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Lexus ES 350



  • nedb52nedb52 Posts: 10
    I had my 350 in for a free, 1000 mi. get to know the service dept. look over. I told them about the same problem you are having. After I demonstrated that we did know what we were doing, they called Lexus, The technician was told "it is a known problem" and they have (or are working on - I can't remember what he said!) the software upgrade/solution "but they were not sure when it will be available" to the dealers.
  • kumar2kumar2 Posts: 12
    Just go it in Silver last night..paid 1000 over invoice (Coliseum Lexus in Oakland). Have the price in the price paid section.
    Driven about 70 miles so all the little features. Did not notice wind noise at higher speed though.........will continue to look for that.
    More driving impressions in a week or so.
  • x10acnx10acn Posts: 3
    Neocortex: What was the MSRP on the ES 350 you purchased? The local Lexus dealer in my area is unwilling to negotiate, stating that the model is selling routinely for MSRP. Also, where did you get your great deal? Thanks, I need all the amunition I can get.

    P.S.: The version I am looking at has both of the majot option packages you note plus a few other options and has an MRSP of $40,539. Thanks
  • dtezladtezla Posts: 88
    But when you go to your local grocery store, you don't tell the cashier you want to give them $2.50 instead of the $3.25 price tag. There is a difference.
  • stevencatystevencaty Posts: 11
    Hi Neocortex
    Dic you really buy the car and what the MSRP on that car, and where did you buy it.
  • neocortexneocortex Posts: 22
    I purchased my ES 350 from Jim Falk Lexus in Beverly Hills. Lexus of Oxnard and Longo Lexus also were also very competitive w/ price. Go through their internet departments - this is how I did it.

    My MSRP was $40,799 - Premium Plus Package with Additional Options (did not include the Rear Seat Airbags). My price before tax, title, etc. was $36,972.00. The Sirius install and system was thrown in at no additional cost.

    I was dealing w/ them at the end of the month and during Memorial Day Weekend. Don't rush it either this all happened over the course of a 5 days.

    So any info on when Sirius is coming?
  • alfaynvalfaynv Posts: 5
    I am deep into researching the purchase of an ES 350 and, at this point, have an unresolved question in regard to buying it from a dealer that is located 300 miles away (there is one Lexus dealer in the town where I live).

    Question: If a problem even relatively minor such as excessive wind noise or an issue with the NAV as has been reported in some posts is noticed or, worse, a transmission-related problem (also reported) occurs which necessitates getting the car to the dealer, will the local dealer handle the problem or must one get the car back to the point of purchase?

    I have found significantly lower prices out-of-town but would first like some input concerning the above question before planning on a “long distance” purchase. Thanks.
  • x10acnx10acn Posts: 3
    Thanks for your help. I too was able to get below invoice on the Acura TL, and that was the dealer's initial offer. When I initially started looking, the 2007 ES was not available and I completely disliked the 2006 model. I decided to wait for the 2007 and was glad I did...a great improvement, and I do like it better than the TL.

    Because very little info was availble on the web about the 2007 ES, I used Consumer Reports car price services. I started with their bottom line price, per their recommendation, which for the optioned model that you have was around $35,000. I told them what Acura was offering for the top-rated car in its class (per Consumer Reports), the same class as the ES, but their basic response was they didn't need to deal like Acura because their car was in greater demand.

    I told them that I knew the invoice price for the base car as well as all options, and that I knew that even at $36,000 they were still making a respectable 5% profit margin. I too was prepared to go to around $37,000, but they wouldn't even counteroffer. After two hours of game playing, I walked away. I have started the internet game today and hope that I am as successful as you. Most responses so far are requiring that I come to the showroom to get any price info.

    P.S.: The last time I dealt with this Virginia dealer was 15 years ago, and they wouldn't deal then either. They lost a sale to Mercedes and I reminded them of that fact. The sales manager assured me it wouldn't happen again...but guess what, it seems to be stacking up that way! I'll keep trying, but am prepared to go with the TL if I have to.

