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Lexus ES 350



  • bobbassbobbass Posts: 34

    The Ruby Red is absolutely GORGEOUS! I have had variations of that color (dark red metallic) on five vehicles since 1991 and if you lean more toward slightly darker hues, you will LOVE it!

    IMO, it's not "too" dark and shouldn't be a bear to take care of. My dealer has three in that color and even chose it to display in the showroom for their grand opening.

    Sunday, they had one parked right next to an IS in the lighter red, and the Ruby seemed much more luxurious. It just suits the character of the ES.

    I test drove a white one today with the cashmere and that is the interior I plan to go with.

  • vluuvluu Posts: 100
    Just had my first test drive today during lunch time. (VA area @ Lindsay Lexus of Alexandria) This dealer has a lot of ES350 on the lot, about 6 in front. A couple UL and Premium Plus w/ Nav. I was looking for one w/o Nav, but the sales person said they were in another lot. This was the first time at a Lexus dealer. My current car is a 2K Nissan Maxima. I have to admit, I was pretty intimidated. Sales personal acted like they didn't need your business.

    Anyway, ended up driving a Premium Plus w/ Nav. It was a Moon Shell Mica... awful color. This is the 3rd time I have seen this color.... and all 3 times, I can't see why anyone would get this color... but to each it's own.
    So, about the test... it was incredibly smooth and effortless. Plenty of torque and power I need. I'm 6"2" and 220 lbs ... and I found the car comfortable. My co-worker came with me and he sat behind my seat and had plenty of leg space. I was really impressed with that... and he's 5"9". The seats were very comfortable and soft. The car was everything I thought it would be. I'm not planning to get one with Nav, but I was pretty impressed with the features on the Nav and the rear backup camera. I agree with other's when they say it doesn't have a lot of storage, but I'm not planning to store that much stuff in the car anyway. Wood steering wheel and walnut wood finish is "sweet". I found the center console just right for my right arm rest... that could be b/c I'm taller.

    I'm still targeting to get the car by the end of the year. I'm hoping by then... the excitment will die down and discounts will be available. By then... other 2007 models will be revealed, so it may soften the ES price. I just can't see myself paying MSRP for any car.

    Anyone buy an ES350 in the MD/DC/VA area and receive discounts? Please name dealer and sales person.
  • neuroguyneuroguy Posts: 34
    Cars are shipped to the dealer with the tires overinflated to prevent flatspotting, & the prep guy often forgets to deflate the tires to the tire manufacturer's specs.

    You are correct, jimbres. That's exactly what happened with my car. It was riding very stiff - more so than the demo. When the tires were cold the next day, found they were at 38 psi while the door sticker recommended 30 psi. Guess the prep guy forgot as you said. (I was waiting on the car that had just come off the truck.) Deflated the tires to 32 psi, reset the tire pressure monitor (important!) and all is well. That was the only thing wrong with my car. Have had it a week now and love everything about it! :)
  • bobbyshredbobbyshred Posts: 44
    Because I felt so cramped in the ES I've started looking online at other cars again.
    I still might get the ES, but I'll have to take it for a much longer test drive of about 30 min.

    I'm 6 ft 200 lbs but I felt cramped in the car. My right leg felt closed in by the high center console and it was claustrophobic to me.

    I'm heartbroken over this because I love everything else about this car.

    After looking online for cars with more room, and those with bench seats I'm now giving serious consideration to the Buick Lucerne.

    No, it's nowhere near what a Lexus is but it looks very comfortable with the bench seat.
    I also like the fact that it has a 275 HP Northstar engine in it, plus I can actually go back to cloth seats which is what I've wanted all along.

    The dash and controls aren't as nice or fancy but I can get navigation in it.

    The front of the car is kind of boring Buick, but the tail end looks pretty cool.

    It doesn't have a telescoping wheel so I would hope that I could still get that perfect driving position.

    I can't get the top of the line because there is no bench seat in that model but I can get a CXL V8 which is very nice. The car gets decent reviews claiming it is the most agile Buick ever, but they say the braking could be better.

    I will be able to save 6-10K off the price of the Lexus.

    All bets are off until I actually drive it. Right now I'm a bit too ill to go check it out having some setbacks from my heart surgery earlier this month.

    This is not how I wanted my car buying experience to go. I've been waiting a very long time to get a new car.

    I'd like a little more excitement rather than to have to buy and old man Buick, but I'm getting to be and old man LOL!

    I had a Regal years ago and I actually liked that car quite a bit, it was very comfortable.

    I'll let ya know what happens here.
    Sure wish I could join the Lexus club.

