles please let me know!
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    I've owned lots of new vehicles. I don't want to remember and write down here, and you don't want to read, all the problems I've had with new, under warranty items on cars from various manufactors. Modern autos are much, much better that they used to be. Ok here is a short list of a new 1972 Corvette - AC switch, windshield wiper motor, rear differential (two teardown involved), tranny dip stick leak, window seal. And, this was within its 12months/12,000 mile warranty. You've got 36months/36,000 miles.

    The truck is still under warranty. Let Honda fix it.

    There was probably a leak in the PS cooler and when it was low on fluid from the leak, it would have been hard to turn and probably make noise. Sounds like they have fixed this.

    The rear window is somewhat of a one-piece item, the entire thing. If there is much of a problem there, they will have to just replace the whole thing, including all 3 pieces of glass and the motor, etc. To get to the window, the rear seats and lots of the rear mouldings will have to be taken out. After they repair it, before you drive off, pop both rear seats up - see if they work ok - and look at all the mouldings in the rear area to see that they are all back down and look fitted good. Check the seat belts. It you have squeaks or rattles back there afterword, make them fix those.

    There are thousands of parts in a modern auto. Things break.
  • flyupflyup Posts: 1
    1. am radio static -fixed by install new wire lead-known problem
    2. at 18000 miles left front strut changed clunking noise while turning,
    3. at 22000 miles rt front strut changed same clunking noise while turning.
    4. at 24000 vehicle making noise after driving a while on city streets, rt front strut replaced no help then both bearings in struts replaced and that fixed front noise problem. Dealer said bearing replacement critical to be done right..
    5.New noise, sounds like someone is hitting the floor pan under the rear seat. with a rubber mallet, very loud. You have to be driving usually over city streets for about 20 minutes and the come to a stop. when you start moving again this is when the noise occurs.It never makes a noise on smooth roads Thank god I bought the extended warrany at dealers cost. This was a lovely driving vehicle but its not a good truck and The dealer has been great at trying to fix. I read #380 and wonder how loud the noise was and if anyone else has had this problem. I have owned several Honda vehicles but never had any problems before the ridgeline. Would not recomend it.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    You, and I, bought the first model year of a vehicle. The first year almost always has more 'startup' problems.
    Yes, radio noise on early models is a known problem.
    Yes, strut problems is a known problem also. I do think Honda didn't do good design work on the struts and should step up and help owners on these problems.
    I've not looked back at post 380, but vaguely remember it. Didn't this loud noise also come back to be a rear strut problem?
  • I have a 2006 Ridgeline with 88k miles. Left strut problem also, covered by extended warranty. Radio noise was also fixed early on. Just FYI
  • Hello everyone. Just was reading thru some of the older posts here. I noticed people talking about a noise and thumping when making a slow speed turn. Well I have a 2007 ridgeline and while I have not had this problem yet. I believe I know what the problem is. We have had 3 crv in the past. The last one developed the same problem around 20000 miles. After talking to the dealer it is caused by the rear differential oil. They say it needs to be changed at 20000 miles because it gets contaminated. Once this happens they need to burnish the disc's in the rear end. I am sure if you do a search here for crv's you will find what people are saying.
    It was covered by Honda because the manual gives a longer interval between changes. I hope this may help some of you. It reminds that it is time to change the oil in mine.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Quite frankly, I could have an AM noise problem, since I very seldom use anything other than FM or CD. And if AM, it's a local station with a signal so strong it would overpower all but the loudest noise.
  • Hello:

    I had the exact same problem with my Ridgeline. Change the VTM fluid...this will almost certainly solve your problem.
  • Stopped at the honda dealer yesterday. Asked about changing the vtm fluid(differental). Was given service bulletin 04-040 date august 8/2008. Title of the bulletin is noise and judder from rear when turning. Gives a description of how to correct it. States if in warranty will be covered. Out of warranty may be eligible for goodwill consideration by the District parts and service manager.
    I hope this will help you guys out.
  • I haven't worked on it. It turned cold so I headed to south TX for the winter. When I get back the first thing I will do is change all fluids. From what I am reading here it may be all I need. Thanks to all for sharing your information.
  • lugnut44lugnut44 Posts: 5
    I changed the VTM fluid and the noise went away. Thanks for all the on to the next problem. Left hand doors will not power lock....rear window dose not work....fuel tank pressure sensor is sending a fault. Thanks again...Scott
  • sparklandsparkland Posts: 108
    This video show the performance of the AWD system in the Ridgeline as well as the Toyota Highlander. Both perform significantly worse than the Suburu in poor tractions conditions. Honda never told me my truck was so anemic.

    It seems hardly any vehicles really are set up to get good traction in poor conditions.
  • marcusamarcusa Posts: 2
    Hi, Can't seem to find any info out of this weird problem as the dealer never finds it. If I leave the truck in the driveway for a couple of days then start it up,let it idle for a minute and put it in gear, it has a loud metallic 'thunk' (think of an old Dodge pickup from the 80's), coming from the tranny area under the hood.
    Definately is not normal as it is fine all day and the next day too. it seems something drains out after a day or so or some engagement problem. Haven't seen any postings of a fix anywheres.
  • jimbob1jimbob1 Posts: 70
    Hmmm ... parking brake on or off?
  • marcusamarcusa Posts: 2
    off...never use it. will take it up with the dealer (3x) when it is back in the winter for oil change. will have him check all fluid levels.
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