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Ford Escape Real World MPG



  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    I have a 2008 Mazda Tribute V6 AWD. It now has about 9,000 miles. I have been averaging around 19-20 mpg overall with mostly suburban driving and some highway driving. Max highway economy was about 22.5 mpg. I just took a 450 mile road trip this weekend after doing the following to try to boost fuel economy: 1) Remove roof rack cross bars, 2) Install a K&N air filter, and 3) keep speed below 70mph and try to avoid hard accelerations at all costs (even turning off cruise control while on up grades to prevent transmission from downshifting and increasing engine rpm's). To my shock, on the way out I calculated 25.8 mpg and on the way back 26.7 mpg. I thought on the way up it was a mistake, like somehow I didn't as much gas back in the tank at the end of the trip. But since I did even better on the way back a mistake is much less likely. I'm going on another road trip this weekend and will try to confirm these numbers, but so far it looks like making a few simple modifications and changing your driving habits really does make a huge difference in fuel economy.
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  • chiricanochiricano Posts: 1
    I got my Tribute on 2008/03/08. We had a record snowfall this year in Quebec city area, around 4.8 meters (15 feet) of snow.

    I got around 14 MPG (U.S gallon) up to early May, 2008. The last tank I got 17 MPG (July 2008). Modifications done: I put 5W-20 mobil one syntetic oil and I just put last weekend a K % N air Filter and I got an "scan gauge II" recently as well.

    Average around 15.5 MPG up to know with 80 % city and 20% highway driving.

    Please note that temperature in the winter in Quebec city can go below minus 30 degrees Celcius January, February and March.

    I love the car so far, but fuel consumption is overrated by Energy Canada (23MPG city/31 MPG highway) in Imperial galons, not U.S. gallons.

    I hope the mileage improve with the K & N filter and changing my driving habits. .

    The Mazda dealer told me around 5000 miles are required to break the engine.
  • bobsw1bobsw1 Posts: 4
    hi chiricano

    we have Tribute 2.3 front drive auto 2006 with just over 50k miles now. For the past 6 months, I have getting a steady 29-30mpg (us), The key is careful use of the tachometer, keep your rpms as low as possible to get to your target speed. Don't be afraid to drive at 55mph even if the MAXimum speed limit is 65, No jack rabbit starts, ease off on the gas just before topping a hill, and use overdrive on level or near level grades. keep the tires properly inflated and the SUV well tuned.

    I rarely top 2900 rpm.

    I enjoy the car, and in the land of $4.25 us gas, the SUV goes a long way for a moderate amount of money.

    good luck.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,444
    you mileage does seem low.
    since you replaced the air filter, we can rule that out. how did the original filter look when you replaced it?
    i would check the tire pressures and bump them up a couple of pounds(or whatever) over the number on the door sticker. if the ride is too harsh for you, knock it down a bit.
    on a street with a slight slope(not a hill!), i would put the windows down and coast a bit in neutral. do you hear any noises that sound like something could be binding or dragging?
    i might take off the roof cross bars if you have them, but i don't think they make much difference in primarily city driving, and be careful you don't scratch the roof if you do.
    check the odometer over a long run 20-40 miles if you have a chance.
    none of these things will result in a big upswing in mileage, but they might help a bit.
    let us know how things go as time goes on.
    my wife has an '04 with part time 4x4, which has averaged i tick over 19 us mpg over 60k.
  • I have a 2006 Tribute. 4cyl auto, fwd. I drive 85% freeway and back roads and use the cruse control at 30+ mph as much as possible. I can get a consistent 28-30 MPG and have repeated 32+MPG on 100% highway trips. I have 36,000 miles on it.
  • bobsw1bobsw1 Posts: 4
    great job rooskie41,

    I havn't been able to break through 32mpg yet, may have to remove roof crossbeams, drive w/o spare tire, since I drive very carefully. The regular 30mpg has been very good overall when you consider the total cost of ownership for this tribute. Just oil changes & filters so far with 53k total miles. A great wagon with plenty of room to load, and drives well.
  • I never thought about the cross beams or the spare.... Sounds like good idea's. I am about due for new tires though. I understand good year makes a tire that's advertised as quiet. That would be a change from the Conti's road humm.

    Are there any other add on's that can increase the mileage? K&N filter..etc.
  • I read through this entire thread and it definitely sounds like the 4 cylinder can provide significantly better gas mileage than the 6 cylinder (it looks like I'm reading up to an 8mpg improvement). This contradicts Ford's own literature which, I believe, indicates more of a 1-2mpg improvement. Are they purposely downplaying the advantage of the 4 cylinder (perhaps because they want gas-conscious people to spend more on the Hybrid model?).

