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Acura TL Real World MPG



  • neimanneiman Posts: 6
    2009 TL with Tech with 4,500 miles averaged 26.5 mpg on last tankful per the on board computer. Best results yet. Primarily 400 highway miles for this tank. Although, my wife drove a few of the miles and I suspect she was driving a little slower than I do. Pleasantly surprised at 26.5mpg.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I drive a 2008 Base TL and have been using Hess 93 Octane gas for the last year; I've been getting a respectable 24 MPG with mostly rural town/city driving and about 28-29 MPG with highway/interstate travel; over the last two months I switched to Shell V-power after reading several articles on Edmunds, etc how Shell is a top tier fuel and they most people get their best gas mileage with them but I don't see that happening with me; I've had 6 fill ups with Shell V-power and have lost 2 MPG in all driving; I now get 22 MPG with mostly rural town/city driving and about 25-26 MPG with highway/interstate travel; has anyone else had this happen to them? I was going to give it another two fillups with Shell V-Power to see if the MPG improves but if it doesn't I'm going to switch back to Hess/Exxon/BP 93 Octane
  • Not with Hess/Shell but with Racetrack/Chevron. I had been getting about 21 mpg mostly city driving (85% city, very conservatively driven) using Racetrack 93. But the last two fillups were at the same Chevron with 93 and mileage was down immediately - still 21 mpg but with 50% city (should have been around 24). Went back to Racetrack and after 1/2 a tank of 85% city it is currently at 22 (reading 24 but is always 8-10% high). While running the Chevron 93 it didn't seem to have as much power so it makes me wonder if their 93 tanks got filled with 87. According to local Acura dealership there is no way to determine this from the diagnostic equipment and a local lab says it would cost about $100 to run a test to determine the octane rating of a sample of gas.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    The only thing I can think of is that both Exxon and Hess have stickers on their pumps that say 10% ethanol while the Shell stations do not; so Shell either has no ethanol in their gas or less than 10%; I've read that ethanol is suppose to help thin out the gas and make it burn less emissions; its possible that the car is able to get better fuel economy gasoline with 10% ethanol cause its thinned out and its not used to pure gasoline so the car uses the ethanol to burn the gas more efficiently and thus better fuel economy; this is only a assumption but it is the only thing I can think of off the top of my head that could explain why I've been getting worse gas mileage with Shell
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,952
    Ethanol blends actually reduce your mpg not enhance it. Don't know why you're getting less mpg at Shell but ethanol is not the answer. Straight ethanol, while being cheaper to buy, delivers only about 70% mpg compared to straight gasoline so a 10% blend probably reduces mpg about 1-2 mpg.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    well if it is not the ethanol I don't know what it is but since switching back to 93 octane Hess and Exxon gas I'm getting 2-3 mpg better than when I was using the Shell and back to what I was getting before; can't figure out why because it seems opposite from what it should be but I have to go where ever I'm getting the better mpg at - oh well
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I previously leased a 06 Base TL and now am leasing a 08 Base TL; I was looking at the original window stickers and the EPA on my 06 was 20mpg city - 29mpg highway and my 08 is 18mpg city - 26mpg highway; I also looked up in my gas records and saw that on avg I was getting 24-25 mpg with 80% rural and 20% highway driving on my 06 Base TL and now with my 08 Base TL on avg I'm getting 21-22mpg with 80% rural and 20% highway driving; both cars are filled with the same 93 octane gas and driven relatively identical but the drop in mpg from 06 to 08 is consistent with the EPA drop on the window stickers; what I don't understand is what changed between the 04-06 models and the 07-08 models to warrant the drop in fuel econ? the base engines were the exact same and the gas tank is the same size so I am at a lost as to what changed between 2006 and 2007 that affected the fuel economy? any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated!!
  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    07 base TL about 17000 miles, get 30-31 MPG on highway at 74+ per OBC.
    Got to love the car,will cry when lease is up next year.
    Old Mike
  • New car at 410 miles so not even broken in. 09 TL AWD non Tech. Northern NJ to Boston, straight shot with one bio break. No traffice jams, no A/C, no cruise, 65-70 MPH with burst of 75+ for passing. About 200 mile trip. Got highest 28.7 but I would say floating aroung 28.3.

