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Chevrolet Impala Real World MPG

This topic is for Impala owners to share and compare their actual MPG.

"Real World" Fuel Economy vs. EPA Estimates

Karen-Edmunds Community Manager



  • 02impalals02impalals Posts: 19
    I bought my 2002 LS car used from one of the well known rental companies. it had 27500 miles May 03 on it and it now has 37k.

    but my MPG has been fine.

    Average 22 mpg
    Low 19.5
    high 26
    median 22

    I only use regular 87 octane gas and mostly 76. Most of the dirving is in the city with Stop/n/go. Ive never taken the car on a road trip where ive used a whole tank of gas. But recently ive been getting 25 mpg with mostly city driving and going to school 2x/week. (approx 20~30 min drive @ 40~60 mph on freeway depending on traffic condition).
  • axel7axel7 Posts: 2
    I get about 23 mpg religiously. I have a 2001 STD Impala w/ about 87k miles. No leaks, no squeaks, nothing. My only complaint is that I am upside-down in the loan, probably like most people.
  • michel4michel4 Posts: 2
    I am seriously considering purchasing a 2003 or 2004 Impala with the 3.4L engine. My question to you owners is,


    Please specify what year and engine size you have and whether you are giving highway, city or combine mileage.

    I will really appreciate your response!!
  • kwhittumkwhittum Posts: 12
    3.4L 2001 Impala.... 23.5 city MPG and 30MPG highway (trips traveling 65/75mph on cruise)
  • I have a 2001 Impala and it got 33 highway and 30 city brand new. Now it has 144,000 and gets about 26 highway. Not sure about the city.
  • 2003 Impala 9C1 police package, 3.8 V6... 41k miles when I got it, has about 65k (had it about a year)... I get about 22-24 around town... mostly about 23... I've gotten about 29-30 before on a trip (all interstate driving)... I was happy with that...
  • I have a 2004 Impala base, bought new Dec. 04 and now has 20,000 on it. I get 29-31 typically on the road, up to about 33 for the best; in town I get in the low 20s. I use brand name gas and occasionally fill with premium or mid grade. Coming across S. Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana where the only gas available was corn gas, 85.5 octane for regular, I got about 2-3 mpg less. Highway for me is 65-85 mph. I keep the tires at about 35lbs. I did my initial oil and filter at 1,000 miles. Last oil change I used synthetic and I plan to continue with synthetic oil, changing about every 5,000. I run a K&N air filter.
  • I bought a 2004 Impala with 8100 miles on the odometer in Oct 2004. Engine is the "base V-6" (3.4 liter). In my case I get no where near the EPA rating (no surprise there) which is 21 city and 32 highway. City driving gets me only 16-18 mpg and so far one trip has given a high of 26.3 mpg, however to be fair, most of that was mountainous with many upgrades and downgrades, so the tranny was shifting up and down most of the way. I am, therefore, assuming a trip across level interstates might return a 28-30 figure, but that is only an assumption at this point.
    So far the car has been reliable, has good performance and is smooth and quiet. I carry 32 psi in the tires, and change oil and filter at 3,000 mile intervals. My use of gasoline is generally wherever the price is lowest and I have noticed NO difference in performance or mileage regardless of the brand of gas (always 87 octane) used.
    It's a good car, but if mileage is important I'd consider the Malibu which is lighter and more fuel efficient. (I also understand the Malibu V-6 gets better mileage than its 4 cylinder counterpart).
  • Howdy, I'm in the market for a new Car. I tend to buy the engine first. I currently own a 2001 pontiac Grand prix GT. I has the 3.8 L 90 deg. V6. In the real world I get about 23 city and about 28 hwy. I love this car, It is a great combo of performance and economy. Plus it's durable I have about 197k miles on it and still going strong.

    I have driven the impala 06 with both the 3.5 and 3.9. I like the power with the 3.9 however I'm concerned about the milage Being a Gm/domestic buyer with 2k on my Gm card I will definately buy some gm product. So if you own an impala with either the 3.5 or 3.9. I would like to here about your (after breakin milage)


    Jfcnet (el Paso,tx)
  • I had a 2001 Monte Carlo SS that got great mileage close to the sticker (28-31 HWY) with great performance, fit/finish and handling! I felt I had to trade it at 100K as the warranty was up. The new Impala SS get's terrible mileage (22 tops expressway, no wind, no hills, no traffic, 69MPH average over 200 miles)! The mileage seem's to be stuck around 19-22 both in town and out. The driver and trips have not changed, just the car. The "EPA" sticker was virtually the same for both cars. The performance, like the mileage, is not as good as other choices. The fit and finish is bad as well along with bad heated seats, windshield washers, side and roof trim falling off, inner-fender wells gaping, etc. I have even had the folks at GM corporate here in MI involved (including the platform mgr. and a marketing person)! All I have gotten is gee that's too bad, don't you like the exhaust sound though. Is any body else getting this run around after paying good money? After 7K+ miles I really miss my old MC SS!
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Well, I have to mention this, but your SS has the same engine as my '06 Silverado crew cab 4X4 Z71 pickup. I get 15 MPG in town, 16-17 on the highway out of my truck. Impala SS, being more aerodynamic and much lighter, having the DOD system, and taller gearing, will probably get 5 MPG more. This is nothing abnormal. Large engine = lower fuel economy. I understand your frustration, because you are not getting the mileage anywhere near to what the sticker says. However, if you buy ANY car or truck with a 300+ HP engine, forget the upper 20's or low 30's. Low 20's at best.
  • I would have to agree and disagree with some of RealCarGuy's comments.

