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Honda Odyssey Real World MPG

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
This topic will be for Odyssey owners to report their actual MPG.

"Real World" Fuel Economy vs. EPA Estimates

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  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833
    just got back from Yosemite (250 miles round trip) pulling a 1,200 lbs trailer, 4 bikes, the family and dog and got 21 miles per gallon. I drove aprox. 65 mph or less which really helps.

    The engine in the Odyssey is really tireless in carrying a load. I'm crossing my fingers the tranny is the same.
  • lfanlfan Posts: 61
    We get about 18mpg in normal driving (80% city, 20%hwy). On our vacation, 80% hwy, we get about 25mpg. The van just is not too efficient in stop and go. We use 87 octane. High octane doesn't seem to increase mileage more than 1or 2 mpg's.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020

    Community Manager If you have any questions or concerns about the Forums, send me an email,, or click on my screen name to send a personal message.

  • stickguystickguy Posts: 14,143
    getting about 15-17 around town (very shrot hop stuff, horrible for mileage). Just took a weekend trip from Phila. to NY (long island) and got just over 23. That includes 1/2 stop and go on the turnpike, some 65-80 cruising, and a fair amount of local on the Island (running to the beach, etc.)

    Doing another trip soon that should be mostly highway (but up into the hills). Hope to get 25ish on that one.

    For what it is and what it does, and the type of driving, about what I expect and not too bad.

    I figure I could easily get 25-27 on a straight highway run to the south, where it's mostly flatland.

    2013 Acura RDX (wife's), 2007 Volvo S40 (when daughter lets me see it), 2000 Acura TL (formerly son's, now mine again), and new Jetta SE (son's first new car on his own dime!)

  • ali019ali019 Posts: 1
    Good luck Stick......I've been driving my 05 Odyssey for 9 mos now, (14,000 miles), checking the mpg since the last oil change...In 3000 miles, average is less than 18 Mpg. I live in SC, and mostly driving to Myrtle Beach and back (500 miles round trip, and can't get any flatter). I never would invested this much money to get this kind of disappointment. I feel I was very badly deceived by Honda.

    I am seeing alot of mention of terrible fuel economy in people's reviews. Seems like everybody has an "It is what it is" attitude. Can't something be done about this? Is it legal to advertise something so untrue?

    Is there anyone out there that gets what is stated? ( 20-28 for mine)
  • may0manmay0man Posts: 3
    I've had my '05 Odyssey for 2 months, have 2000 miles, probably 70%city and 30% highway. Although I didn't expect anything like the EPA, I'm only averaging 15 MPG My wife drives it most of the time taking the kids to school and getting groceries so she isn't hotrodding it, the highway trips we keep it around 65-70, We do run the AC a lot (it's hot in Texas) but can't imagine it pulling 10 MPG out of it.
  • I have an '05 EX-L, with the "intelligent" VCM V-6 engine. We picked up the vehicle at the dealer and immediately left for a vacation of about 1000 miles one way. On the trip there we averaged about 20 mpg. Not any better on the way home. I was hoping to be at 26 mpg, as the driving was nearly all highway, but that didnt happen. Has anyone experienced their mpg increasing with the age of the vehicle? Thanks.
  • i was hoping to hear from someone with the new VCM-v6. With gas approaching $3.00 per gallon I was thinking anything near the EPA rated 28 mpg for the '05 Oddy is very impressive.

    but after hearing your milege numbers I'd have to say it's very disapointing to hear you getting 20 mpg even if the engine has yet to be broken in.

    We were getting 21 in our '02 Oddy while fully loaded and pulling a 1,200 lbs trailer and the EGR valve was faulty. I'm now curious to see if our milege will improve.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Yes, the mileage will improve over time. My Touring will get 28 on the highway IF the speed is kept at 65-70 (over that and it drops dramatically). There is no way this vehicle can ever achieve 20 in town - it is simply too heavy - though I have come close to 18 mpg.
  • I am getting 17 city and 24 interstate. That's with 4 kids and myself and some luggage with A/C. City is without luggage and on a fair amount of 45 MPH roads.

    I don't notice when the engine switches off cylinders. Is it when the ECO light comes on? I have not even read the manual. I have made an effort to avoid changing speeds quickly on the highway to hopefully eliminate the cycling back and forth. Probably a waste of effort but it keeps my mind occupied while driving. It just isn't as exciting as when I was 16!!
  • Mostly (say 70%) city. Lots of idle time with AC on (more on first tank). AC on 90% time. Regular unleaded fuel. No significant weight on the van. Highway speed 65-70, city speed 40-45. Tried to maintain same speed as much as possible. Not too bad, IMO.
  • I am doing 20% city and 80% highway and the average fuel mileage is 17 mpg. I am using Fuel Grade 89. If I use the 87, it goes down to 15.5 mpg.
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    Big article in Octobers issue of CR reguarding EPA testing methods and why 90% of motorist aren't getting the mpg they expect. EPA on Honda Ody in city driving is 20mpg. Consumer Reports independent test on the Ody EX showed a city mpg of 12 mpg. A shortfall of 40%.City driving showed the highest discrepancy between claimed and actual mpg...many in the 35%-50% range.
  • inkyofokinkyofok Posts: 62
    Motorweek got 22 mpg on their standard test loop which is good. We drove to New mexico from Tulsa and back this summer. 24 mpg, family and 70 mph. Not bad really. 27 achievable but 65 only once and very flat and steady. City mileage will never be good. Simply 4500 lbs to lug around. Overall not a great disapointment.

