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Mazda3 Real World MPG



  • modockmodock Posts: 55
    29-30 in a 3s manual and mostly highway driving. :)
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    After 2,300 miles in my 2005 3s manual hatchback ...

    So far I've only used the car to commute to and from work between downtown and the 'burbs, with about a 50/50 mix of city and highway driving. But I must admit I frequently succumb to zoom-zoomitis, especially pulling away from toll plazas. That said ...

    27 mpg

    I'm looking forward to a long road trip in the mountains in the last week of June, so I can (a) gauge my mileage in an all-highway setting, and (b) push this baby through the twisties!!! (There's not one mile of Interstate highway on my 400-mile itinerary, AR AR AR!!!)

  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    My last few tanks have been just over 19 MPG - mostly city driving.

    My high is 29 MPG on a 100% highway trip.

    A few tanks last summer I was only getting 16 MPG - this was right after I got my CEL problem fixed - something they did lowered my MPG.
  • biggus3biggus3 Posts: 32
    With a 1 year old 5-speed, I just eeked out 35 mpg on a trip from Minneapolis to Chicago. Given normal mostly highway driving in the great white north, I get 30 or so to the gallon.
  • 2200 miles on a '05 SP23 hatch (manual)...about 25mpg on 50/50 city & highway mix.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    I've now got 2,700 miles on my 2-month-old 2005 Mazda3s hatch (5-speed) and got 28 mpg on my last tank. Again, a commuter's mix of highway and city driving. Big highway trip is only two weeks away ... more to come!

  • everfebeverfeb Posts: 96
    With my 2.3 Automatic Hatch to date I've averaged 22.74 mpUSgal on
    41%city/59%highway driving. Around town I get an average of around 18 mpg and on the highway around 28 mpg. I live in a small town with stop signs on just about every corner, poorly timed traffic lights and a maximum speed of 30 mph..all of which probably contributes to my terrible around town mileage and brings my overall average down significantly. Since buying in Dec. of '03 I've been through 2 brutally cold winters with temps. reaching -40F or colder for many weeks. This cold weather really hurts my mileage. In 2 different "all town" mileage checks in
    -30 to -40F temps I got 13.89 and 14.9 mpUSgal. On the other pleasant weather...I took a 2 hour highway trip at 55mph and got 35.66 mpg. My 3 seems to be OK on the highway but I am not happy with my city mileage as I've tried every trick in the book to improve it and nothing except warm weather seems to help. Please, when posting on the subject of gas mileage, be sure to mention your engine size, type of transmission and the approximate % of city/highway driving you do. Posts that do not include this information are a waste of time. If you have a 2.3 atx and get 25mpg in mostly stop and go city driving..that is great mileage. But if you get 25 mpg with your 2.0
    5spd with most of the driving being done on the highway at 60mph...25mpg is terrible. Both cars get 25mpg...but 25mpg is wonderful for one and terrible for the other.
    So far the posters on this thread are doing it right!!!

    BTW...I did a mileage survey on another forum...
    ...2.3atx owners were averaging 22.22mpUSgal city/27.19mpg highway.
    ...2.3 5spd owners averaged 23.89mpg city/ 31.18 highway.
    ...there were not enough responses from 2.0 owners to compile any data.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    I've been through 2 brutally cold winters with temps. reaching -40F or colder for many weeks. This cold weather really hurts my mileage.

    Agreed! In fact, I would venture to say, that winter driving in Canada has a more significant effect on overall mileage than almost anything else you do to your car. The only way I can see that one could improve a car's overall mileage in Canada is by using a block heater.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    I already did post all that. Go back a few posts -- it's not like 13 whole posts are going to take very long to read. My most recent post was just an update to my first one.

  • everfebeverfeb Posts: 96
    Meade...I know you did...which is why I said..."So far the posters on this thread are doing it right."

    It really irritates me when I read discussions on gas mileage and poster after poster will say they get a "lousy 25mpg" but don't mention relevant things like
    engine size, transmission, how much city/highway driving they do and how they drive (like a madman or a granny). Without this information it's impossible to determine if the poster IS actually getting lousy mileage or not.

    Anyway...I made my original post in the hope that FUTURE POSTERS on this mileage thread provide all the information needed to make their post meaningful for comparison and discussion purposes.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    Looking forward to next Friday and my first-ever long trip in my 2005 hatch! I'll be itching to finally post some mpg numbers in the 30s!

  • s0seng02s0seng02 Posts: 7
    100I have a 2004 Mazda 3 I with a automatic transmission.

    For the first 10,000 miles (with Sams Club Gas), my Mazda returned ~21 mpg (in city). I have now started filling her up with Chevron Gas and after 15,000 miles I get ~27 mpg in city (AC off), 23-25 mpg (AC on), 30 mpg (city/highway mixed). In a Louisville-Chicago roundtrip I observed 35 mpg (100% highway).
  • I have a Mazda 3S Auto, sedan, with the sports package, rear wing, leather, heated seats, sunroof, 17" tires, with 500 miles on it. I just filled up for the first time(Dealer gave me full tank) and I am getting 27.8 MPG. I run mostly highway miles with the AC cranking 80% of the time on stop and go Chicago traffic. :shades:
  • maxx5maxx5 Posts: 3
    2.0, Auto, GS package
    Last one was 24.8, mainly city. 20% air on, a bit of horse play with the auto-stick. Would bought the 2.3 Auto but expected it to be worse.
  • mpg60mpg60 Posts: 71

    Just went on a trip from Atlanta to Chattanooga for the weekend. It was low 90's relatively high humidity.. did 80mph there and back with A/C set on 2 all the way there and back with some minor city driving and did 26.8 mpg.. Pretty cool.
  • I've been checking the mileage since I got my 05s and I'm getting between 26 and 31 mpg mostly in town, mostly w/o the air but windows down....I've got just over 3000 miles....I bought the car for better mileage than my V-8 dakota so I've been trying to keep the foot down mentality to a minimum.....I'm very happy with the mileage and I'm very happy with the cool air I'm getting without the air on....the dodge blew hot air right onto your right foot which made it impossible to drive w/o the air on....the (s) blows nice cool area down in that area. :P
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Just got our car today but will keep y'all informed about the mileage, as it'll be mostly city driving...probaly 70/30. So far, we love our Mazda 3 S.
    Zoom Zoom!

    The Sandman :)
  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,024

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • biggus3biggus3 Posts: 32
    What is the point of having this discussion in the Mazdaspeed catagory. We dont even know what kind of milage the Mazdaspeed3 will get. Meanwhile, the future Mazdaspeed discussion is in the regular Mazda3 forum. Seems like those discussions should really be swapped.
  • x5918x5918 Posts: 30
    I got 23 mpg. I checked with 2 gastanks that yielded about 240 miles each. I did mostly highway driving. I'm not overly happy with the current MPG. I have 2.3L engine, 5sp-manual transmission, hatchback model, with the beefier 17 inch wheels. About 4 weeks of use, with 1100 miles in odometer. My driving style is sportier, but I try to optimize the need for braking, by smarter use of lanes. I suspect the engine tuning is not correct, because the engine feels wet/moist. The engine sometimes stalls on idle, or requires a second key turn to start. There is a prominent flutter from exhaust on low rews, which I don't think belongs there. The exhaust pipe has quite a lot soot on it. I suspect that if i took the vehicle to emissions tests, it would not pass at this point. I'm waiting for more miles, to see if engine wears in.
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