    We're moving back to CT (from PA) and will likely pick up a used ('05-ish) Escape. We would like the AWD model, just in case we need it for some snow storms, but haven't decided whether to go with the 4 cyl or 6 cyl. If there really is such a significant difference in gas mileage, I'm thinking that the 4 cyl would be the better choice. That said, I'm also a little concerned that the 4 cyl could feel underpowered, and there's a possibility that I might someday want to use it to pull a small sailboat, so I don't know if the 4 cyl would be capable of towing anything.

    Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    You are going to like the V6 a lot better, especially if you are towing anything. The 4cyl. up to and including the 2008 model is best suited for a front wheel drive model with a manual transmission. It sure doesn't have much go with an automatic and all wheel drive. For 2009 Ford has a more powerful and larger 2.5 litre 4 cyl.
  • Bruce, thanks for your input. FWIW, I don't know that I'll ever be towing anything. It's a possibility, but who knows how things will turn out. I'd be curious to hear from some 4 cyl AWD owners to hear whether they think their Escape feels a bit underpowered or if they think it's perfectly fine.
  • just bought 05 limited v6 was expecting 20 around town trip computer says 13.7 avg ford guy told me the computer is out of whack I bought the limited for the trip computer can anone verify I hope this thing gets better than this
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 549
    Figure the mileage manually and compare it to the trip computer read out. That will tell you if the trip computer is correct or not. Mileage in the city depends on how heavy the traffic is and how many stops you make. Twenty seems on the high side and 13.5 seems a little bit low.
  • fjb37fjb37 Posts: 5
    Computer on my 05 V6 AWD reads low by about 5%. Mileage in and around Chicago area is about 15 MPG. On a recent highway trip I got 27.1 MPG driving at 60 MPH or less on flat ground without the A/C.

    I am using 5-20 Mobil1 full synthetic in the engine and have about 50% Mobil1 synthetic tranny fluid in the automatic.

    You might want to check the Nov. 08 issue of Consumer reports. They have a report on SUV and P/U tires. They also cover rolling resistance and its effect on MPG. Just my $0.02.

  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,444
    how about posting the results?
  • bj02176bj02176 Posts: 115
    My long gone and forgotten 2005 v6 got around 16 to 17 highway and suburban combined, it was a fine vehicle though.

    My not so long gone 2007 Sante Fe with the 2.7 got slightly less, same driving conditions.

    My current 2008 CRV gets around 24 with similar driving. However it accelerates as well as both of them, all had and have auto trans.

    However nothing beat getting bad mileage like the Jeep liberty that I use to have.
  • sven5sven5 Posts: 2
    We had a '05 Escape 4 cyl. manual AWD for about 50k miles. I was very satisfied with the power and especially mpg. I rarely got below 27 mpg with usually mostly road miles and with an interstate highway tank of gas at 68 mpg got 28-29 mpg. We didn't have any problems in the 50k miles, but the clutch was a little touchy and every so often it would stall at starting. I enjoyed driving the car and it clearly was useful as a utility vehicle and handled snow well with its AWD.
  • a few people seem to be in my boat, but not many. 05 xlt, 34000 miles. new air filter, new and properly inflated tires, oil changed every 3-4k. I have been driving the thing like an old lady and am averaging 14mpg city dry streets. with the 2 tons of snow this week the 4x4 has been on alot, and now averaging 9 mpg. these numbers seem insanely low to me. any ideas?
  • pdmclaypdmclay Posts: 4
    I have been very happy with my 2008 Mazda Tribute when it comes to gas mileage. It is the smaller 2.3L 4 cylinder manual. I use full synthetic oil, platinum plugs, upgraded air filter, BP gas, and constant check on the tires. My drive is a 45 mile drive at 55 mph on all country roads one way in the relatively flat area of Eastern North Carolina. Now at 45,000 miles, my MPG is consistently 32-33 mpg, even with occasional AC use. Drive easy and drive long. Clay
  • bachmanbachman Posts: 31
    edited September 2010
    I have about 113,000 on it and as usual, my wife driving anything will do better as mpg. City is 19 with her and 17 to 18 mpg with me. We do very little highway miles but I can track it soon as we'll be doing about 2600 on the I-80 slab in mid October ... provided I have the trans rebuild done by then. I can re-post some hwy numbers but I'll be nudging the limits so to speak. Probably won't be too impressive but I'll guess at a best tank of 24 mpg on a flat spot going with the wind. :)

    We live at 6800 feet in thinner air and it's hilly so I don't expect anything at or above average around town. I don't hyper mile but I'm thinking more along those lines and in general as per being a less conspicuois consumer.
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