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Lexus ES 350



  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    FWIW--here's my two cents' worth regarding this issue...based on both my own experience w/ the tranny flare issue, and from reading other posts about it:

    My ES 350 is a 7/06 build, and it too has the 3-4 tranny flare; however--or, so far--in my case it "only" happens:

    a) shortly after a cold start;
    b) only if I can get up to speed so as to get to the 3-4 upshift, in a relatively short amount of time (by that I don't necessarily mean accelerate as if trying to set a new 0-60 time)--see point e);
    c) when the flare does happen it happens just once during the current engine cycle, although in all fairness I did not test under multiple acceleration/deceleration/acceleration runs within a short timeframe to see if I could get the flare to repeat;
    d) for the moment, the flare results in the engine revs going up only around 500 rpm;
    e) if after a cold start I manage to drive around a minute (possibly in combination w/ having the car idle for about a minute during cold-start warm up) w/o having yet reached a 3-4 upshift (quite possible, as I have to drive in a residential area where kids are walking to school), the flare does not occur once I encounter the first 3-4 upshift;
    f) was observed under "normal" throttle application--i.e., at most I was accelerating like any sensible driver worst, I was almost driving like a granny. Or to put it another way--if someone had stated that the flare only occurs if the throttle was at least moderately-applied (e.g., fairly-brisk acceleration)...well I can tell you now that one doesn't need to mash the gas pedal--even halfway--in order to get the flare to occur.

    Given the above, it would seem that my issue isn't as bad compared to some of the others I've read about here and elsewhere. Not to say that it should be acceptable period, but given my specific circumstances it would appear somewhat difficult to convince the dealer to do anything as "drastic" as either replacing the tranny or buying back my car. Also--I read that supposedly the dealer won't even bother fixing the flare issue unless the rpm surge is at least 1000 rpm and can be duplicated easily (during cold start conditions). This flare issue hasn't (yet) affected the overall driving function of my ES, so it's not as if I'm not getting my money's for now I'll be content just acting as if there is no flare issue in my car until it becomes a major issue which would make a visit to my dealer completely unavoidable.
  • tdoh,

    Mine is mostly like what you described. I've noticed this 3-4 upshift flare (around 500 rpm) from the very begining of my ownership. The car is also a 7/06 build. I am more and more concerned after reading all other posts. The gear shifts are also rough when the car is cold. I can obviously feel every shift. :confuse: What about yours?

    I drove with my dealer this morning, but couldn't reproduce that on a flat road. I don't know whether this happens more often uphill...
  • Mine is also a July 06 build. The flare is not as dramatic as others, only about 500rpm...
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100
    Thanks for your reply. Believe me.... passing up on the ES350 isn't an easy decision. I wanted to get a new car before the end of the year... but I'm wondering if I wait until Feb-March 2007, maybe by then... some of the issues with the transmission will be identified and solved.

    I'm currently looking at a 2006 Acura RL, but it doesn't "Wow" me like the ES350, but at the same time both cars are about the same price... but the RL has an edge b/c it has the SH-AWD. That is handy..... since I live where there is a bad weather and snow.

    I may reconsider?
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100
    Mine is also a July 06 build. The flare is not as dramatic as others, only about 500rpm...

    Does anyone have a transmission flare/issue with a ES350 build after 7/06? Just trying to pinpoint maybe when Lexus fixes and identifies the transmission issue.
  • I'm in the same boat. I drove an RL last year. For $53k it didn't wow me. Since you can get RL's fo about 40k right now it's suddently a worthy competitor.

    My biggest hesitation is that it looks like an Accord. I don't want to pay $40k for a "nice" Accord.
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    Would you pay 40k for a "nice" Camry ;)
  • I've got an 08/06 build and have the same flare as described by tdoh. It only occurs once each day when very cold and only on the first 3-4 shift. blip is about 500 rpm. Does not effect my enjoyment of the car one bit. If it did it every shift, then maybe.... but once a day while the eng and transmission temp are warming up is not an issue. It is much like th throttle blip being designed into downshifting transmissions these days
  • No kidding

    I still can't tell the difference between the ES350 and the Camry when going down the road. I have to be right up on it to tell.

    I just didn't see the WOW in the 350 ever.

