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Acura MDX MPG Real World Numbers



  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202
    I am considering the purchase of a 2010 MDX and wondering if anyone can speak to the MPG highway only. Just wondering if the six speed has much impact on mileage. I drive mostly highway. Any 2010 owners out there?
  • gigagirlgigagirl Posts: 21
    Just bought one in March - it gets excellent highway mileage! I'd say at least 24 or better - very impressed with this! Understand as well I came from jeep commander territory whereby you'd leave the driveway go to a destination and have to refill an entire tank then and there! Cyncially speaking on ''that'' subject - aside, very impressed with it!
  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202
    24 MPG highway is impressive. Thanks.
  • dinkardinkar Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 MDX for last 5+ years, 104,000+ miles now.
    Having the screen of "Trip Computer", I started experimenting at different speeds with every tank fill ups. When driving on the highways at 80mph and city mix, I was getting around 280 miles for the tank full of 20+/- gallons ( 4 to 6 people in the car ). Then I started lowering the highway speed to 70, 60, 50,45 and 40. I have tried 38 at the lowest with the D5 gear but on the slopes it looses the lower gear setting and I have to speed up to 45 miles speed to get back.
    I have recorded 35 miles per gallon as the best reading on the highway after driving around 25 to 30 miles after the fill ups.
    The city and highway mix lets me drive for 520 miles+/- for every tank fill ups.
    There are few more gas savings things I do:
    1. Drive on the right lane of the highway with flasher on.
    2.In city driving, I turn the engine off at the traffic light if it is going to be more than a minute wait. There are few more gas savings ideas I am using also.
    My first brakes lasted till 60,000 miles, front two tires changed after 90,0000 miles. The muffler is still original.
    Let us save the fuel and have some fun!
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    "I have tried 38 at the lowest with the D5 gear but on the slopes it looses the lower gear setting and I have to speed up to 45 miles speed to get back"

    "There are few more gas savings things I do:
    1. Drive on the right lane of the highway with flasher on. "

    I see a rear end collision in your future, If you're that concerned about mileage why not get a Prius?
  • crvexl4wdcrvexl4wd Posts: 35
    Also switching on and on at red light eats more gas then saving. It’s worth switching off if light staying red more than 2 min and that's not the case. Enjoy the MDX instead of insulting it by switching flasher just to save few bucks. As other user said switch to Prius and forget about thinking of gas saving and have peace of mind.
    Only real gas saving is drive sensibly, avoid excessive braking and acceleration.
  • I drive a 2009 MDX for 20 months already. Have 63000 miles and my mileage is 23.2-23.6. With the original Michelins I had 23.5 on the average. With the Yokohamas I drive now it is 23.1. My drive is 90% highway and 10% city. Reasonable driving at 72-75 mph, very careful breaking and accelerating, but constant AC use (California). If I use 91 then I have the numbers above, if I switch to 89 mileage falls too, to 21.3. Still have 80% of brake pads and rotors. Made 60K on the Michelins.
  • kingfans1kingfans1 Posts: 137
    I am average 20 mpg on my 2010 honda pilot ex-l 4wd. 6,600 miles. maybe my car is not fully broke in yet. as u know honda engine is not fully broke in untill it has between 7-10,000 miles

    but yea, on freeway i drive 65 mph with cruise control. keep it legal.
  • I have 2008 MDX with 20,000 miles. When I go to "Trip Computer" Average fuel is showing 14.8. Any idea as to why is it showing so low? I just bought this car few months ago. I have not calculated MPG by filling tank and miles driven method yet. But 14.8 pretty low for suburb driving.
  • Can you please tell as to how did you reset the 'A' trip odometer? I have 2008 MDX and the trip 'A' seems to be stuck at 14.8 MPG.
  • aikaik Posts: 3
    I recently bought a new 2010 MDX tech. Get around 13 MPG for 50/50 city/highway (computed using trip computer and manual tank-filling method). Did a lot of checks and turns out while I get around 19-21 MPG on the highway I get only around 8 MPG in the city which is why I get such an awful average MPG.

    In seems like there are only two options:

    1. The 2010 MDX in fact gets MUCH lower city MPG then the Federal EPA tests suggest (at least given my route) and this is NORMAL.
    2. My car has an issue/is a LEMON.

    I am trying to figure out what is the case and would appreciate if anyone can let me know if they have faced such a low city mileage.

    I have looked into detail in how the EPA conducts their MPG tests. Here is the link: Their city tests do look somewhat better than my city driving conditions. For example, my morning commute is 2.5 miles. The total trip takes me around 12-14 minutes (including stoppage time) so the average speed is around 10.7-12.5 MPH.

    The EPA city test runs a bit longer (around 11 miles) and has slightly less stops per mile. Their average speed is 21.2 mph. This would suggest I should get somewhat worse specs than the 16 MPG that the EPA city test though getting a 50% drop seems a bit too much.

    - Does anyone get such a low MPG on their commute (I live in Cambridge)?

    - Also appreciate any advice on what to do. Raised this with Acura Boston tech people and first they said I should wait till after the break-in period. The car now has 1000 miles on it and still just as bad MPG. When I pushed again, the tech person called saying that he test drove drove a 2000 MDX and got and MPG of 10.9. Not sure what to make of that since who knows what a 10 year old car will give.

