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Honda Ridgeline Maintenance and Repair



  • Anybody else have a problem removing the fluid fill plug on the transmission? I could not remove it. Had to fill the tranny through the dipstick hole with a syringe and a long tube. Very time consuming. I broke 2 extensions trying to loosen up the fill cap.
    But it is a job that is finished and won't have too do it again for quite awhile.
  • I know that it doesn't matter to anyone but ljc2tall and kcclassic are one in the same. Lost my password and could not log in, so just made a new account.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    I have a 2006 Ridgeline. It's the top model, the RTS, I think.

    My original tires have worn great, the best tires I've ever owned, but they are now 7 1 /2 years old, 53,000 miles and are getting noisy on the road. So, I'm getting close to replacing the tires, with the same Michelin as came on it. I think Michelin has slightly changed the tire name, but they still have a LTX MS and which seems to be the same tire and that is what I'm probably going to get.

    My Questions are about the TPMS sensors in the wheels:

    Has anyone replaced these?
    Has anyone run the truck until the sensors' batteries 'wore out'? (I assume an error message or pressure warning would be set if the battery was drained.)
    At almost 8 years old, should I just go ahead and replace the TPMS sensors when I put new tires on?
    Has anyone bought aftermarket TPMS sensors and had problems or no problems?
    (I've seen a comment the ones sold my Amazon will not actually 'communicate' with the truck and basically do not work.)

    I do know the original sensors do NOT have to be 're-learned' with a specialized tool because I have rotated the tires myself and the truck will pick up the correct sensor location. I've had several low pressure warnings and it always pointed to the correct low tire.

    Any help here would be appreciated.
  • If they are working leave alone. You also can't use aftermarket sensor because your TPMS lite will go on, because the TPMS computer will not read after market sensor. It reads only Honda TPMS Sensors. I had a problem with one of mine and I was getting my tires rotated so I had them change it (at Sam's Club). What a mistake. Not only did I pay for the one I had replaced, but then I had to pay Honda to try to match it to the computer in the truck because the TPMS lite came on. It would not read it so I had to have Honda put a Honda Sensor in and it solved the problem.
  • If the sensors are working, leave them alone. I had one sensor go out on a VW Jetta (2007). The "check tire" or "air pressure" light came on, but all the tires were fine. In any case, had to get a new sensor which was about $100 or so, and it had to be the correct one to work in a VW.

    Bel Air Car Guyh
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