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Porsche Cayman S



  • dhsieh9dhsieh9 Posts: 44
    I feel sorry to hear your experience on how Sonnen Porsche treats you. Again, I want to express my sympathy to you & your family on this horrible event. I own a 08' Cayman S. It is still under new car warranty. My local dealer is Stevens Creek Porsche. I have mixing experience dealing with them in the past. The technicians there were great. However, the management left me with much to desire. I have written many threads in Edmond Forum on my issues with Stevens Creek Porsche in fixing recurring cabin noises.

    However, what I experienced is in no way comparing to what you are going through. I know that in the last 2-3 years, many high-end car dealers, such as Porsche, were going through tremendous financial difficulty. You can tell by just looking at their left-over inventory from last year. Also, Stevens Creek Porsche closed its Saturday’s service due to lack of business. Your story is especially disturbing for me since I own a Cayman and Sonnen is a an authorized Porsche dealer in Bay Area. I can't imagine if Stevens Creek Porsche would pull the same tactic when my Cayman is out of warranty.

    The only suggestion I have for you other than legal action would be to file complaint to BBB (Better Business Bureau) if Sonnen is a member of it. Even that, my experience with BBB's arbitration is that it is somewhat biased towards the business.
  • wamswams Posts: 2
    I want to thank you for you kindness and understanding. And I am also sorry if my review has caused distress. I am from San Diego and I take my car to Pioneer Porsche. The service department at Pioneer treats me like I am somebody. I never had any issues with Pioneer Porsche.

    I have contacted BBB, BAR and California State Licensing Board for car dealership licensure. If nothing is resolved through the above organization, then my next step will be to hire a attorney and go at Sonnen Porsche/Sonnen Motors for un-specified damages, including re-habitation of my daughter. I am sure there are a handful of good attorneys with trial experience.

    Thank you.
  • I have a 07 Cayman S that bought in early 09 from McKenna Porsche in Norwalk, CA. The vehicle originally had 16k miles on it when I picked it up. Not long after, I notices when I would make quick U-turns or just tight quick turns, the steering wheel would shake bad and there would be a LOUD knocking noise that even passengers could hear and feel. I took it to a couple dealerships and both said that it was due to a drop in power steering pressure at lower speeds and that power steering hoses are knocking against each other and the car and it is very common on Caymans. I also had Porsche USA open a case regarding this issue and was told that they would not do anything about it because it is a common characteristic of the Cayman S. I argued that maybe my vehicle is outside the bell curve regarding the severity and to please take a look at doing SOMETHING, all they could say was that it was common and that they are not willing to do anything. As far as I'm concerned, I will never even consider buying another Porsche again. They are just not worth it!
  • Hi all, my first post. Like long porsche fan finally able to dip in. Looking to buy (from a GM dealer owner) a well preserved 08 S, 6 speed, (no chrono). Looks great but down side is that it has 80,000 kms and is off warranty. That's the part I am uncomfortable with. Can anyone offer me some advice or insight into the longer term reliability of the Cayman, or Boxster I guess would compare, so i have some sense of what I might be in for...good or bad???
  • dhsieh9dhsieh9 Posts: 44
    I used to own a Tiptronic '08 Cayman S. I sold it after 2 1/2 years with only 6k miles. One of the main reasons I sold it is because the Cayman in my opinion is not as well built as other 911. As a matter of fact, both Cayman & Boxer are manufactured by Finland's Valmet Automotive, not by Porsche itself. The Cayman I sold has many body integrity noises that Porsche dealer was never able to fix. The most ridiculous thing I heard was that after complaining to the Porsche North America, they told me that those noises are inherent to ALL Porsche models due to their stiff suspension. Go figure that out.

    If you are buying a 80k miles Cayman, this is probably not a big issue since you are going to hear those noises any way. However, I’ll NEVR buy a new Porsche, period.
  • Hi, I am considering purchasing a Porsche Cayman, but I read somewhere that it does not come with a spare tire, is that true? Does the Porsche come with "run flats". Thanks.
  • No spare & no run flats on Cayman.
  • I have an 08 S, I'm 6'1" and 200 lbs. Two sets of clubs will definately not fit in my car unless I there are no people in it!
  • I'm a newbie to this and hoping I can get some good advice re. winter storage. I recently bought an 08 Porsche Cayman S (still grinning!). In another month the snow flies here so I want to store it in my heated garage for 6 months. This is what I think I need to do:

    1. Fuel stabilizer and run it through for a bit to get it in the injectors.
    2. Disconnect battery and attach a battery tender
    3. Apply a tire protectant to the tires to prevent cracking
    4. Jack it up on stands
    5. Put a cover on it.


