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Toyota Camry Real World MPG



  • disko1disko1 Posts: 10

    If I lived in SD, I'd drive a diesel and never turn it off during the winter :) Here in the banana belt, it is almost April and we're still scraping ice in the morning in SE MI. I lived in Northern MI for a long time. Up North ( euphamism for Northern MI as opposed to where I live in SE MI) we'd keep the diesel engines on field equipment running virtually all winter sometimes. We'd also have oil warmers to keep our personal vehicles oil from becoming sludge overnight.

    Anyhow, I love your neck of the woods. Spent a few days at Crazy Horse and Rushmore last summer. Black Hills too. Very favorable tax environment in SD too.
  • disko1disko1 Posts: 10
    Touche Bob...
  • disko1disko1 Posts: 10
    You're a Zen guy... :shades: I have to admit something here. The Camry is a lease with all inclusive maintenance so I will do what the schedule says. That is why I bought it for the wife. In theory it was about as cheap as I could get a new car at that time, which also fit what she wanted. This is why the lousy mileage is an issue. Obviously, my overall cost of ownership is higher than I anticipated. I expected aout 25 MPG combined, not 15.74, given the epa's were 22-32. Think about it, I could have squeezed a better car out of this deal for the same money given the actual mileage I'm getting.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    edited March 2011
    Hi dudleyr:

    Where I live, we also use a "scraper" and a "brush" to remove snow and light ice.---------- (I think this invention was just introduced to New Jersey this year!) ;) -- But when it comes to removing heavy ice from the windshield and the wipers, it takes some heat! --------- (A scraper will not do the job!)---- The only way that can happen is by running the engine and getting the defroster going to heat the windshield. (You cannot pour warm water on the cold glass!) ----- Any ideas on this subject? (Maybe I can use a "heat gun" and a very long extension cord.)------- If you want comfort, you need to expend energy! ----- You cannot bring in the "comfort war" under budget! ------ Dwayne ------ :shades: :)
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    edited April 2011
    Well, without going back to re-read your posts, all I can say if your wife doesn't drive the car in the manner in which the EPA runs its tests, she's not going to achieve the EPA numbers. Warming up a car for 10-15 minutes and then driving only 2 miles is going to result in very poor mileage for any vehicle, regardless of whether some of the miles are accumulated for longer distances on the highway.

    That is the problem with the "city" figure -- it can vary so much depending on how the car is used in short-trip driving. The original EPA city mpg was based on something called the "LA cycle," as in Los Angeles, where it never gets cold. As I recall, the simulation started with a warm engine, without using a/c, and running the car for about 19 miles over about half an hour, with some full stops and a top speed of 48 mph -- not even close to your wife's city driving style.
  • kingfans1kingfans1 Posts: 137
    ok. I have 2006 Toyota Camry V6. My Previous best avg was 33.9... I was using castrol synthetic.

    My new high is 34.6 mpg.. I am using chevron supreme API SN/ GF5.

    So I will not be using synthetic.. Dino oil will do the job, it is only $2 a quart, get better mileage.

    So if you guys doing oil change DIY, Make sure you get the oil that have API SN/GF5.
  • I use Motorcraft Synthetic Blend 5w-20 with no issues ever and am getting 31 mpg in mixed driving now that the temps in the DC metro have warmed up. Straight highway I got 35.9 for a jaunt up to NJ and back. I Buy it at Walmart @ $14 for the 5 qt jug. I also use Purolator Pure One filters at $5 so the whole deal costs about $20. Most name brand oils willl carry the correct API SN designation and are ok for most vehicles in the US except for VW. VW specs for either Castrol or Mobil 1 full synthetic.
  • AndyxleAndyxle Posts: 1
    I am consistently getting between 22 and 24 mpg on a 2010 Camry XLE, 4 cylinder. While unhappy with that low number ( though it is for 50% city driving in a large metro), my bigger issue is the in-dash mileage meter. This meter reports the mileage as 26 or 26.5 and yet when I check the mileage manually, it is much lower.

    Can Toyota re-calibrate the meter? Has anybody had that done? Or do I just take its readings with a pinch of salt?


  • I've used Motorcraft semi synthetic 5w-20 in my 05,07, and 09 Camrys and they all loved the stuff. I plan on trying the new Mobil 5000 Super (SN) next and see how that goes.
  • I just completed 3/4 of my semi-annual sojourn from FL to NH. Naples, FL to Walterboro, SC, to Winchester, VA to Stamford, CT. Each day my trip computer showed just above 41 mpg in my 2011, heavily loaded XLE Camry I4.

    As an example, from Walterboro, SC to Winchester, VA, my GPS says the distance was 326.2 miles, time traveled 5:24, average fuel economy 40.1 mpg and fuel cost of $29.24 using a $3.77 per gallon price. I have approximately 6800 miles and will change my synth oil for the first time in September. I am thoroughly pleased.

