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Pontiac GTO v. Subaru STi



  • damn i think that has to be the way a GTO should look no question loosin the spoiler jus boosted the aggression rating through the roof. definitly a sick piece of american muscle!

    (still gonna get the EVO though!!!)
  • yuba4yuba4 Posts: 3
    I feel rather uniquely qualified to comment here because I recent cross-shopped the GTO and STI far more extensively than anyone should. Its been my dominant train of thought for at least a year (poor wife can confirm). I also currently own an Outback and bought new a '95 Eagle Talon TSI AWD, which has some related driving manners to the STI and which I let go for the new car.

    First, the Outback ownership experience has been outstanding over 108k miles and I loved every minute of my 11-year relationship with my Talon. There's every reason to expect that the STI will be a working and reliable car in ten years. I can't say that for the GTO - eight, maybe, but ten? ....ummmmaybe...

    The Talon was good at autocross and the race track - reasonably competitive and durable. It was an absolute hoot in the mountains and snow. It was one of those cars where there was nothing you didn't like about it - it did everything well and some things nearly perfect. I collected christmas trees off snowy fire roads well into the mountains to the amazement of the SUV hipsters who wore masks of disbelief as a low-slung sports car capably progressed up the slope. Long story long - absolutely loved the car.

    I was talking to a friend in a parking lot when an STI pulled in next to us. The sound was candy - it was a deep but restless and high-idled f'ing race car sound that turned me on. It was the audio equivalent of a twitching race horse. So why, on earth, did I pass on a reliable, incredible, AWD dream-car like the STI?

    You have to ask my Id. From the first magazine ad to the engine soundtrack on the website to the understated clothing to the Detroit heart, I wanted the GTO. I made several buy lists including the STI, 300C, CTS, 250IS, G35, Mini, etc etc and, looking back, the GTO was always at the top of each list. Then I went and sat in one. It felt right. The seats felt right, color accents on the interior, great stereo, brutal engine, hip hugger wheel wells.... Ok, performance:

    Took it to an autocross expecting it to be a whale but it was competitive - placed 6th of 27 in its class. As a matter of fact, there were some STI's there and the GTO did better than most of them. THAT was unexpected. Turns out its not just fast but also reasonably quick.

    Conclusion: The STI is the rational choice by most measures, but the GTO plucks the right strings for me. I have no regrets. Its satisfying to drive and has fantastic back seats (think I caused one salesman some lost sleep when I asked if it had child-safety seat anchors). Oh, and by the way, the GTO has nearly nothing to do with a Grand-whatever. Its a completely different animal. Something like blending a Camaro and a BMW 5-series. Nobody knows what to make of it because its a new thing on our shores, but I finally realized it is actually a small car. My 2+ cents.

  • 06gto06gto Posts: 4
    Hello. How many miles do you have on your GTO? Autocross? Cool.
    Questions: have you had any issues with the struts on your GTO? I am reading horror stories galore about the struts.
    Any performance mods made to yours?
    Couple of things on my '06. When delivered the dealer did not adjust the air pressure. After several hundred miles of jaw banging I found the tires had 50 psi! Dropped them to the recommended 33/39 and the ride is great.
    Also, in the front springs were these 'red' spreaders fitted to the springs. One happened to be squeaking like a screaming hawk. After a couple of days it fell off on its own - noise gone. The one on the right hung in there - I pulled that out. Dealer had no clue!!
    Had an engine oil leak. It was determined the oil sending switch was seated incorrectly and it was replaced. So far no leaks.
    I have also installed a K&N Cold Air Intake. I really don't see any difference in the performance.
    I love the car, the comfort is great and the performance is good.
    We have an STi in the house hold and I have had the opportunity to drive it. Like driving a brick. Quick response like a go-kart. Oil burner for sure. Step kid is the owner has launched the engine twice now due to his own negligence. The seats are uncomfortable.
    Oh well, that is my story on the GTO vs STi.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    However, they are different cars, hard comparison.

