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Mazda MPV Gas Mileage



  • I just calculated the average for our 04 MPV LX with Sport Package. It comes out to 18.78 MPG over the life of the car.

    The best mileage we ever got on one tank of gas was 26.6 miles after we'd had it for almost a year. The worst mileage was 14.4.

    My 2003 Infiniti M45 (with a 4.5 liter V8) has averaged 18.8 MPG since I've owned it. I don't usually drive with as many passengers on my M45, so maybe the weight made the difference. :confuse:
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    On your 18.78 mpg, what is the mix between city/highway driving... about 50/50?
  • rickand2rickand2 Posts: 2
    We had a 2000 ES and it rarely got over 20MPG even on long Highway trips. We laid off the gas, you could not speed with the anemic engine. Combined city highway driving was
    16- 18mpg and we maintained the car and kept the tires inflated. Pretty frustrating !!
  • My husband and I talked to Mazda today about our gas mileage never beeing better than 17.6 and they informed us to check our filters and plugs. We are going to try it although we do not expect an improvement since we have not received better mileage from day one. I really regret buying the van and if I ever have a choice again I will not buy another one. Good luck. I hope you get yours figured out. Weekly I average anywhere from $100 - $125 just hauling my teenage kids to and from school and getting back and forth to work.

    Susan Keltner
  • steinprsteinpr Posts: 11
    2002 mpv 11.5 city 16-18 hwy.
    Since i bought it i was complaining, but Mazda Suck so will never buy another Mazda. new tranny after 18.5 k ($600 in rental car that was supposed to be covered)
    car died on hwy with kids in the car doing 65, we all almost died, no brakes no steering.
    It just died again this time 52k doing 50. no kids in the car thank god. but they cant find a problem, maybe a loose cable.
    never again
    this was a $25,000 mistake.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    Had it for 18 months (bought it with 45k miles on it). Averaging about 17-18 in the city and 24-26 on long trips on the highway. The highway miles were all at 65-70 mph (max speed on freeways in the Midwest). I noticed a slight improvement in FE, from around 24 to 26, on the highway after having the 60k service, which included new plugs. Also they had to replace a couple of coils, covered under an extended warranty I got when I bought the van. Since these numbers are within or even slightly above the EPA ratings, I am satisfied with the fuel economy.
  • djkmdjkm Posts: 1
    15 months with my 2002 MPV, averaging 22MPG(50-50 highway and local). No mid-seats unless in need and no other useless heavy stuff on it. So far so good.
  • surfdog49surfdog49 Posts: 1
    I have a 92 MPV with about 260,000 miles. I am lucky to get 12 in the city and 15 on the road. I think it does need a tune-up, but what can I change other than plugs to increase the mileage? I know this is fuel injected, do they need to be cleaned periodically? I had an owner's manual but after two moves, it is lost somewhere. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I have a road trip coming up and with the price of gasoline, my fixed income doesn't stretch enough.
    Rudy W
  • tgozdalski1tgozdalski1 Posts: 34
    I just came back from 525 miles trip in Texas. I keep my Kumho touring tires at 38/39 psi. Maximum tire pressure as per manufacturer is 44 psi. I topped fuel tank to the first click, reset the trip odometer to zero and for about 85% of the time used cruise control set at 62MPH. At 62MPH my RPM's were 2000. Few times I incresed speed to about 65MPH. I also got in stop & go traffic for about 8-10 minuts in San Antonio. AC was on during entire trip. After driving 308 miles I pumped 10.892 gal of regular gas giving me average MPG 28.28! During second segment of the trip 217 miles my wife drove for about 30 miles without cruise control at about 70 MPH, then I took over setting again cruise at 62MPH but for the last 100 miles I increased speed, still cruise control, to 70 MPH, RPM about 2300. My average MPG for a second segment was 24.55, I pumped 8.837 to the first click. I remember when I first got MPV I took a longer highway trip and my MPG was about 23 but I was driving 70-75 MPH. My MPV has 76k miles on odometer with standard oil/oil filter/air filter/battery only mainteinance
  • engtechengtech Posts: 6
    Just got back from OBX NC, Drove 65 to 70 MPH got 28 MPG average on trip. That was a surprise to me. This is in a 04 LX. New tires and oil change before trip. Van ran great and even when through smoke in Norfolk VA from a wild fire. Vary happy with MPG we will see in a month if it keeps up going to Vermount to visit friends around the same distance as the first trip will let you know it is the same. :blush:
  • rjoe1rjoe1 Posts: 3
    what a small world we live in! We also just finished a road trip to Clearwater, Florida and we monitored our gas mileage. We also found the optimum speed and rpms were 62mpm and 2000rpm. During this trip of about 2000 miles, we averaged 28 mpg. We also had new Kuohmo tires inflated to 35 lbs and used cruise control most of the way. Compared to the same trip awhile ago, when we drove with the "pack mentality", leap-frogging at 70-80mph, we averaged 24 mpg. Americans need to slow down, relax and enjoy better mileage. :) :)
  • rjoe1rjoe1 Posts: 3
    we have a 2003 MPV LX which we love. The all around visibility is better than a sedan or SUV and the grand kids love it like a school bus. We just returned from a 2000 mile trip to Florida and as we posted here earlier, we averaged 28 mpg on mostly highway driving. Our strategy began with 35 lbs of air in the tires, using cruise control whenever possible and SLOWING DOWN. just because the speed limit says 70 doesn't mean that you must drive at that speed. We were so much more relaxed, letting those in the pack mentality leap-frog each other at 70-80 mph. Try it
  • Hello guys, my MPV has 173k , engine is getting noisy... can i switch to 10w30? i heard that 10w30 will make the engine quiet, is there any cons in switching? thanks
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    You should really figure out why it is noisy and not mask the issue. 5w30 is the highest viscosity recommended for the 2.5 Duratec and you should stick to that.

  • mally2mally2 Posts: 4
    what mpg should i axpect from a 2003diesel mazda mpv?
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    Didn't know they made diesel. You sure about that?
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    Yep, European markets get the 2.0L diesel MPV.

  • mally2mally2 Posts: 4
    yes diesel was made im in uk
    still not sure what i should get books say 40-45mpg
    but im not getting that
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    but im not getting that

    plugs, filters, tire pressure etc check out okay?
  • mally2mally2 Posts: 4
    my mazda mpv diesel model on a 53 plate
    the books say it should be doing 40-45 mpg
    at present im not getting that it is doing about 25-28 mpg
    it has recently had a new cylinder head gasket
    new turbo and new timing belt
    the engine only done 63000 miles
    any ideas on how to get my mpg better than it is
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