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Lexus ES 350



  • amf1932amf1932 Posts: 79
    As taken right out of the Owners Handbook(Page 394)
  • Aquamarine is out. I went to the dealership today to take another look at the Aquamarine. I just can't do it. I love the color but not on that car. A black pulled up beside it and what a difference. Total class.

    I am worried about keeping black clean though. For those of you with black cars, how often do you have to wash them to keep them looking showroom clean? Once.... twice a week? Do those big duster things work in between washings?

    Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks.
  • curt2005curt2005 Posts: 70
    I need to know who Lexus dealer number 60417 is. How can I do that? Thanks!
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    how often do you have to wash them to keep them looking showroom clean? Once.... twice a week?

    I think you have to ask yourself, how often does it rain in your area to determine how often you have to wash the car. Or is it dry and desert-like? If so, the feather duster might be ok to take surface dirt off, but I would hesitate to use it more often because it might leave fine sratches. When I lived in Tokyo all of the taxi's & hire cars drivers used the dusters - but then, the cars were washed each day by the company owning them. Japanese take great pride in keeping their cars spotless.

    I washed my smokey granite last Tuesday but it hasn't rained here since last weekend AND I keep it in the garage when I'm home - it looks great - just for now, though.
  • richard43richard43 Posts: 23
    i downloaded the pictures to
  • Richard, great pictures! I still can't tell... is it a true navy or more navy black? I'm hoping for a more navy black.

    Did Cerritos have a big selection of colors? I've seen the cars, love them, but have not seen the colors I'm interested in... onyx pearl, white, or smokey granite.
  • robynlrobynl Posts: 38
    I think you will be glad you didn't get that color. Just not classy on the ES. Maybe okay on another car but not this one. I do think you may regret getting black. Just too hard to keep clean on a regular basis. If I were you, and this is only my opinion, I would consider the smokey granite (great looking on this car and I think would be a bit easier to keep looking clean) the white, or even better than that the Ruby. That is the BOMB on this car! Have you seen the Amber Pearl yet. Really rich looking and doesn't show dirt.
  • mmenonmmenon Posts: 6
    To the best of my knowlege they have three levels

    Level 1 is the premium plus package

    Leve 2 is with Navigation

    Level 3 is Ultra Luxury with Navigation and Mark Levenison etc.

    California dealers do not have Base model, they all come in one of the above three levels.
  • mmenonmmenon Posts: 6

    This came factory fitted, as Alloy wheel is part of the premium plus package. However if you are going for Chrome wheels the dealer will have to fit them they cost around $2000 K.
  • kumar2kumar2 Posts: 12
    I see some water collection below the car when I park it (seems to happen only after I have driven it and then parked it)...I am guessing this is condensation of some sort...
    Has anyone else experienced this normal?
  • amf1932amf1932 Posts: 79
    This probably is condensation from the climate control.
    Very normal. :D
  • richard43richard43 Posts: 23
    the pictures i took were at cerritos
    about a month ago. so hard telling what
    they have now.

    car is more navy blue in the sunlight and
    more black when overcast. when i took the
    pictures it was slightly overcast - no
    direct sun. i've never seen it in direct
    sunlight as in so. calif it was overcast for
    weeks. i ordered the car in this color with
    light grey interior and is due in early october.
  • amf1932amf1932 Posts: 79
    I saw my car on May 4th. and bought it immediately. Picked it up May 5th...all registration, insurance transfers and what all were done by the dealer. It's a good thing I made this quick decision because it was the only ES350 UL that the dealer has ever received. Most all ES350's delivered to them was the non UL versions. I was told that to order a UL edition now, there is between a 3 to 4 month wait. He also told me that to get an Amber Pearl UL edition was very rare. I guess I was very lucky. This is my best ES so far. I previously owned a '91 ES250, '94 ES300, and a '03 ES300. :D
  • I live in a dry, desert-canyon area and park my car in a garage. I love the black and am willing to commit (at least for now) to washing it on a regular basis. We will see how long that commitment lasts. :)

    I was also told that black shows every little fine scratch and scuff.... is this true? If this is the case, that is going to drive me crazy and I am going to be a psycho-witch about people around my car.

