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Mazda3 Real World MPG



  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    Last tank 245 miles 12.6 gallons = 19.4 MPG - I have been a little over 20 MPG on the last few tanks.

    Mostly city driving.
  • mazdaboy2mazdaboy2 Posts: 12
    Just filled up my new Mazda3i Touring 5-spd for the first time. Result: 31.8 mpg. The mix was maybe 70% hiway, 30% city. Previous car was a '98 Protege - I can say with confidence the old car would have done 35 mpg on the same miles. Also, today I discovered that all 4 tires were seriously underinflated as delivered (22-25 psi vs. 32 recommended). I'm hoping for a boost from fixing that. I aim to minimize braking, but really enjoyed the zoom factor a few times this week, which the Protege doesn't have. :D More news on this in a few weeks.
  • I have had my 3S for 11 months and calculate MPG every tankful (i know, i know anal retentive!). Now I live in a hilly portion of Southern California and I do 75% around-town driving but here's what I've gotten: 22.6MPG and on my Vegas trips I acheive 31 MPG with 2 adults & 3 year old. Not bad but I was expecting better - overall I love the car and no problems whatsoever to date! Side marker lights look like an afterthought however!
  • I've owned my 2006 Mazda3i MT for less than two weeks. The first fillup after 191 miles of mostly highway driving was 34.9 mpg. The second, about an equal mix of city and highway, was 31.2. Not bad. Looking forward to a 750-mile road trip next month.
  • go2uclago2ucla Posts: 8
    My first 3 tanks of gas:

    22.33 mpg
    23.32 mpg
    22.93 mpg

    Pretty close to the manufacturer's rating of 25 mpg (city). I currently have about 800 mls on the car. Never went over 70 mph. Most of the driving (80-90%) was city. For comparison, I was getting approx 25-26 mpg with my 2000 Protege ES... before trading it for the M3; and that was with v. aggressive driving.
  • carskickcarskick Posts: 1
    When I bought the car, I assumed the tank was completely full, but I do not think it was. I refilled as soon as my light came on, and I was at 300 miles if I remember correctly. I drive fairly aggressively, and this was about 70%city and 30% highway, I got about 24-25MPG. Although I accelerate heavily and speed, I also coast a lot up to stop lights and in traffic to save gas to compromise for my hard starts. It is hard for me to calculate mileage because with prices so high lately, I've been just putting $10-15 in each time I stop in hopes of finding a better priced station latter. I just put 10.7 gallons in today, but It was not quite full, so it is still difficult for me to calculate mileage.

    However, for the way I drive, ranging between 22 and 26 MPG is slightly lower than I wanted, but about what I should be getting. I find it strange that the overdrive gear is geared as high as it is. Cruising in 5th gear at 80MPH, I am at about 3500RPM, which seems somewhat high for optimal mileage. The car has enough low end torque to maintain speeds easily, even on hills going 80MPH at 2800-3000RPM, where I think it should be. I haven't gone on long travels yet, but considering I speed at about 80-90MPH on the interstate, my mileage will suffer, but I'll probably have more passing power without downshifting to 4th, considering VVTi kicks in between 3500 and 4000RPMs.
  • At the moment I am only avg 25.2 mpg in city only driving and shifting at 3k rpm at most. I need to take a long distance trip soon and I will be curious how my car does. I am hoping for 30mpg at least and will post my mpg number.

    A friend wants a new 3 and may get the 3i which i think is a good move since gas may hit the $4-$5 one day soon. I keep eyeing the new civic with its 30/38 mpg for the manual even though I love my 3 too regardless.
  • mrblonde49mrblonde49 Posts: 626
    At the moment I am only avg 25.2 mpg in city only driving and shifting at 3k rpm at most. I need to take a long distance trip soon and I will be curious how my car does. I am hoping for 30mpg at least and will post my mpg number. "

    25.2 MPG in city driving is phenomenal. I get 26 combined
  • I achieved the 25.2 mpg in the city by driving real easy to the point of boring (no shifts past 3k rpm) and it wasnt really fun but it can be done. Still jealous of the mpg on those civics though.
  • waygrabowwaygrabow Posts: 209
    Today I filled the gas tank on my 2004 Mz3S MT: 11.6 gallons and 395.5 miles. This is about average of what I have experienced over the past couple years. I don't do much stop and go, but also don't baby it (two speeding tickets last year, ouch).

