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Mazda6 Real World MPG



  • I have 09 Mazda 6 s Touring with 1100 miles on it so far. I drive 80% hwy 20% city and the INFO Button says I'm getting 19 MPG. My engine is still breaking in so by the time i get my first oil change, MPG should be in the 20s
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    You will get there. Don't worry.

    In days were gas is on everyone's mind, we tend to watch our fuel economy a bit more then normal. A few of my V6 customers are getting an average of 22-23mpg. One stated he got as high as 27 on the highway. I was rather shocked by that.
  • dumb question, but have you reset that at all during those 1000 miles, between fillups? Seems kind of low to me.
  • No! I thought it resets by its self. So after every fill up you have to reset? How do you reset it?
  • Wuts the purpose of Resting the info button?
  • Nothing to do with MPG!
    Computers on all cars not accurate!
    Need to fill the car drive till it's empty & refill.
    Take total miles & devide by gallons of gas.
    Only way to be accurate otherwise your just guessing!
  • chriso7chriso7 Posts: 34
    Hey Barry,

    Check out my post #98 on this forum. Albeit it was not many miles, but I found the computer on the 6 to be pretty close to calculating mileage the manual way.

    I have read that some car's mpg computers are up to 3 mpg off though.
  • hold down the info button till it beeps, that resets the Average MPG.

    For me, it's been pretty spot on for accuracy compared with my calculations.
  • At least if not more!
  • I have a V6 auto MAZDA6 Sports Sedan GS ( 14,500 now ). Worst mpg was 18 in almost all stop and go, when the car had just a 1000 miles on it. Over the past two years I have gotten about 21 mpg in a 70/30 mix of suburban and highway driving. 23 mpg tops when I do 60/40, and I'm not driving aggressively,

    The best mpg so far, was on a recent 175 trip on rural and interstate highways, 60 mph average - 28.3 mpg. I'm happy.

    one day, I talked to two other owners at the dealership who have v6s, and one said 29 highway, the other said 30. If I didn't have about 125 of those 175 miles on the rural highway with occasional stop and go traffic, stop signs/stop lights thru the small towns, I believe 30 mpg on the Interstate is very achievable.
  • Borme1Borme1 Posts: 1
    I have a basic 2007 I4 with a 5 speed. I do about 90% of my driving on the highway. I have carefully tracked my mileage (have put over 40000 miles on it in the past year). The worst mileage I have gotten has been 32. The best (two different tanks) has been 39. During the Summer it averages 36 to 37. During the Winter closer to 33 to 34. I find it does a fair bit better at 70 miles per hour as opposed to 75. (Our speed limit here in CO) I am not sure why my numbers are so much better than other postings on this site.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,897
    Does anyone have some real world numbers on what you're getting with the I4 auto?
  • yankeekm91yankeekm91 Posts: 13
    I have a 2009 Mazda 6I Touring with Convenience Package (Automatic Tranny). I do 100% city driving, my car has about 1700 miles on it and I've been getting about 13.5 to 14 mpg. In all honesty, I think that something is wrong with my car. Can anyone confirm this? Will my mileage get any better? Should I bring it to the dealer to get checked out?
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,897
    I would take a little road trip and see if you can tell what hwy mileage is. City driving is so different for everyone what with the stoplights, congestion etc. If you live in a very congested area that could be the reason. The EPA doesn't take the worse case when it estimates city mpg.
  • rdm925rdm925 Posts: 46
    I have a 2007 6i 5-door, 4 cyl w/5 speed auto. I live in Detroit. My driving is a city/highway mix. I'm getting between 22-24 city and 28-30 highway. a little less in winter. I'm very happy with the car.
    I hope this helps. :shades:
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,897
    I have the same thing except mine is a 4dr and my mileage results after 28k miles is similar to yours. Most long trips I can get 32-33 mpg. I usually drive 5 over the speed limit. However, when I drive in Michigan where the speed limits are 70 and the potholes are large I tend to drive pretty much at the speed limit. :)
  • 2003 6s, 5 speed, 89000 miles

    worst tank 20.6
    best tank 25.9
    lifetime everage 22.3

    Considering the EPA figures were 18/26 and the fact that I tend to drive this car kind of hard, I'm happy with it. Note: this car has an AEM cold air intake and Racing Beat exhaust (neither one seemed to affect the mpg either way).
  • rdm925rdm925 Posts: 46
    Just to respond. I have a 2007 6i 5-door Touring w/ the 5 speed auto, with 52,000 miles. It's my second 6. The first got stolen and totaled. Overall all driving in mixed city and some freeway in the Detroit area, I get between 24-25 mpg weekly in summer and 22-24 mpg weekly in winter. On long trips, I get 28-30 mpg at a consistant 70-80 mph. I'm very happy given this a mid-size car with the automatic.Also, I've had no problems at all with the car. It's very reliable.
    I wish the current 6 model in the US still came in a 5-door version.
    Thanks, :shades:
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