    I have a sand color now (kind of like the Golden Almond) that I am able to get away with not washing for long periods of time and it still looks good. The color barely shows the few fine scratches I have on top of my trunk from putting my purse down. Opps. :blush:

    I still have to see the Smokey Granite in person. Maybe you are right robynl, it would be easier for me to maintain concerning my history with light color cars. The dark colors seem to appear more prestigious but the white is still a contender.

    Hey, I am making progress. I have narrowed it down from 10 colors to 3. Black, White and Smokey Granite.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    It appears to be true, cablondeblue. As I
    had mentioned before, my 2002 Maxima is
    the majestic blue color (dark blue.) This
    has been the most negative experience I have
    had with this car. Every scratch, scuff,
    ding, dent, paint chips, whatever else one
    can think of shows up on the dark colors.
    I'm trying to stick to my guns and getting
    a light colored car on my next purchase,
    even though a color like the smokey granite
    keeps beckoning to me. I also like the
    2006 Acura TL in the black. When they're
    clean, they look so, so sharp!
    Oh, well. I must be strong! No more dark
  • kumar2kumar2 Posts: 12
    thanks a lot for the reply on the water condensation......i was curious becoz I have never seen it on any of my other cars
  • rocketdanrocketdan Posts: 28
    In the mid 80s I bought a black car because it looked so great sitting there clean at the dealers. I soon regretted it. Not only did it show dirt, but every little scratch. There was no recovery after just 6 months of normal wear. But even worse than that, I always lived in hot places -Phoenix, Ventura CA, and Tampa FL. The dark cars do get much hotter than light cars. I've been driving a white/tan Avalon for the last nine years and just went and ordered a white/tan (cashmere!) ES this week. I looked very hard to find something different but came back to the white for the same reasons I did last time.
    BTW, the heat is one reason I didn't go for a UL package, although I would have loved to get the ML stereo. I couldn't take the glass roof.
    I see you have been agonizing over the color. Good luck. But I'd advise against the black.
  • psychdocpsychdoc Posts: 147
    ***BTW, the heat is one reason I didn't go for a UL package, although I would have loved to get the ML stereo. I couldn't take the glass roof.***


    Do you think the glass roof generates more cabin heat than the metal roof?

    I would doubt it. The "glass" that they use has all kinds of fancy UV and polarizing filters built into it and doesn't "pass thru" virtually any heat from the sun. The metal roof on the lesser ES' are notorious heat conductors, however.

    Hmmm. :confuse:

    'Inquiring minds want to know.'
  • Thank you, Rocketdan and Maximafan, for your honest opinions and advice. It is not what I want to hear but I know it is true. Black is going to be a challenge for me to keep dusted, washed and scratch free. :cry: Why does it have to look so damn good in that showroom? Why does it have to scream out "You have arrived" and look so classy, but be so hard to maintain? I promised myself I would keep it spotless, but who am I fooling? LOL Even if I did, it is the visible scratches that is the clincher. That is unavoidable.

    BTW, Beverly Hills gave me the best quote (in writing) out of 5 dealerships. Of course, when I told my guy at Valencia that, he said he will beat any quote I have. We will see.
  • rocketdanrocketdan Posts: 28
    Interesting, indeed....

    I haven't really been able to find much on the materials or properties of the glass roofs becoming more popular in cars. However, I do believe most manufacturers of sandwiched glass products with UV protection only list about a 40% reduction in heat build up compared to regular untinted glass, even with 99% UV reduction. But, since neither of us probably has any good data here, it would seem we need to turn to forum members for an experiment :)(Alas, I can not participate since my ES is still on order.)

    A first experiment would require two cars, one white and one dark, to be parked side-by-side in the sun and have the internal temperatures monitored. My guess is the dark metal gets hotter. Next, a measure of a metal-roofed version side by side with a Panorama roof. My guess is that a white car/metal roof stays cooler than a Panorama roof. But only the experiment will tell for sure.

    Let's have a nice Ruby, right? That'll do for the dark color!

    Does anybody have a source of reliable info on this roof's materials, safety, or heat transmission?
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