    In my SS, I'm averaging about 15 mpg in town driving. This is with 93 octane gas and a decent amount of "pushing the pedal down".... I am also not real happy with this number.

    I haven't taken many highway trips yet, but when I have I've averaged about 23-26 mpg with the cruise set on 68 most of the time.

    My car doesn't have ANY trim issues. Everything fits well, and nothing is falling off. Actually, after 2500 miles, I haven't had any problems with the car, including the seat heaters.

    Just like any car, it's possible to get a lemon. Not to belittle RealCarGuy's experience, but I don't think his SS is representative of the car in general.

  • 2004 Impala LS, 13,000 miles, 3.8 V6. This is not my car, but my grandma's, and we both love to drive it! She usually averages 27-28 mpg normal driving. Lives in rural hilly area, so she's happy with those numbers. Took a trip to Kentucky, did about 350 miles worth of driving (interstate, city streets, hilly 2-lane byways). Got 31.3 mpg!! Couldn't be happier with a full-sizer that gets better than 30!!
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I'm getting between 16.5 and 18 mpg with mixed driving. Comparing the actual mileage to the car's computer, is very close. The computer usually calculates about .5 mpg less than my calculations. It is within the margin of error since I can't be sure I'm getting an exact amount of fuel in the tank during fill-up. It's much more accurate than my '02 Monte Carlo SS. :)
  • wold_77wold_77 Posts: 3
    I am getting the same 16.5 to around 19 in town. On the freeway I can go about 325 miles on a tank of gas I think that adds up to around 21-23 mpg not what they claim on the sticker. I think it will take my grandfather driving the car to get the mileage they claim on the sticker!
  • zjimzjim Posts: 51
    Initially, I was a little disappointed with the mileage on my 3.9 Impala. I now have about 2500 miles on it and the mileage continues to improve. (So is the straight line performance) Most of my driving is suburban highways and streets, in relatively heavy traffic. When I first got the car it was getting only around 17.5 mpg, but I'm now up to 19+ mpg. This is with an occasional romp from the stoplight, just for kicks!! My wife and I took a short trip from Milwaukee to Chicago a couple of weeks ago. I filled up to the "brim" before we left, jumped immediately on the freeway, where we drove through several toll booths. The highway mileage to our destination was constantly in the 30 to 32 mpg range according to the computer. (Using manual mileage checks, I find that the computer's mileage is actually about 1/2 mpg lower than the actual.) We took a side trip to Northbrook, got lost in extreme stop and go traffic, and bucked a strong headwind on our return trip and still averaged just under 27 mpg by manual check. I'm very satisfied with those numbers!
  • I have a 05 Impala. The question I have is. I live in WI. but the car has California emission's on it. Should I exspect better , worse or the same mpg. then a standard emission car ?
    Right know the best I get on the hwy. with the curse lock at 69 is 25 mpg. not what I espected.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Just thought I'd post an update and some tips. I just finished an 1,100 mile roadtrip and managed to squeak out just over 25 mpg (25.34) in my '06 SS. I experimented a lot on the trip and have found that I can usually keep DOD activated at speeds up to 75 mph by following almost any vehicle with up to a 3-5 second following distance. Obviously 18-wheelers have the largest wake but SUVs and other mid or full-size cars seem to create enough of a wake to maintain DOD activation. Even better, traveling behind a group of vehicles.

    I found that trying to keep the DOD engaged helped alleviate the stress I normally feel when people insist on driving side-by-side and blocking the passing lane. :)
    Some may think I'm following too closely but I assure you, I was keeping a more-than-adequate following distance, usually 2 to 3 seconds. The hardest part was finding someone travelling at a consistent speed although I was usually able to find a "buddy" or two traveling at 75 mph. A final note, I could even maintain up to 80 mph (with DOD) as long as I had a large truck or group of cars to follow or even intermix with. But, not many seem to use their cruise control consistently over 75 mph.

    My experimenting helped keep me occupied during the long and boring stretch of I-10 between Pensacola and Jacksonville, FL. It also kept me from getting too heavy-footed. :D
  • I agree!! I have an 05 std v-6 that is only getting 22mpg freeway? YEP, me too,, I went the same, about 320 miles on that tank. So far Im very disappointed. My city driving is a bit lower than that. I tested it.. Filled my tank and hit the freeway on a trip I had to make, and that was my result. Not sure if its the fact that Im going 78mph or what? I have it on cruise. Not at all what I was told at the dealership.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    That does sound a little low. Were you driving with windows up? With or without AC? Was the vehicle loaded with extra weight? Hilly or flat terrain? All of those factors can make a difference and there may be another one or two I'm forgetting. Keep in mind the EPA rating is based on a much slower 60 or 65 mph.
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