    Nice car but looks WAY to much like a Camry. Drove to loose for me. It did have all the bell's & whistles though. But just could not pay top dollar for a car that seemed no more than a super nice Camry.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    To each his own.
  • I need to find month and year of manufacture of my ES 350. It is told to be on a sticker at the driver side post, but I don't find it there. I just find, besides VIN, stickers with tire pressures and some airbag information. VIN has year coded in it, but not the month. Any help please?
  • ronwynronwyn Posts: 16

    I do not have that information as my car is still at the dealership (Oct 23 - Present). It seems that they do not have the kit and it is back ordered. I did read on a previous post that someone did have it installed and the part # was TC 004-06. I do not know if that is the kit they intend to install on my transmission.
  • Call Lexus Corporate Customer Service at: 1-800-255-3987
    Give them your VIN number and they will give you the "exact date" your car was built.
  • I live in the Indianapolis area and put money down on a Ruby Red ES350 back on 10/7 and still don't have car. Is this kind of wait common? Car is not special order just want Ruby Red w/Black Interior.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    Yeah, ok! I bet if a magazine didn't tell you that the Camry and ES350 shared a platform you couldn't tell the difference by sitting in it, driving it, or looking at it!

    the statement "I can't tell the difference between a Camry & ES350" is a old played out lame joke!
  • psychdocpsychdoc Posts: 147
    I have a ruby red/black UL and it took about 6 weeks to get delivery. I got it on June 8th.

    Be patient, you'll love it.

    It's not a perfect car by any means, but for the money it's a steal.
  • Hey, i didn't like the car. I thought it drove like a Park Avenue.

    "Yeah, ok! I bet if a magazine didn't tell you that the Camry and ES350 shared a platform you couldn't tell the difference by sitting in it, driving it, or looking at it!"

    Your words LOL then why pay more for a 350? just get the Camry same car but the Lexus blows air up your butt.

    I ended up with a BMW 530. They don't call it the Ultimate driving machine for nothing. But if the Lexus drove like any other car in it's class then i could agree to spend the extra money, but to spend all that money to drive a Park Avenue i just could not do it.

    It is a nice car but to think that it stands out from a Camry on the road your just kidding yourself.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    If you ended up with a BMW and not the 350, why are you on the 350 forum badmouthing the Lexus? Why do you now have the "perfect" car (for you) :confuse: :confuse: :confuse: So what if the 350 is a pumped up Camry (in your opinion)...many, many owners are extremely pleased with their Lexus...enjoy your 530 and give the accolades on it to the 530 forum! ;)
  • I'm not bad mouthing Lexus at all we own a 330. I thought that Lexus would have done a little better job at distinguishing the two.(Camry)

    Also i'm sad that Lexus can't get the handling right. I looked up what Car & Driver wrote and it is right on as to how it felt to me. I had hoped that the new 350 would handle different from my 330.

    ""Lexus claims it has put some extra starch in the ES350’s suspension to stiffen up its road manners, but we didn’t sense it. What we did experience was the same softly damped body motions and lots of predictable understeer. When it comes to handling, the ES350 is still as dull as a butter knife rather than as sharp as a scalpel, as our mediocre 0.75-g skidpad result indicates. We did notice a trait that the ES has always shared with the Camry: the annoying habit of feeding road imperfections back through the steering wheel without letting the driver know what’s going on with the front tires. Switching from all-season radials to a dedicated summer tire would probably help the situation, but that might also make the ride less buttery smooth.

    The ES350 isn’t about excitement or sporty driving — it’s meant to get you from point A to point B in a stylish manner with the least amount of fuss and stress. And it does that damn near perfectly.""
    I really wanted to get the WOW effect in the 350 but Lexus just can't seem to get it into their entry level sedans. For the money you can't beat Lexus. Most comfortable car i own, but to say they got it right NO WAY.

    as to why i still read these forums... when we were shopping for a car i came here. I started to see the complaints on the transmission, so i still follow the threads.

    I'll leave LOL
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Lexus would have done a little better job at distinguishing the two.(Camry)
    How about BMW - what is the distinguishing difference in that line (until you get into the upper level) besides the price?

    Suspension and ride is subjective - what is a fantastic ride to one person is mediocre for the next person - just depends on what you're used to or what you want (and how much of a purist you are or think you might be).

    "WOW effect" - see paragraph above.

    Transmission problems? I have an Avalon LTD (05) and the 07 350, both of which are supposedly notorious with transmission issues. None for me so far - both cars have been perfect so I can't knock either.

    I had an 02 ES300 and can only compare the 07 to that one; true, the 07 is less of a "sport model" than the 300 but that was pretty obvious, so I didn't expect the same with the 07. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with what I got as I'm sure you are, with your BMW.
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