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Chrysler 300/300C: MPG-Real World Numbers



  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    City: about 15
    Highway: about 24 (a lot of 80 MPH driving) :)
  • My previous post in this portion of the forum was Reply #25 dated December 31, 2005. My 300C just recently turned 40,000 miles. I tallied up actual fuel used and actual miles traveled out of my "little black book" and found that the average MPG for 40,000 miles was 19.1 . I don't think that is all that bad considering the fact I see folks every day driving mini-vans and SUV's that are not getting that kind of MPG. ;)
  • coolrunningcoolrunning Posts: 117
    You are so correct. There are a lot of so-called "econoboxes" made by Japanese manufacturers that get the same mileage. 25 mpg HYW from a Toyota Rav4 is not near as impressive as a 5.7L HEMI doing the same thing! :)
  • coolrunningcoolrunning Posts: 117
    I also installed a K & N air filter on my 5.7 HEMI, and have not noticed any improvement in mileage or performance. If anything, I think the mileage is a bit worse, but I attributed that to the weight of my right foot... I had a discussion recently with someone about the high flow air filters and learned something. These filters really make a difference on carbureted engines where you can get more horses from more air/fuel. On modern engines with computer controlled injection and the combustion air intake controlled with mass airflow sensors and oxygen sensors in the exhaust side, you could take the air cleaner off completely and never change the amount of air allowed into the engine. So, what is the point? If anything, the filters don't clean as well and can allow dirt to flow into the micro-sized orifices that meter air/fuel into the cylinders, etc. I am definitely considering going back to stock filters!
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "I am definitely considering going back to stock filters!"

    I'm thinking that that's a good move. :)
  • brit5brit5 Posts: 12
    Fuel injection engines do not work the same way that carbureted engines do.

    With an intelligent fuel injection system, the increased airflow from reduced air filter obstruction results in the metered introduction of additional fuel to compensate for greater air mass-flow. The engine will make more peak power but will burn more fuel doing so.

    Maintenance warnings about dirty air filters negatively affecting performance on EFI engines are quite correct, but the performance parameter that is most affected is power output, not economy. A really dirty airfilter not only significantly reduces power, it can also result in air bypassing the filter altogether, carrying grit into the engine with obvious implications for engine life.
  • You are absolutely correct. If I owned a 1960's muscle car, I wouldn't hesitate to use a K & N air filter. They are a well designed and constructed product. They are such a risk to modern engines, they are even banned from use by Dodge on any DIESEL engines according to the dealerships. They claim the stock OEM filters do a better job of keeping the dirt out of critical areas. Since I can see daylight when I hold my K & N filter up to the sun, I am inclined to agree. Besides, the whole point was to improve my fuel economy which it did not. :confuse:
  • The only way that K&N air filter would make you loose MPG is if you OVER oiled it or didnt oil it enough. and its IMPOSSIBLE for the filter to make you loose 5mph
  • Just bought a 2011 300 limited with the V-6. I got 28 mpg on the 300 mile trip home. by the time the tank was empty the average was 24 mpg on the trip computer, and 23.8 by hand calculation. I love the quiet and smooth.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 586
    What kind of mixed, all purpose, reasonable driving gas mileage do you expect from this big V8? How about pure highway mileage on a long interstate run? Thanks......
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 586
    edited August 2013
    After 2 weeks of driving a 300c v6 and then a month of driving the v8 here is an impartial summary:

    Size: It's a BIG car.... some parking spaces are hard to use or impossible. Outward visibility is somewhat less than hoped for. Nice backup camera helps. Huge trunk, generous interior w/storage ok but not great.

    On the road: A driver's dream....18" tires are a very smooth ride, excellent Garmin Nav with the SiriusXM.

    Power: The v6 is more than enough and mileage is good as the window sticker shows. The v8 is a gas hog in town, maybe 17 at best, can get 24 on the highway, maybe more. But the v8 power is awesome, a throwback to the 60's, significantly better than the v6.

    Finish: Quality is everywhere.

    Electronics: Equaled only by a small plane, the car shows almost all conceivable temps and conditions. Very impressive. Radio sound good, better are available.

    Headlights: Good by most standards, especially high beams.

    Summary: We bought the 300C for the upgrades, with a v8. Yes, gas and insurance are higher but we will probably keep the car 2 years at most and do not drive much, seldom in city traffic. First American nameplate we have owned in almost 20 years and the long term quality will be interesting to see. Any significant events will appear here on

    Hope this helps if you are in the market for this type car.....
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