    BTW. I'm getting sick and tired of all the whining and belly-aching about fuel prices from the public and lame-stream media. I set my cruise control on 60 and from FL to CT the complainers were flying by me doing 70-80 mph. If they want to *itch about fuel prices do something about conserving fuel!

    OK, off my soapbox.
  • lazorinalazorina Posts: 2
    You probably forgot to count in manifold pressure to atmospheric pressure ratio. It is roughly 1/8 - hence result will be 8 times less.
    If lunch will be guaranteed I will check tomorrow manifold pressure on my Camry when it warms up :) Note that RPM and manifold pressure changes when engine warms up. Best would be to integrate fuel burned via OBD-II scanner and then normalize counting fuel pumped on the gas station versus ODB-II integral number between two fill-ups. Could do latter as well...
  • flbntzflbntz Posts: 43
    I let my car settle down, let the tach come down to under 1,000 rpms before I drive it, just so it won't jerk when I put it in gear. 30 sec? First tank on my 2011 2.5l AT 32.09mpg.
  • kingfans1kingfans1 Posts: 137
    GPS MPG is not accurate.. in your case, the actual mpg is probably around 38.
  • kingfans1kingfans1 Posts: 137
    I recommend you should check the tire pressure PSI. I bought one from sears. it is craftsman digital tire pressure guage. cost around $20. It is very useful.

    I am not sure what PSI recommend for 2010 camry.. I think 32 PSI.
  • Several co-workers of mine used this method of warming the interior of the car up on cold and snowy mornings in eastern Ohio. They bought small ceramic cube heaters, long extension cords, and lamp timers.

    When they got home from work they placed the heater in the car, connected the heater to the timer and extension cord, set it to turn on 30 min before they left for work, then plugged the extension cord into an outlet. They usually placed the heater on some kind of heavy base to keep it steady. When it was time for them to leave for work the car was warm and glass was clear or easily scraped clean.

    They used this method for years and it saved them both gas and scraping frustration.
  • flbntzflbntz Posts: 43
    30.25mpg. 430.4 miles, 14.228 gallons.
  • flbntzflbntz Posts: 43
    25.95mpg. Did use ac most, or all of the time, plus ripped around, and had fun, now that the engine's broken in. Disappointed, but still liking the car.
  • I have a 2011 XLE and previously had a 2007 XLE, both four cylinders. I do not think that there is anything to be done about the mileage discrepancy, but in this computerized age I could be wrong. I have the same complaint and it seems that both cars showed about 1.5 MPG greater than actual. I have a suspicion that this could be intentional as there are those that probably take Toyota’s word for the MPG and do not realize that it is not what they say it is.

    It seems that the mileage that you quote is a bit on the low side if where you are driving has areas where you can run 45 – 55. My 07 was a five-speed, the 11 is a six-speed. The five-speed would shift into fifth at about 48 MPH. The 11 shifts into fifth at about 40 MPH (1500 RPM) and into sixth at about 48 MPH (again 1500 RPM). If you accelerate up to where it shifts and then go lightly on the foot feed I think you might see an improvement in you mileage.
  • flbntzflbntz Posts: 43
    I had a 2010 Prius, a 2010 Golf, and now a 2011 Camry. My Camry does not have the on-board gas milage computer, so I'm doing it the old fashioned way, but my Golf, and my Prius did. My Prius routinely overestimated milage by 2.4mpg, the Golf 1.5. I don't know why that is, but I wondered with the Prius, if it was intentional, since I rarely got the advertised milage, albeit in the winter months, where they said the motor needed to run to run the heater. I traded it in on the Golf in March, so only saw 50mpg, according to the display, twice.
  • I just bought a new 2011 Camry LE.
    Back and forth to work,1/2 highway with 4-5 traffic lights and 1/2 interstate I average 28 m.p.g.
    I have driven on a interstate at 60-65 m.p.h. and have averaged about 35 m.p.g. Using a calculator.
    Since the car is brand new I expect these numbers to increase somewhat after the car is broken in.
    I also use a torque application on my droid phone with a plug in that goes to my O.D. port. This gives me real time and trip average gas milaege just like the cars that have the gas mileage screen.
    At a steady 60 m.p.h. no wind flat ground my car can get 37-38 m.p.g. indicated. At 70 m.p.h. it drops to closer to 30-31 m.p.g. indicated on my phone.
    As for the accuracy of the electronic displays they are not 100% accurate. To be 100% accurate would require some very expensive hardware/software in your car. I expect them to be off by +- 3 mpg. However this doesn't render them useless. They can still be used to learn how to drive your car in the most efficient manner. The higher the number the better the gas milaege you are getting. I still use a calculator to figure out my gas milaege despite having the latest electronic gadgetry.
    As for filling your car up you should stop at the fist click or round up to the next.25 cent point. Overfilling your car may damage the vapor recovery system.
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