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Pontiac GTO v. Subaru STi



  • Oh and for the record, I'm not a hater. I don't have anything against the GTO, for all of those on this forum that own them, congrats because it is a beast! I'm just stating my opinion that the car isn't for me, and that I think the looks deserved a little more thought...and GM feels the same notingly so. Nonetheless, if you find the car appealing it's truly a gem.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The first couple of V6 models have trickled in, people have been reporting seeing them.

    Oh well, let her choose, you don't want the burden of picking something for her.

  • I have owed an old muscle car and I now own a 2.5XT Outback (Not quite an STI). I like both. People give the original muscle cars way to much hype. They all started out as cheap 2-door cars with big engines stuck in it. They were made to go fast in a strait line. Even there purposely built muscle in the late 60's were strait liners. They all handled and braked like crap. My station wagon will run circles around a 426 Hemi Road Runner all day every day. But that was not the point. You bet your butt, if I could afford a Road Runner I would have one. Most cars today will out handle and perform the cars of the 60's. As for the 19 year old wanna-be. I am sure you did all that. Did the Vettes know (Or care) they were racing. Hell, I've past Ferrari's on I-5 in my '95 F150 (300 I-6 W/5-speed manual)Does that mean my trucks faster (Top speed 95mph downhill)? If my son drove his truck like you say you drive your car, he would not have it for too long. Maybe Daddy needs to take your keys away.
  • jontyreesjontyrees Posts: 159
    "in the rush to build a "GTO."-and that my friend came from GM in an interview...fact"

    I think you might be missing the point here...The current GTO wasn't developed as a GTO, there was no rush to build a GTO at all. It was developed and is built in Australia as a Monaro - a name plate that dates back to the 60's, and was an Australian semi-equivalent to the Camaros and Firebirds in the US at that time. GM decided to import a limited number of them to the US, and slapped a GTO name on it. Was that a bad call? Apparently, since so many people seem offended by it. Personally, I couldn't care less what they call it - it's an excellent car, fast and comfortable, handles well if not with razor sharp reflexes, great build quality. Styling is totally subjective - I like it. STi owners probably like the styling of that car, which goes to show that beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder!

    I think the comparisons are valid, even if there is a 2x differential in number of doors, etc. Approx $30k fast cars both - certainly likely to be cross shopped by some folks. I know it crossed my mind.
  • Skip the forester go for the 2.5XT Outback more balls than the forester. I bought the outback for a similar reason you bought the GTO. I really wanted a F250 4X4, but I would only be thrashing it about a few times a year, not financially worth it. Granted, I won't be doing that in the Outback, but at least I can go down some logging trails and through some mud when I am camping.
  • dclark2dclark2 Posts: 91
    What a car! I loved the horn that went "beep, beep!". It was a cammed out 440 with a six pack and airgrabber. I think the crude suspension made it feel faster.
    Floor it and the car would twist from tq. However, stock, most of those muscle cars were unable to do better than a 15 sec 1/4. Crude suspensions and tires were to blame.
    Time has made made some think these cars were better than they are. If the new GTO were truly like the old, it would have a poor handling solid axle rear, rough ride, bad brakes and maybe even some "Judge" stickers on it. Sadly, if it had all those, it'll probably be more popular!
    I got a few negative comments from the "purists" when I got my '96 Impala ("they should have kept it to two doors!") I remember telling one knob that if they did that, the car would require extra tooling and an extra assembly line which would increase the car by $1,000s. The answer was "So what? They should have made it with two doors!"
    Flash back to 2006- any GTO can waste a '60's car. Heck, even the Sti can do it, despite having two extra doors!
  • jeff_gtojeff_gto Posts: 3
    I just joined the forum and prior to purchasing the gto, I read the comparison. I'm not replying to this note as much as the comparison itself.
    I have the 2006 with the bigger brakes and styling enhancements. Not sure if the comparison was with a 2005.
    Anyway, I think like other folks say; it comes down to personal preference. The 2006 gto is just awesome (from my view). I've driven the sti and yes it's fun. But, to me it looks like a box with an ironing board on the back. It also is not very comfortable. GTO just hauls butt with that L2 corvette motor. They got the sound just right too; throaty and powerful but not too loud for everyday driving.
    It is very comfortable to drive, handles great in turns and I note the difference with the independent suspension over bumpy roads.
    Regarding the subdued styling...I like it. It looks sharp but not gaudy or tacky; a sleeper, not a cop-magnet.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    GM will discontinue it, they've announced. We'll see if it comes back in another form. They will have a RWD platform since the Camaro got a green light.

