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Porsche Cayman S

SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
Can't afford a 911, but don't like the look of the Boxster? Now there's a new Porsche coupe with a unique look and a slightly more reasonable price.

2006 Porsche Cayman S


  • teds1teds1 Posts: 180
    I have to say Edmunds and every other automotive news source is pretty much dead on with this one... It looks really cool but doesn't really serve a purpose. If you have $65k to spend on a porsche... chances are you can swing $75k for the 911 or pick up a slightly used one. I really do like the styling though... porsche purists won't however. Should be a moderate hit, not as accesible as the boxster but I think you will see similar sales numbers to the BMW 645. They aren't true competitors but I think they will appeal to the same buyers. 285 hp (or thereabouts) is a little slim for $65k even in a light little body. When you have g35s, z's, subarus, and evos less than half the price with the same performance it looks like much less of a bargain. I actually like the controversial name though ... it actually kind of looks like a cayman
  • speeds2muchspeeds2much Posts: 164
    This car is beating 997s around the Ring by 4 seconds and the 0-60 is only a tenth or so off the 997's pace. More luggage room than the 997 and a superior, mid-engine design. I also like the front fascia, which beats both the 997 and 987 imo. The protruding-yet-plain nose is the main thing I don't like about the latter-mentioned models' styling, btw.

    Is Porsche trying to phase out the 911? I think so. Will they succeed?/ Again, I think so. Maybe the rear-engined cars will survive at the very high end, i.e. Turbo/GT2/GT3. Once the sedan Porsche comes out, those who buy the 997 for the jumpseat will have a better option.....
  • royalredroyalred Posts: 16
    Love the look of this car. Waiting to see it in person.
  • zephyr750zephyr750 Posts: 1
    i'm looking forward to the non-s version that will be coming out about a year after the initial offering. it'll come with the engine from the current boxster s. hopefully they'll leave off some of the luxury and technology items from the s model to drop a couple hundred pounds of weight (and several thousands of dollars) and will result in a car thats a little lighter on its feet.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 853
    ..on this one. The high-end Cayman debutes Jan '06.

    After a year or so, the non-S will be at the top of my short, ez
  • carol44carol44 Posts: 2
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    I think you're in the wrong forum.

    Your issue is about a Porsche Cayenne S, and this forum is discussing the future Porsche Cayman S.

    Sorry, about your problem. Post it in the Porsche Cayenne forum, and good luck!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,810
    And here's the link:
    Porsche Cayenne

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  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    is a pretty one. It looks enough like a 911 and Boxster to looke Porsche, but it has a unique shape.
  • phde1phde1 Posts: 3
    Dear Sir,I'm interested to know the speed of a FERRARI F430 spider 0 to 100 Km/h or a faster vehicle?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,810
    Since this topic is about the upcoming Porsche Cayman S, please visit one of these discussions:
    2006 Ferrari F430 Spider Convertible - First Production Photos!!!
    Ferrari-the Ultimate classic (Ferrari Lovefest Topic)
    to talk about Ferraris.

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  • royalredroyalred Posts: 16
    A review on driving the Cayman S
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,613
    I really like it.. .but..

    1) A hatchback? I know it really maximizes the cargo room... but, I'd rather it be a true coupe...

    2) It doesn't look like they can fit a sunroof in there.. but, I may be wrong..

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  • royalredroyalred Posts: 16
    Not sure about the sunroof, but they may have a Targa model in the future.
  • 1) I love the hatchback style. Think of it as a Porsche station wagon.

    2) A sunroof is not available in the Cayman.

    I've driven a Boxster S for the last four years and think its a wonderful ride. The Cayman S adds more power, better brakes, handling, body tightness, and utility. Add in that everyone who's seen it in the metal says it looks better than in the photos and it looks drop dead gorgeous in photos. I couldn't resist and ordered one on Monday which should be delivered in January.
  • Have they started taking orders yet? A dealership I talked to in Northern California did not have any more information than what is on the prosche site. Call you tell us what price they quoted for taking orders?
  • The Z06 has equal street practicality, significantly more raw performance, and costs the same.

    The Cayman has a better handling mid-engine configuration, more upscale interior (although I image slightly cramped a la Boxster), more class, and still acceptable performance (probably at a 350Z level).

    If the Cayman had the 381hp X51 997 engine and the DSG transmission it would be the hands-down choice.

    I am not fond of either car's styling. The Corvette styling says your compensating for something (and attracts police). They Cayman is just strange. Front grill is over done. Side intakes are a bit tacky, and the tail lacks strength. A 904 look would have been so much better.

    The Z06 has one interesting problem for a car that seems like a race car for the street: there is virtually no place to race it! It is not allowed in stock autocross or Solo I classes. It is so fast that drag strips will require a roll bar with front door bars; a big PITA. And the center exhaust on C6 Corvettes apparently precludes towing a tire trailer. Oh, the aluminum frame makes roll bar installation problematical. And there are really no track tires in the right sizes.

    Which way to go? Or maybe wait for an E90 M3 with SMG transmission?
  • I read rumors of a DSG type gearbox for the Cayman S, can anyone here confirm?
  • Royalred,

    Sorry to be late to reply but I was putting miles on the Boxster S. The dealership called me Aug. 27 saying the ordering guide was available (online). I ordered it Monday the 29th. The base price is $58,900 and I added about $11,000 in options which included an expensive color and the nav system. My cost will be MSRP -- too new to start getting discounts.

    The SMG transmission is not available yet. Porsche is working on one and hopefully it'll be ready for the 2007 models.
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