    Thanks again. Love to hear if others were successful in negotiating a good deal.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    it seems to be stacking up that way! I'll keep trying, but am prepared to go with the TL if I have to.

    To each his own....I drove the TL (auto + stick) and had a deal cut already. This would've been my first Acura/Honda in a long time, after a number of Toyota's/Lexus. Then I drove the ES350. In my opinion, two totally different cars - the former is noisier, smaller, different suspension and not nearly as comfortable. Then I drove the ES350 - in comparison, silent; different suspension, much larger and way more comfortable. IMHO, I would have felt cheated had I purchased the TL. It IS a nice car, but it's not a Lexus. I just can't get past that Honda feel.
    Regardless, whatever you get--enjoy it!!
  • harmonk7harmonk7 Posts: 1
    We've purchased a blue onyx ES 350 with the light grey interior. Wife wants to add the gold package. I'm against it (silently), but need some ammunition. Would this be considered a fashion faux pas with the grey interior/gold exterior? Love the car.
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100
    Thanks for the reply.... I'm thinking if I want to find a deal, I'm going to have to go beyond 100+ miles to get the deal I'm looking for. So far, I have only inquired pricing at 2 dealerships. Btw, none have emailed me back. I think for the MD/DC/VA area... the car is still hot and in high demand. They are hold tight to MSRP. I have been trying to get a feel for pricing. I'm still seriously about 4 months away from buying. I guess you are right... when it's time and when you're ready, then you can really push for the price you want.

    In the meantime... I'll just keep on reading the forums and see if prices continue to drop. CA seems to be getting the best deals... since there are many Lexus dealership. There are about 6-7 dealers within a 100 mile radius.
  • robertw477robertw477 Posts: 179
    I live 5 mins from JM. They would not give me a decent deal. Even on a leftover ES330. I wanted a 36 month lease. Good to hear you got a deal.

  • cleblanccleblanc Posts: 45
    I would go ahead and call them. I don't think you need to wait for a letter. They told me that I was free to pass up their offer of early termination after the inspection was done if I didn't think it was a good deal. But since they let me turn the car in early with $1300 more of payments left, I jumped on it. Good luck!!
  • Not sure how that would look. Regardless if you had Cashmere interior, I think the gold accents on the Onyx Blue exterior may clash because it is such a pearlescent bright color. That is just my opinion.

    Do you have any photos you can post of the Blue Onyx? That is one of the colors I am considering and have not seen it in person yet nor seen actual pictures of it (except altered and enhanced dealer internet pictures.)

  • For those interested in the VA/DC area: I just purchased my ES 350 w/ NAV (black with cashmere interior) last week and am very satisfied with my purchase. I went to the Chantilly Dealership here in VA and got $1400 off MSRP. My salesman was very professional and willing to make my first Lexus experience a good one. If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll give you more details.

    MINOR ISSUE: I must admit that I am also having a problem with the voice commands on the NAV. I will probably talk to the dealer on this one very soon. Other than that, everything else is great!
  • ljk1000ljk1000 Posts: 10
    Picked up my SGM w/ light gray interior yesterday at $1500 below MSRP. I actually saw my first Blue Onyx on the lot, and really, really liked it. If I could have, I would have switched. But, there's not that many of them around.

    I saw the Moon Shell Mica, too. Definitely pink.

