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Mazda6 Real World MPG



  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,897
    Last two fill-ups have averaged 31 and 32 mpg on an 07 VE I4 auto. My wife has been driving it and she rarely goes over 65 and has about a 75% hwy ratio. She drives with a light foot obviously but that is still really good mpg. If I was driving it right now I'm sure it wouldn't be getting that.
  • riswami1riswami1 Posts: 27
    I don't know how she keeps it at 65 mph and under. When I set the cruise I usually set it at 73. This car cruises very nicely on the interstate. With the cruise off I find myself approaching 80 mph often.

    I have the low emmision, 146 horsepower engine. I find the power to be more than adequate. I don't understand why reviews deem the engine to be underpowered. I'm aware that other brands have better horsepower numbers; but in real world driving the engine transmission mix executes well.
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  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,897
    Well, the expressway that she travels on to work and back is underconstruction in many areas plus she got a speeding ticket a few months ago. The combination of those two things have been keeping an eggshell under her right foot.

    Now that she has discovered the joy of less wind resistance and the better mpg it affords, I think she just may keep it up. I agree that the car does cruise very nicely on the freeway and I usually set my cruise to about 10 over when the limit is 55-60. About 7 over when it's 65 and no more than 5 over when it's 70. To tell you the truth, I just don't enjoy going faster than about 75, it's takes too much concentration.
  • riswami1riswami1 Posts: 27
    I can see how receiving a ticket will slow you down.

    I actually like the higher speeds; I don't travel 80 mph for long streches. I just filled up last night. 270 miles and 8.543 gallons. This equals 31.6; which is a new high.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I'm now at about 13,000 miles on a 2007 6i with automatic and mpg still seems to be increasing. It is now about, or actually a bit better than, where I expected it to be based on my past experience with other vehicles, after being a bit below expectations during the first year.

    In my normal commute, with other vehicles, I've always typically gotten 1-2 mpg below the average of the old EPA city and highway numbers. I averaged 28 mpg with most recent tank of gasin the 6, this is the best I have gotten when doing exclusively my normal mix of (non-freeway) suburban driving. 28 mpg is just a bit above the average of the old EPA ratings of 24/31.

    My mix of driving is about 65-70% suburban highway (50-60 mph, stoplight every mile or two) and the rest in town 25-35 mph stop sign or light about every 1/2 mile.
  • riswami1riswami1 Posts: 27
    Just returned from a trip from Rhode Island to Delaware. The car returned 32.9 on the way down and 33.2 on the way back. We got stuck in heavy traffic on both routes. Two people in the car, generally traveling 7 to 10 miles per hour over the speed limit. The trip is approximately 320 miles each way.

    This is on a 2007 6i with the auto. Very respectable mileage.
  • chriso7chriso7 Posts: 34
    I am very close to buying the new 6 i Touring with AT. However I do 85% city (short trips, 5 miles) and 15% highway.

    I have read comments some of which say their mpg is not what is expected while some say the others such as Altima etc. design their cars to get high numbers on EPA but in real world not live up to them.

    Could any owners of the 4 cyl with AT share their mileage? I am particularly interested in the city mileage. Could you also define your type of city driving? (miles, typical speed etc.)

    Thank you for your help.
  • I am concerned about it too and i have listed this question in the 2009 mazda 6 forum. One person with 550 miles said it was a 24 mpg overall avg. Not bad as my overall avg in my 07 s mazda 3 is 22. However I test drove a 09' 6 i gt this weekend and only got a 17.5 avg!!! Now I romped on it a little but not that much in mixed driving. Maybe it has to do with the fact it is new but color me concerned. If it is going to be that bad you might want to consider the 6 cylinder s or another model altogether.
  • engines take a bit to break in, especially mazda engines, in my experience. My 4 cycl started at 23, but now gets about 27 after 2,000 miles. I'm a fairly aggressive driver.
  • oxoxoxox Posts: 7
    my 09 6s grand touring average about 20mpg. (70% city, 30% highway)
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Same here with the 2.3...initially was getting 24-25 in my normal commute, now with15K mi. getting 28-29. Some of that difference for me may be winter vs. summer, I'll see how it does this winter. I'm also fairly aggressive, not afraid to floor it and generally acelerate faster than other drivers (when they are not in my way)...though I do tend to decelerate more slowly than average, a lot of people pass me in order to get to the light sooner and stop :confuse: .
  • i drive the same way, i think it's more just a desire to not be near anyone, ever.

    I just realized I'm on 'winter gas' now, which is mandated here from Oct to Jan, but I've only noticed about a drop of 1MPG so far, which is pretty good. My old forrester hated ethanol blended gas and would drop up to 4MPG.
  • Just bought 2009 touring s V6. Very few miles so far. Less than 100. Driving mixed 50 / 50. Monitor indicates 18.8. I owned 4 626's in the past. I was happy with the first three which were sticks. Shifting got old as I got older. The fourth was a 2.0 4 with auto. Too underpowered with 4 speed auto. Last eight years I have owned a Pontiac Grand Prix GT. Love the torgue of that pushrod 3.8. So far the mazda feels good. It still does not have the bottom end grunt the poncho had. I have not wound it out yet. Any thoughts re proper break in? I am less of a lead foot than years past and economy is partially my goal. I did consider the 2.5 four, but once you go V6, it's tough to go back. Zoom Zoom

    PS. I really like the blind spot feature. Another sign of age. It is harder to turn my head these days.
  • chriso7chriso7 Posts: 34
    I'm planning on taking an extended drive in a 6i this weekend. Does anyone know how to reset the MPG readout?

  • hold down the DSC button till it beeps, that resets the average MPG.
  • chriso7chriso7 Posts: 34
    I took a 2009 6i Touring with convenience pkg for a drive. I reset the mileage computer and drove ~ 30 highway miles at 60-65 mph. The display showed I had averaged 29.8 mpg. I then filled the gas tank to full, reset the computer again and drove ~50 miles city with about 4 times shutting the car off for a few moments as I ran an errand (30-40mph max, mostly flat but some hills) without getting on the pedal too hard. The computer then displayed an average mpg of 24.1. I refilled at the same gas station and same pump. The manual calculation was 23.87mpg, only a 0.22mpg difference. The temperature was about 56 degrees, so I did not use the air conditioner.

    2400 RPM @ 60mph
    2600 RPM @ 70mph
    2900 RPM @ 80mph
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,897
    Someone was asking about the I4 auto rpms at 70 which you kindly provided. I also looked closely at my I4 auto (2007 model) at 70 it was sitting on exactly 2600 rpms as well. I didn't really try to catch it exactly at 60 mph but it seems that it is below 2400, more like 2250 at 60 but I could be wrong.
  • i'm totally stupid...NOT the DSC button, but the INFO button.
  • chriso7chriso7 Posts: 34
    No problem lpmiller, I discovered that during my extended drive.

    What was interesting is when I turned off the DSC by holding it down for a few seconds I could not get it to turn back on without turning off and restarting the car.

    Not sure if this is normal or not. :confuse:
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