    Anyone else consider this car?
  • dotbowelsdotbowels Posts: 43
    "I will be able to save 6-10K off the price of the Lexus"

    Sorry about you not being able to get a Lexus. You will get creamed on Buick Resale/Trade Value when you go to trade it, so buy it as much under invoice as you can.
  • cleblanccleblanc Posts: 45
    I bought the Royal Ruby w/cashmere and I absolutely love this color. It is a very dark red and shines beautifully in the sun. I get a lot of compliments on this color.
  • cleblanccleblanc Posts: 45
    Bobbyshred - have you tried all the adjustments on the seat to find a more comfortable sitting position. I know how long you've been looking for this car and that you even have one on order. It would be so disappointing for you not to get it. Please definitely take it for another test drive before you make a final decision.
  • jimbresjimbres Posts: 2,025
    Have you looked at the Avalon? The top-of-the line Limited is a well-appointed car. You'd get a tilt/telescopic steering wheel (manual - not power as in the Lexus).

    Sorry that the ES 350 isn't a good fit for you, but you're doing the right thing by not compromising on comfort. Don't try to rush the shopping process.

    Good luck, & keep us posted.
  • yjayja Posts: 3
    I went to Lindsay Lexus of Alexandria in VA as well. They were terrible. The manager even said to me that all their customers are willing to pay for their luxury cars, and I should go somewhere else if I want a discount. I guess they really don't need our business. Ironically, they are very proud of their "Elite Lexus Dealer" status. I will not go there to buy my Lexus.
  • carlady2carlady2 Posts: 7
    Don't know when they will or if they will later give discounts but I liked Al Johnson at Lexus of Silver Spring a lot. I paid sticker because I needed/wanted the car in order to give my old Infiniti to my son. They were a pleasure to deal with and do have a good reputation (Rockville does not)
  • dtezladtezla Posts: 88
    I came from 6 years at a Volvo store where we would see at least one wacky color every year. At least with Lexus, all the colors are extremely nice looking. I'm surprised more people don't like the Moonshell Mica, It's basically a pewter (slight pink tint). I don't mind it. The Amber is a rich looking bronze. The only color I'm not super crazy about is the Aquamarine.
  • carlady2carlady2 Posts: 7
    My son saw that combination at the New York auto show and said it was great looking. I wanted a lighter color so got the silver but had I not, would have really considered this one. Enjoy (been liking mine so far)
  • mrlaimrlai Posts: 7
    Is there anyway to modify it so that you can play dvd movies while it's on drive? At least the passenger and the backseater can watch a movie!
  • psychdocpsychdoc Posts: 147
    ...Anyone know if Verizon phones will "link" with this car's Bluetooth system? If so, which one would you recommend?

    The Lexus people (national...not the dealer) seem to be suggesting that only T-Mobile or Cingualr Bluetooth phones will work properly with this car.

    This is hard to believe.

    Heck, half the world has Verizon.

    What's up here?
  • pojoepojoe Posts: 25
    My motorola razor works perfect thru verizon. :D
  • dsnelgrovedsnelgrove Posts: 2
    Hello ... are the roofs on ES 350s without the panorama roof the same color as the rest of the car? The only cars at my dealer are the ones with the panorama glass roof, and those roofs as you know are black. Thanks.
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100
    Actually the internet sales person I was talking to and had scheduled a test drive with... was busy when I came in. He didn't want me to want so he referred me to another sales guy. This sales person was very cockie and was not friendly at all. I'm sure he has seen a flock of people coming into test drive and maybe he knows the routine... but hey, that's your job!

    Anyway... I would never give my sale to that sales person. If I was planning to come back and deal.. I would deal directly with the original person I talked to. Seemed much easier to talk to and deal with.

    There are only 5 Lexus dealers in a 50 miles radius from where I live (DC/MD/VA). So, competition is fairly limited. I have even heard of people buying cars in Delaware and Pennsylvania ... then having them driven down to complete the deal. Might be another option if dealers around here won't budge on MSRP.
  • cleblanccleblanc Posts: 45
    My Motorola E815 also works great with Verizon. I think Lexus is not promoting the Verizon phones because of the way Verizon cripples all the bluetooth features. But now with gen 5 on the navigation system, you can manually enter the phonebook info. So I think Verizon is more usable than it was before.
  • psychdocpsychdoc Posts: 147
    Thanks, that's very good news indeed.

    Just to be sure I understand, the address book on the phone will not automatically 'mate' to the car but if I input the name/phone number information manually one time, the car will hold it for the future and then function as if it had 'recognized' the phone's address book in the first place?

    So it seems like the primary architect of this particular problem is Verizon, not Lexus, huh?

    Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated!
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