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Ford Escape Real World MPG



  • Just went over 30,000 miles. Mileage seems to be the same regardless of conditions, traffic, etc. (40% hwy, 60% city), averages between 24.5 and 25 mpg. With heavy hwy driving, tends to get close to 26 mpg. Overall, extremely happy with it, mileage is definitely better than the pickup I had before.
  • How many more MPG do you get with the Tornado/Vortec?
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  • zoom_utezoom_ute Posts: 13
    nice link.

    I find that my 2006 Tribute 2.3 AWD 5-manual is achieving closer to "old" ratings vs new. Although my highway MPG hasn't ever been as good as 26 (was ~25 though, in the winter with a full load at 70+ mph). As the car is breaking in the mileage seems to be improving. This winter I've averaged 23-24 mpg, with one tank as low as 22 (very cold with lots of slow driving i nthe snow) and one recently as high as 25.3. I have less than 7k miles on it so far, I expect it will go up another 1-2 MPG by 10k miles Based on info from my brother who has a 2005 Escape 2.3l 5-M (he averages about 25 per tank and gets 27-28 on the highway)

    I looked up my old car as well with the link, a 2004 Passat 1.8T 5-manual, that car definitely achieved the "new" lower MPG ratings. AC, lots of stop and go turbo use, and cold weather REALLY killed mileage in that car. And it was geared low so the highway MPG at realistic speeds was not so great.
  • krtributekrtribute Posts: 1
    Hi guys,
    Just signed on after writing a review in Edmunds.
    I have the 2005 Tribute i, 4 cyl front wheel drive, 5 spd Automatic tranny, all the std. features, plus cruise as option. Bought it new 3/05

    Just checked MPG again for a 40% hwy/60% local tank. I get 29.1 mpg. No word of a lie, the thing is amazing considering it is a small suv that you can fill to the brim with stuff, AND it handles like a sports car.

    You start adding 4 wheel drive and 3L 6cyl and the mileage of course falls off. I am so pleased with this vehicle I can't even tell you.
  • ron1958ron1958 Posts: 9
    My FWD 4cyl XLT which I bought early May has been great on gas so far. It has the trip computer which for the first 2 tanks of fuel showed 24.5 and 25 mpg. I verified these figures against fuel used, and pretty much spot-on. My driving is a 60/40 mix of highway/city. I am sure in 100% highway miles it will exceed the rated 26mpg.
  • garboogarboo Posts: 2
    When I drive with OD OFF I seem to get better
    gas mileage than with it ON.The owner's manual says the opposite is true.I usually drive around 95 km/hr.I computed 24.8 mpg..mostly highway.
    It seems like the gas gauge goes down quicker in OD..weird.
  • ryland2ryland2 Posts: 1
    At 42,000 miles I have an average of 20.9mpg with mostly country driving.
  • elkay38elkay38 Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 awd Escape v6 LTD 90% local driving- computer is steady at about 13.7 mpg. Not driving like grandma but don't have a lead foot either. I like this car and am ready for a new one, however the mpg is making me look at other small suv's. Any advice?
  • twaintwain Posts: 185
    We've had our 2007 Mariner FWD V6 for about 6 months and it averages 21-22mpg. That's half city, half hiway.
  • boyceboyce Bossier City, La.Posts: 48
    Just did my 1st mileage check. All local driving. Most trips under 5 miles. 80% stop and go. Longest Distance without a stop, 4miles. Got 19 mpg on second tank. No opportunity for a road trip yet. Just passed 500 miles.

    2012 Mazda 3 Skyactive 6spd. auto 2008 Mazda Tribute S 4spd auto.

  • boyceboyce Bossier City, La.Posts: 48
    :) Just did my 1st mileage check. All local driving. Most trips under 5 miles. 80% stop and go. Longest Distance without a stop, 4miles. Got 19 mpg on second tank. No opportunity for a road trip yet. Just passed 500 miles.

    2012 Mazda 3 Skyactive 6spd. auto 2008 Mazda Tribute S 4spd auto.

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  • boyceboyce Bossier City, La.Posts: 48
    2nd mileage check, same conditions as post#56. 19.2 mpg. Now have over 800 miles.