    If you need an all around car, go for the STi. However for myself, I don't need an all around car. I have a Subaru Legacy dedicated Road Race car and a Nissan Armada to tow that and my cigarette boat. I'm looking at getting a GTO next year as a daily driver because I want a fun, high HP car that's luxurious and has an MT. I like the 300/charger, but no MT. Don't like Fords, so mustang is out. Looked at the G35, but not enough power for the $. STi is cool, but since I'm older, I'm looking for something with a nice ride, power, and great seats. As much as I love subarus, the seats blow, and they have a bit of a harsh ride, which is great for handling but I have my race car for that. So all in all, Sti = better all around, overall car, but GTO has it's place/niche.

  • eliaselias Posts: 1,836
    paisan you should really like the 6-spd gto as a daily driver. 27k on my 05 so far. biggest problem is almost every day i drive it either city or highway - some yahoo will try to race or drive wacky in order to try to get me to goose it. i've debadged it with monaro rear bumper cover and side marker lights but that barely reduces the yahoo count. eh, what can ya do. ;)
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Here in NYC and the surrounding area I've seen about 5 in the past 6 months. Most folks think they are GrandPrixs which is fine with me cause I like to be on the DL. :)

  • eliaselias Posts: 1,836
    paisan if you like to be on the DL with your GTO, you might look for one that came with "hood scoop delete" option. and then remove the spoiler too! they aren't real hood scoops anyway - they are barely even vents.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I may swap out the 05 for an 04 hood, although I doubt I'd do that though.

  • I believe there should not be a comparison between a japanese awd turbo and an american(australian) rwd. these two vehicles are in opposite ends of the spectrum. Of course the suspension and grip of the gto is subsequent to the subaru. And the 400hp ls2 is a faster straight shot than the turbo flatline 4. What it comes down to is individual driving preference. thats all. A great comparison would be a Pontiac GTO vs. Ford Mustang GT, or even a cobra.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Definitely different however I cross shopped them, opting for the GTO since I have an AWD turbo race car already.

  • Perhaps waiting for a Skyline might be worthy of consideration?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Skyline is going to be $50K+ GTO is $25K

    Skyline would be nice but will be outrageously priced IMO and no V8 :(

    I'd love to see an AWD V8 w/MT but doubt we'll ever see one.

  • Hi Mike,
    Gee, I'm not so sure a front mounted AWD V8 is the way to go. Unless, some one comes up with a new way to elegantly attach the tranny, the forward weight bias comes an issue, negatively effecting handling and braking. This may be the reason many seem to prefer BMW's to Audi's, despite the Audi's inherent superiority in traction.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I'm sure they'll come up with a way to move the weight to the rear, not sure how yet but they will eventually. They do have plenty of FR AWD cars with V8s just none with MT.

  • I hope your right! I've got a few ideas, but, I couldn't be further from being considered an engineer.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Isn't the GT-R supposed to cost $70 grand?

    If it's $50k there's no way you'll be able to get one without a markup.

    That thing is benchmarked against the 911 turbo, a six figure competitor.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    oh ok my bad $70k still way way too much for it IMO.

    Also it isn't going to be a GTR right? it's going to be an infinity something or other.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    They seem to go back and forth. We'll see.

  • ebaeebae Posts: 5
    This comparison is completely inaccurate. Since when is 4.9 "just as fast" as 4.6? And how do they figure that a 13.4 second quarter mile is the same as a 13.0? Let's give credit where credit is due....the STI handles better, but the GTO is faster, period.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Faster Period? Hmm you should qualify your statement. The GTO is faster in a straight line in dry pavement. Now you add a little road gravel, dirt, rain, snow etc. and the STi will be faster in a straight line, basically all but ideal conditions. Let's not talk about a road course, where the STi will eat the GTO alive through the twisties.

    Don't get me wrong, I like the GTO, as it's much comfier than the STi but all out performance, an EVO or STi in a well rounded test will beat a GTO hands down.

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