    But also not sure what to make of that response since it seems to suggest that the EPA city ratings are just off for any type of boston-type city driving???

    I have now asked them to give me a similar 2010/11 MDX loaner to compare its MPG on my route & also to run extensive checks on my car. So far though feel am getting a bit of run-around and seems I need to excalate my complaint. Would appreciate any advice/experience on that as well.

    - Also if anyone has any clues on why the city MPG is so low would appreciate that. My highway MPG is not so far from what the EPA ratings would suggest. The issue really shows up in city driving and the car seems to do particularly bad on routes with multiple stops. I also get the sense it moves faster than what one would expect from a stop situation after releasing the brake suggesting that the engine may be consuming too much fuel in idling state (although the RPM does seem to be at 750 as expected).

    Help! Frustrated and Disappointed.
    :sick: :sick: :sick:
  • aikaik Posts: 3
    goto the trip A odometer menu. then press the top select button for a few seconds till trip A odometer sets to 0.
  • I felt the same way with my 2008 MDX Tech when it was new. I am repeating what you may be knowing.
    1.) Shorter trip with frequest stop is bad on gas.
    2.) Accelerate easy instead of pushing or racing.
    3.) Avoid hard brakes, means when you see light is red, no need to rush and take foot off gas. In half of instances when you reach stop sign, it's already green that way not need to stop and accelerate from zero.
    4.) Use suggested fuel.
    5.) Last but not least, when you reach around 10 K miles point, car already adjust to local conditions and mileage inproves.

    I had my car giving 12 at new and now around 16-17 MPG.

    Hope it helps and satisfy some of your concern. When I say do not race to reach stop sign, I mean go normal and not also offend other drivers by blocking the lane by going super slow. Here I do not want to start that war as why you bought MDX then.
  • aikaik Posts: 3
    Thanks appreciate the advice. Have been following it though.

    the MPG increase you list sounds encouraging - I assume your route has remained the same though in which case it's an impressive increase.

    Btw I did get a loaner car from acura. It was exactly the same (2010 tech) and interestingly gave me better mpg on the same exact route (so for e.g. instead of 8 MPG in my mdx, the loaner gave be around 10.5)

    that does suggest that either there is may be a natural improvement over time

    however one very different thing i noticed about the loaner is that at a stop/light, the minute i take my foot of the gas it would drop rpm and gen slow down quite rapidly (as is normal) and the car would not move forward much. However with my MDX even when I come to a complete stop, the MDX still seems to take a few secs extra in revving down (and in fact keeps moving several feet on a flat road after a dead stop i.e. even if I press the brakes fully and then let go). This seems like a small distance but on a route with lots of stops this can make a big difference

    i tried asking the local acura guys whether there was a way to adjust the settings to have a normal/rapid slow down when one takes ones foot of the gas but they didn;t seem to know how to do so or whether this was even possible.

    do you/any others notice this with your Acura? (FYI - on a flat surface when I do a deadstop and then let go of the brake my MDX moves forward about 20 + feet easily and only after that comes to a slower crawl)

    Btw - there was another boston based post where someone had the exact same problem - the post is no longer there so am wondering what happened? I am still talking to the acura people so would be interesting to compare/coordinate.
  • Hi - I just wanted to share numbers I have on my '09 MDX (base) - Just purchased a month back when the meter had 17001 had on it.

    Total Miles - 17996

    Avg Speed - 30MPH

    Avg Fuel A - 28.0 MPG
    Avg Fuel B - 20.8 MPG

    I drive about 5 days (work) in city and 2 days on highways. These readings are right after my couple hours drive (120 Miles)

    I feel these are good numbers, what do you guys think.
  • Has anyone tried Fuel Doctor FD-47. I saw this in Best Buy last week. Packaging says works well with vehicle 2 or more years older and improve the mileage by 15 to 25 % ?
    Just interested to know if any one Acura MDX 2008 or older owner have tried it and if so, what he thinks about it. Neither I am favouring it or otherwise, just curious to know.
  • I agree it was trashed in Jan edition of CR. But see FD-47 reply on the following link. I am not favoring or trashing this just updating.
  • mnsheamnshea Posts: 10
    I have a 2011 MDX Tech that now has 425 miles on it. Using premium grade gasoline, I am only getting 13.5 mpg city and 18 mpg highway. The dealership tells me that I must put a few thousand miles on the car before I can begin to see the mileage approach what the sticker says. I would be very interested in hearing what I should realistically expect in terms of gas mileage. Do you agree with the dealer's statement? What is your experience with the 2010 or 2011 MDX?
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    How one drives and at what speed has a great deal with your mpg. I have an 08 RL and I get in the city about 20-21 mpg. I do not race it but just try to stay steady speed. (I'll probably buy an MDX in the fall so I follow this board.)

    Now many of you may queston what I say now, as i did at first. On the highway at 75-80 mph, (yes I speed) our trip down to the Mojave Desert and later up to Yellowstone from the SF Bay Area Ca. i averaged 29-31 miles per gallon with cruise control on at a steady 80 mph.

    I believe the MDX is a bit smaller than my RL, and little less weight ergo, after break in the mdx :) should do better than my old 08 RL.

    I am not trying to start something but I do see a divergence in results on this board and on the RL board. I hope ALL of us get excellent milleage and enjoy their vehicles for a long time.

    Good luck to all and stay safe.

    jensad :)
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