    2012 Mazda 3 Skyactive 6spd. auto 2008 Mazda Tribute S 4spd auto.

  • Recently bought 06, with 30k miles, and calculated first 3,000 miles for gas milage. Mostly country roads, very careful use of gas pedal and RPMs. Full average 28mpg. Not bad but for all the effort, wanted more. Will try removing cross bars. Any new ideas?

  • I have the above (03 Ford Escape, V6, 4WD) which I recently purchased. It has the heavy duty Luggage Rack. I am looking for ideas on how to improve my MPG. Anyone out there have any? I get about about 16-17 MPG average combined highway/city. Have yet to get 300 miles from the 16 gal tank but have taken no roadtrips yet but will over Thanksgiving so I'll soon know what my Hwy MPG will be, I am happy with the vehicle overall but had hoped to get better MPG when I purchased.
  • fjb37fjb37 Posts: 5
    My wife drives an 05 Escape V6 w/AWD and got about 13 mpg in combined city/suburban (Chicago area) driving when we first got it from CarMax. The vehicle was a Hertz rental from LA and how and why it ended up in Chicago is anybody's guess but it looked like new and had 13.5K miles on it so we bought it.

    I had no idea what kind of oil CarMax put in it so when oil change time came around I used the 5W-20 Motorcraft semi-synthetic as recommended in the owner's manual. The mileage increased to the 15 mpg range. The next oil change I used 5W-20 Mobil1 full synthetic and sucked 5 qts. of fluid from the tranny and replaced it with Mobil1 synthetic tranny fluid. The in dash mileage computer is now in the 18 mpg range for city/suburban driving. You might want to try full synthetic oil if you are not using it now and use 5W-20 as recommended by Ford.

    My wife loves this vehicle, I do not care for it. I prefer our 94 Dodge Grand Caravan.
    The Caravan has what the Escape has not. A comfortable leather seat, foot room, a comfortable gas pedal angle and enough room between the gas pedal and brake pedal so I don't hit both with my size 11/4E New Balance shoes. It also does not have cheap hard plastic where I rest my elbow! I will admit that the Escape does quite well when the snow flies. The auto AWD works beautifully in the snow.and the vehicle goes where you point it without slipping or sliding. Other than that, Ford could have done better. Just my $0.02.

  • Just an update from 10/8, now another 1,500 miles approx, milage still holding between 26 &28 over country roads, and hwy.

    Suggestions: Drive by the Tachometer, try and attain 30mph at no more than 1250rpm, 45mph at 1600rpm, and 55mph at 2000rpm. Dont use cruise control on hilly areas, carefully raise the speed, and country roads use OD on any hills. Take your foot over the gas any down slopes, dont idle the car, dont warm up and no jack rabbit starts.

    Keep tire pressure mfr specs, and of course find the shortest distances to where you have to go.

    good luck.
  • Thanks Fred and Bob for the input to my question.


    I had planned to go to synthetic as you had done and see if that helps but was wondering if there were any aftermarket add-on's like headers/exaust bolt or a chip that might help but so far have not seen any for the escape. I'm thinking of replacing all the oil's in the vehicle with Red Line and see what that does but the oil is fairly expensive and harder to find so may to to Mobil synthetic instead.

    I have just returned back from a Thanksgiving trip (525 miles one way) and on the way up was able to acheive 20 mpg without babying the vehicle and running 70-75 most of the way. My vehicle is a V6 automatic and I have previously tried running 65-70 on the interstate in overdrive but when I go up any hills the vehicle will downshift and the RPM's jump from about 2200 to 3000 which I assume reduces my MPG. I seem to have to only run about 63 MPH to keep the vehicle from downshifting up small grades. I'll keep expiermenting and see what works best. We like the Escape so far. We have the leather seats and electric drivers seat and padded console so it's all pretty comfortable and there seems to be plenty of space between the gas pedal and brake so no issues there for me. I think I would have liked the 4 cyl model better as I'm more into saving fuel than having the extra power but will make the best of what we have.

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