  • dclark2dclark2 Posts: 91
    GM announced a few days ago that the GTO will be back, on the same zeta platform as the Camaro. However, it sounds like the Firebird will not return.
    This was reported by autoweek on 3/2/06.
  • cmcmanuscmcmanus Posts: 19
    So I've been researching into buying a new GTO (or used rather since I can get one with practically no miles for 10k less). I want an 05 with the LS2. With 400hp stock it's hard to imagine what Pontiac would do to turn that into a judge, i mean how ballsy do you need a car to be? But in 04 they made one.....sort of. The GTO Ram Air 6 was a one off concept that was designed to get a lot of buzz around the concept model during it's debut. The Ram Air 6 was a naturally aspirated 6.4litre V8 with a working ram air hood and custom air intake producing 575hp! (That's more than the most powerful Saleen Mustang GT wich is quad turbo charged @ 550hp)!! It also had an incredibly aggressive look compared to the stock model and the beautiful Judge orange color. Now I'm a fan of the subtle lines that the GTO (Holden/Vauxhaul)has. It's not aggressive like a saleen mustang or new sharp edged Charger. However the 400 raging hormonal horses underneath speak for themselves, even a 5.7 Hemi can't hold up to the raw power of a GTO and a Mustang GT is more like a ponycar in comparasin. I hope like heck the GTO is here to stay, even a Judge version would be great. However if you want your GTO to look more like the beast it is, there are body kits and special hoods out there (even one that has ram air scoops that resemble the classic Judge)to give your humble styled GTO some extra sexy lines. Hey a supercharger would also kick some know if you need to race any Ferraris or anything. But an STi...why don't we compare the GTO to something a little more manly than a Subaru, like a 10 speed bicycle. (Just kidding by the way, but there is no way you can seriosly compare apples to oranges.) :shades:
  • cmcmanuscmcmanus Posts: 19
    Oh and by the way. GM did do a concept version of the GTO before deciding to go with the (Holden/Vauxhal) Monaro as the basis. If you ever feel inclined Google GTO Concept to find out more.
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,830
    gto vs sti is a bit of a weird comparison but you can bet that wrx & goat drivers are indeed comparing!
    one thing i miss in my goat compared to my previous 4 Z28s is the near-30 mpg highway mileage. goat cannot do that, 24 mpg is the max and 21 mpg more typical.
    i understand the sti can at least do 25 mpg highway - can it do 28+ mpg like the standard-trans fourth-gen f-body cars could do at 75 mph or so?
    also do some STI drivers hate the STI rear spoiler as much as some of us goat drivers hate/remove our goats spoilers?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Subaru will have an 07 STI Limited model, with a very subtle single spoiler on the rear deck. The double-decker ironing board is gone as is the roof vane spoiler. You may prefer that one.

    As for manliness, is this not manly? :confuse:


  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    What's manly about a 4-door?

    Now, make it a 2-door coupe, add some more scoops in the area just in front of the rear wheels, maybe some winglets in the front valence, another scoop on the roof, a bi-winglet over the rear window, a taller hood scoop, and maybe 2-3 more antennae scattered around.......THEN it'd be manly!!!

    Oh, and lots more vinyl graphics. And paint-it day glo lime green. And maybe an underbody light kit. And the fenders need to stick out more. And it needs quad 18" subwoofers that go 'whoompa whoompa whoompa' to drown out the noise of that thing under the hood..... :P
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Every single thing on that car is functional.

    Even the sponsor graphics. :P

  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    I bet I could call 75% of the junk in a J.C. Whitney catalog 'functional' in one sense or another too. That doesn't mean one should slather all that junk all over a car at the same time.

    Personally, that STi is (in my eyes) the definition of 'boy racer'.

    If one strips all the extraneous geegaws off of a car (any car), and the car has no style in it's basic form, then adding all that junk doesn't make the car any better.

    I suppose one could cram a dozen scoops/spoilers/wings/etc. on a GTO as well. Would it be a better car for it?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Many would say yes. The original style was very dull, many folks complained. Very bland, I recall one editor called it "sucked on caramel".

    They added the hood scoops and for the most part people felt it was an improvement. Not enough, but better.

    The STI is a tribute to the WRC car, the people that want to buy it understand that. A few actually brought their spoilers to Miller Subaru for Petter Solberg to sign when the '06 model debuted.

    Like I mentioned above, the STI Limited arrives this fall, significantly toned down for folks like you that want a cleaner look.

    And while the GTO has 2 doors, it's still more of a 2 door sedan, not exactly adding the sleekness one expects when they sacrifice the 2 extra doors.

  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "The STI is a tribute to the WRC car, the people that want to buy it understand that."

    Yes. The point (I think I had one) is that not everyone thinks that a plethera of spoilers (functional or otherwise) is desirable.

    "Like I mentioned above, the STI Limited arrives this fall, significantly toned down for folks like you that want a cleaner look."

    I like a cleaner look. But I also want a car to have style simply from the basic lines of the car; not tacked on. Personally, the style of the GTO isn't my cup of tea either. ;)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587

    I guess your point was to frustrate me. It worked. :D

  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630

    Welllllll, not entirely.... :P

    I just like to check up on what gets posted in this train-wreck of a topic occasionally....some of the stuff is VERY humorous. ;)
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