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Chrysler Aspen



  • I have a 2008 Aspen, fully loaded, Hemi 28k miles. After every three weeks of using the suv , the anti seems to vanish. There are no leaks found under the car or visible leaks from engine or radiator.Dealer had car four two weeks could not find cause. Can anyone help or has anyone had same problem with a solution.Thanks , Tommy120
  • Our 2007 Aspen shutdown on the highway going 70 m.p.h. on us. We freaked out! Luckily, it did re-start and we found the next exit had a dealership. They put it on diagnostics and the code for an exhaust leak came up. It passed every leak test they had and when asked what the issue was then, the reply I got from the service manager was " It must just have a glitch". A GLITCH??? @ 70 on the highway?? A GLITCH you tell me? Thank got we are alive to tell about it and ask that you stop buying products from Chrysler.
  • hi. I have a 2008 aspen wit the hemi and a 3.92 differential ratio. I have the tow package because it came with the car but I will not be towing anything. Does anyone know what will happen if I try to lower the differential ratio down to something like 3.0 (or even lower) I am trying to do something about the horrible gas mileage. any other suggestions will also be appreciated. thanks
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