    The 28 figure is real if you drive 60 mph, no AC and no family. Flat and steady.
  • attilauyattilauy Posts: 32
    AVERAGE MPG ON ONE WAY TRIP=24.7MPG (range=22-27)

    *SPEED=65-75MPH, cruise control on 80 % of the time
    *LOAD=4 adults (2 with 4 day vac. baggage plus 2 college bound students with enough baggage for one semester plus small refrigerator for dorm use)
    *OUTSIDE TEMPERATURE= 85-95 degree farenheit
    *AC= on all the time set at 75
    *RADIO=on most of the time plus MP3 player and FM transmitter
    *ROAD=70 % flat, 30 % hilly on the foothills of the OZARKS.( almost the entire lenght is interstate road)

    RETURN TRIP=24.8 MPG (range=22-26)

    FACTORS: almost similar as above except...

    *two students and their baggage are gone
    *radio=rarely use
    *SPEED=70-80 MPH

    1.Annoying engine/muffler loud sound at speed more than 75mph. this increases with speed. think it is inherent to the engine or muffler when the load to the engine is about its limit (though the rpm rarely goes beyond 3k) they may want to modify the muffler later (my suggestion, as i hate this kind of sound heard on soup up tiny car racing on a highway)
    2.No wind noise whatsoever heard from doors, windows ( knock on wood!).
    3.Dripping water near the tail pipe one foot from rear bumper ( saw this whenever I stopped for gas). it is like the one dripping underneath the engine compartment when using AC. Not sure why this happen. My old GC more than ten years ago did not have this.
    4. Highest mpg was 27, on almost flat I-55 bettween St. Louis and Chicago with speed set at 65mph. I think the most probable reason why the two trips have almost identical mpg (24.8 vs 24.7) was the faster speed I drove during the return trip (65-75 vs 70-80). (Apparently more load on earlier trip was not much of a factor, just my observation)
    5.The trip went well, without incident/mechanical problems.
  • My total mileage so far (1 year and 2 weeks) is 21.6. I have 16877 miles / 780.905 gallons. My 3 best mileages when putting in gas were 29.1, 28.4 and 27.1. My 3 worst were 15.8 (March), 17.6 (Dec) and 18.1 (September). I drive about 60% to 70% highway.
  • We just completed one year in July and the mileage has suffered this spring & summer. The van has about 11.5K now. I was wondering if it has something to do with reformulated gas but I am not entirely convinced of that because we should have the same experience as last summer.

    When we bought the car it had about 300 miles on it and on July trip about 200 miles we were able to get there and on a single tank --400 miles and still not reached the low fuel light. (easily over 27MPG). We did the same trip this year and we had to fill up at about 290 miles on the return about 20MPG before the low light came on.

    We noticed that we have been going to the gas stations more frequently even though our summer routine has been the same the past 2 years (kids in camps at the same locations). We barely get 250 miles mixed on city/hwy.

    I took to a Honda mechanic (not dealer) for oil change and had him check it out and he could not find anything wrong. He also researched the TSBs and did not find anything. He was wondering if we were paying more attention to the fuel economy because of the high price of gas. I gave him the same example of our two July trips as above.

    This has got me worried because fuel economy is not getting better. He changed the air filter too but nothing on the engine computer to indicate a problem. The van drives fine and accelerates as ably as the day we purchased it.
  • I live in Las Vegas, and after a week of city driving, I fetched about 12MPG on this car. AC is always on since it's summer in Las Vegas, and I loaded about 600 lbs on this car when I drive around. That 12MPG is really disappointing. Is that anyway that I get more MPG on this car?
  • Sounds like you got some good mileage. The dripping water near the tail pipe is from the Rear AC condinsor, the 05 Odyssey has a seperate condinsor in the rear for the rear AC unit.
  • I've just purchased an 06 EX/RES with the knowledge of many owners getting poor gas mileage.
    My van had only 5 miles on the odometer when I took it on a test drive. On the way home I've to tried to follow the Motoman's break in method MotomanUSA by varying the speed and loading the engine through the gears. I am thinking maybe the "ECO" mode is preventing proper break in of the Ody engine. I'm probably wrong, but the Motoman makes a good argument about the piston rings. I'm sure most new owners drive their new Ody home very gingerly, which could cause rings to not seat very well, especially with no load on three of the cylinders. I'll see what kind of gas mileage I'll be getting soon enough.
    I haven't changed out the oil, yet. The dealer told me not to change the oil until as scheduled because it has some kind of additives in it, but I'm thinking I should as Motoman recommends.
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