    Delighted! Can't imagine what the number will be when the engine is broken in. Gas used was 1/2 tank left over from the dealer and the rest Sunoco Premium (91). Yeah I know, while pumping I realized they had Ultra (93).
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I just couldn't believe based on other peoples reports that Shell gas would give me worse gas mileage then Hess/Exxon but suffice it to say I went back and tried the Shell Premium again and it must of been that it just took awhile to get rid of the other crap gas and gunk in the engine but I'm finally getting much better fuel economy on my 08 TL: now, with Shell V-Power, I'm getting 24-25mpg avg compared to 21-22mpg avg before with Hess/Exxon: same driving dynamics with about 80% rural city driving and 20% highway/interstate driving: very happy with this gas mileage than what I was getting before: I've been able to get about a 28-29mpg reading on the open highway/interstate: All I have to say is what Mr. Burns would, EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The change on the sticker of the 08 TL is due to new standards for testing. The actual figures have not changed between the 06 and 08 models. To look up the new figures for the 06 TL, go here That is fueleconomy dot gov or do a search for fuel economy. Were you using the same tires? Same inflation pressures? Same seasons?
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    yes, it was the same tires, same inflation pressures, and same seasons!! if you read my last two posts here though, since I originally posted I switched to 93 Octane Shell and I getting even better gas mileage on my 08 then I did on my 06!!! I've even gotten a 30-31 mpg open highway/interstate on two trips out to Pittsburgh on Shell gas!!

    booya!!!! :shades:
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 7,099
    smarty....that's the kind of MPG I like hearing about. Not sure that MPG would transfer over to a heavier SH AWD version, though. Getting close would be good, though (27MPG?).
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    edited March 2010
    I know, I still can't believe it! is just fabulous mpg, go Shell and Acura!!! :shades:

    or should I say Acura :blush: Heart :blush: Shell Gas
  • tatseatatsea Posts: 9
    edited March 2010
    would love to read more postings on MPG on the 2010 Base TL. Please post.
  • slbibleslbible Posts: 14
    I have owned my TL for almost 4 months and 6,000 miles. 75% highway and 25% city. I have yet to touch the the "B" trip planner. I have averaged 26.4 mpg per the computer and on a recent trip from Albuquerque to Dallas I averaged 27.2 mpg at between 75 and 82 mph. I'm pretty happy with these numbers considering the other vehicles in my fleet are a 2006 Accord EX 4 cylinder 26 to 31 MPG, 2003 Civic EX 30 to 37 mpg, and 2002 Odyessy EX-L 20 to 25 mpg. None of which come close to the performance of the TL.
  • rvator4rvator4 Posts: 84
    I have a base 2008 TL that had 13,000 miles on it prior to this trip. I always have it serviced at a local Honda dealer and just a month ago, had the oil changed, tires rotated and balanced, and a 4-wheel alignment. The Honda dealer always add's an oil additive.

    We just returned from a 1941 mile trip and used 67.025 gallon. That calculates to 28.99 MPG. Tire pressure was 33 PSI before starting but I noticed it rose to 38 in the front (37 rear) on the trip.
    Speeds were very high and I had many miles at 90 MPH and above.

    By the way, I alternate tanks between mid grade and high grade gasoline, all BP gas. Total gas cost was $251.95 or $ 12.98 per hundred miles.

    Love the car.
  • sg5sg5 Posts: 4
    Hi Guys,
    I recently purchased 2012 TL and have 1150+ miles on it. My average mileage is stuck on 18.5 MPG. One of the reason for selecting 2012 TL was gas mileage over other car ike infinity/bmw in the segment. I was expecting it to be in low 20's. My wife drives it. 70% highway/30% city. She is very conservative driver. Dealer told me that it will increase after 1000 miles but it hasn't. I have read somewhere it takes 3-4K miles before mileage reaches it's optimum value. I would love to hear any experiences/advice.
  • I have a 2007 TL and found city driving with a lot of stop and go resulted in way below the EPA rating. Even driving gently only yielded 16-17 MPG. The 2011 TLs I had for loaner cars didn't seem to do much better. The only way I could get above EPA rating (22 vs 18) is to drive to avoid stopping as much as possible, coast to stops, and shut the engine off if stopping for more than 30 seconds at red lights.
  • I have a 2012 SH-AWD TL with advance package. The car has ~2800 miles on it. I've had the car only for the last 600 miles (bought it used with 2200 on it already). So far I'm averaging 21-22 mpg in combined driving. I do have to admit that since I am a fresh new owner I've "played" with the car a bit and that is probably taking a toll on the car. I've also spent a lot of time on my first two tanks sitting idle while I play with the cars electronic toys. I'll have to post again soon when I have more run time and more time that represents the typical day-to-day driving.
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