    Also, if I get a good clean day or two during the winter I wonder if I should take it out and drive it or is it better to leave it??

    Thanks all............Chuckie
  • chuckie_lchuckie_l Posts: 11
    anyone have solid info on how to get a little more hp out of an 08 Cayman S without breaking the bank? Exhaust? Chip? others?
  • chuckie_lchuckie_l Posts: 11
    so do you still own that 08 CS? ever consider a performance chip? I am but need more info.
  • mannyljrmannyljr Posts: 20
    Hi Chuckie,
    I own an '07 Cayman S and also interested in giving a little more power. I found a great resource with a lot more information than on the Edmund forums for Porsches. Try It may be the largest Porsche forum around and has a lot more information to browse through than here.
  • chuckie_lchuckie_l Posts: 11
    Thanks for the tip M. I'll go check it out. did you find anything out re more performance?
  • chuckie_lchuckie_l Posts: 11
    Hi yup I still have the 08 CS I love it. I am considering a chip but find i get conflicting inof re real improvement, damage to stock systems, etc.
  • I beg to differ with you regarding "no engine problems with the Cayman for regularly driven street cars". This is blatantly false and misleading. Anyone who is not super rich and is considering a Porsche because they love sports cars should think twice. Don't take my word for it, google 'cayman engine failure'. Porsche will not be forthcoming about why your Cayman blows white smoke and by the time you learn the truth it will be too late. Do your research before you buy a Boxster or Cayman. Good Luck.
  • I once owned a new 08' Cayman S ans sold it after just 6k miles at a huge depreciation loss. The reson is because its build quality was far inferior than that of Porsche's braed-n-butter 911. Cayman was actually out-sourced by Porsche and assembled in Finland by Valmet, a no-name heavy equipment manufacturer with no automotive expertise.

    I currently has a 01' 911 and other German cars like BMW, Mercedes. Among all of these dealers, Porsche is by far the most arrogant and could care less about their customers when it comes to protecting their mis-happens about quality. My advise for those who want own one of those German luxury cars, get a Consumer Report's latets Auto issue and you'll know how poor their relaibility is.
  • ravyravy Posts: 1
    Hi All,

    I have been trying to own a Cayman from past few months and could not find a good deal.

    Recently i found a 2006 Cayman S with 59,000 mls and price $33,500.

    It went through the 60,000 miles service and it got the following things replaced on it.

    4 new tires.
    oil filters
    wiper blades
    spark plug
    cabin air filter
    air filter inser
    ribbed v-belt

    it has got CPO warranty.

    I am not pretty much sure if i need to get this car or not.

    Kindly need your advice in making decision.

    I would be really thankful for your advice.

    Thanks in advance,
  • kmanskmans Posts: 20
    That price is a little high for a 2006 with that many miles, should be closer to $30,000, but it could depend upon condition, the options the car has, and of course it comes with a CPO warranty. To better advise you I'd need to know a couple more things:

    1) Did you have the dealer do an ECU readout/printout? This will show any over-revs the engine may have had during it's lifetime thus far. You don't want to buy without this info.

    2) What options are on the car.

    3) What dealer is selling it and how long does the CPO warranty last for?

    With those items I could better advise you on what to do.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    edited December 2012
    Good News:
    - Great looking car inside and out - the improvements are spot on, IMO.
    - Lost weight - down to 2,910 lbs in an era where the competition is overweight.
    - Best handling Porsche made this side of a $350k Carrera GT.

    Bad News:
    - At $80k with decent options, only $5k less than I can pick up a base 911 for. Discounts for the next 6+ months will likely be limited to a free Porsche hat.
    - Only up 5 hp from previous model, likely because Porsche is worried that no one will buy a base 911 if the Cayman S is faster.

    What to do, what to do??? Base 991 w/MSRP of $97k for $84k; order Cayman S w/MSRP of $80k for $80k (and a free hat).
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    What to do, what to do???

    I feel for you, brother... tough choices... ;)

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

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