    I thought I wanted the cashmere interior, but it kind of clashes with the gray dash. Plus, SGM doesn't come with it. I'm happy with my car; so far, it drives great!
  • dlf2dlf2 Posts: 3
    Rob, first visit to JM Lexus was a disaster, MSRP only... but called the guy who has his biz card on the Lexus at Muvico and he was willing to deal... their Internet dept was little help. Got a good internet offer from Countyline that JM beat by $300. Leasing is a whole different ball game... that is where they make big $$$. It is never easy but if you stand your ground and keep asking questions they want to sell cars.
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    IMO the only way to check out the blue onyx pearl is to actually see it in person. Pictures (including Lexus website's "build your Lexus" section) don't reflect the real color. I know this because I recently just purchased an IS with blue onyx pearl and the color itself on the actual car looks like nothing on the Lexus' website. Love the color though.
  • diverdocdiverdoc Posts: 1
    I have been reading your forum for a few weeks and have been impressed with the quality of the postings.
    I am in the market to buy a new car and after reading a few review articles/blogs/bulletin boards I am considering the Lexus ES 350. This would be my first foray into the “L-finesse” world. I currently drive a ’95 Acura Integra, which I bought new, and have enjoyed over the years. I always had this idea that my next car would be a Bimmer. But now that my wife and I have a new baby boy and are in the process of adopting a little girl, there is less of a desire for the “ultimate driving machine” and more emphasis placed on comfort and features. With that said I still plan on looking at the 3 series, as well as the Acura TL, MB C 230/280 and maybe the Audi A4. We are looking for a car that will “age well” and remain fun to own for a number of years.
    The one off-putting issue with Lexus is their “option packages.” It irks me that they force you to pay for an expensive package when you may not want everything included in the package. The labeling of the packages doesn’t make a lot of sense either. When I use a zip code for the San Diego area they list five different “premium plus package with additional options.” What marketing genius came up with that nomenclature? Also when you “build a Lexus” at they list the base MSRP and immediately tack on the cost of a package to that. It doesn’t appear to me that you can get a base car without some kind of package. If that is the case then the real base price is the base MSRP plus the “premium plus package with additional options.” Granted most people looking to buy an entry level luxury car don’t want just the base model but c’mon Lexus. How about a little truth in advertising?
    Acura wins hands down for simplicity. You only have 3 choices: color, transmission and navigation system – everything else is standard. BMW has option packages but you can also order “a la carte.” If, for instance, you wanted heated seats but didn’t care about the head lamp washers or split rear fold down seats that come in the cold weather package you can order the heated seats separately. Lexus, on the other hand, crams everything into their option packages. I would love to have an ES 350 with Nav and M/L sound system but I don’t really care about the wood and leather trimmed steering wheel and shift knob, power rear sun shade, full size spare, cargo net, trunk mat, wheel locks and HID head lamps (whew!). To get the Nav and M/L stereo I have to pay for the “ultra luxury package with additional option” for $9,430. Compare that to say, the MB C280: the upgraded stereo can be had for $970 and Nav for $2210.
    I’m not knocking the car itself. In fact I’m looking forward to test driving one. Obviously Lexus has been quite successful with their marketing scheme and no amount of grousing by one consumer is going to change their philosophy. With all that said and in light of me being a Lexus newbie, I have a question for the group: is it possible to special order a Lexus with just the options you want or are you stuck with their packages? (if that’s the case I guess I will learn to love my leather wrapped shift knob and wheel locks). Sorry for the lengthy post!

    Thanks. :shades:
  • Just saw the Blue Onyx with tan leather interior and was impressed. Was leaning toward the Smoky Granite until I saw the dark blue yesterday. Two cars ago I had an Acura TL in Monterey Blue so wanted to try something different, but this seems to be a much deeper, richer looking blue.

    Currently I have a 2004 Maxima which I'm not entirely happy with, so I'm starting to look around. I've been actually thinking about the Dodge Charger with the 350 HP road track option. A throw back to my youth when I couldn't afford a muscle car, and now a much better car which shares alot of stuff with the Mercedes E series. Lots of fun to drive and scary fast.

    But then the ES 350 came out and my practical side is taking over. Never liked the previous ES versions. Too Camry like and plain vanilla. But the new one is definitely a big improvement looks wise. Haven't driven one yet. And I figure the resale and the gas mileage is going to much better than the Charger.
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