    Tomorrow the car gets its 30K mile checkup. Recently put new tires on it; now it rides quieter than the original tires. Only complaint is that this is the weakest A/C I have ever had on a car. Otherwise handles great; feels like a larger, more expensive car.
  • Which brand of tires did you have and which did you buy? I would love to cut down on some of the road noise.
  • I just completed an 801-mile road trip from Olympia, WA to Idaho and back, averaging 35.5 mpg for the trip. I pretty much obeyed the 60-70 mph speed limits posted for the interstate and the 50-60 for other highways. Best tank average was 36.69; worst was 33.77. Worst previous was 27.9, about half city driving.
  • cephmecephme Posts: 26
    I live in a state where the Mazda 3 is sold as a partial zero emissions vehicle. I know the power of the car is slightly lower for both engines and the car was not rerated for MPG with these modification. Does anyone know if the PZEV equipment effects the real world mileage of either engine? I am guessing it makes it worse since the car weighs about 25 pounds more with the extra equipment, and has about 7 less horsepower. However the whole idea behind PZEV is that all the fuel is completely burned so there is no loss of fuel through the exhaust system. I am guessing it all probably comes out even in the end and therefore it was not rerated for the PZEV engine, but was wondering if anyone had some real world data.

    I am probably going to be buying a 5 door Touring with moonroof/CD changer next weekend. Just have to drive one more competitor car (Honda Fit when it comes out on Thursday) before I make the final call. Every once in a while I think of going for a four door 3i Touring since it seems more efficient, but I think since I scuba dive, the tail gate will come in very handy.

  • M3S HB 5 spd M/T

    i've been getting btwn 27-29 mpg in mixed driving (50% highway/50% city). my highway driving is done at approx 70-85mph. the 1999 honda civic ex 4 dr 5spd it replaced would get about 29-31 mpg in the same conditions. while the slightly better fuel economy was nice, the mazda3 is ALOT more fun to drive.

    M3S HB 4 spd A/T

    my wife got 30 mpg doing 90%/10% highway/city and 27 mpg doing 60%/40% highway/city. she accelerates more moderately than me. compared to her 04 honda CR-V, she commented that the CR-V was just a vehicle to get from point a to b while the mazda3 is more involving and fun.
  • mscafmscaf Posts: 5
    Hey all I have the gt with the mpg computer and so far (1000 miles) I have averaged 27.8 mpg, and that's about 75% city driving, and not baby driving either. On the freeway I'm averaging about 32 or so, maybe I am a sunday driver... :confuse:
  • earlthomearlthom Posts: 16
    First two tanks of gas: 26.1 MPG, 27.3 MPG. About 50% city driving and 50% country roads (drive 1.5 miles - accelerate to 55 - stop sign - drive 1.5 miles) so no real "highway" driving yet. I have been playing with the great acceleration - so that probably has me knocked down a little.

    I was concerned about the MPG issue and almost went with the Civic for that reason - but am now very glad I chose the 3. :)
  • waygrabowwaygrabow Posts: 209
    BF Goodrich Traction T/A tires. It is an all season tire. Tire Rack reviews rate it fairly high. There are probably quieter tires, but I want something that can handle a variety of weather. My wife says that the new tires made the steering better too.
  • slate1slate1 Posts: 84
    mscaf - automatic or manual??

    After 1250 miles I'm consistantly averaging 22.5mpg with about 80% city driving. Interestingly, my trip computer consistently shows about 1mpg lower.
  • waygrabowwaygrabow Posts: 209
    Filled up today: 12.6 gallons after driving 460.0 miles. That's 36.5 mpg. Even at these gas prices ($2.739 per gallon), that is only 7 1/2 cents per mile.
  • mrblonde49mrblonde49 Posts: 626
    Filled up today: 12.6 gallons after driving 460.0 miles. That's 36.5 mpg. Even at these gas prices ($2.739 per gallon), that is only 7 1/2 cents per mile. "

    You're doing great. I normally only go 330 miles for that amount of gas
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