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Hyundai Tucson Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just bought a used 2007 SE V6 Tuscon with 13,000 miles. OTD $18068. Is that a good price
  • jsutton121jsutton121 Posts: 1
    I got what I think was the best deal picking up a 2007 Limited still on the lot at my local dealer (Dutch Miller in Huntington, WV). It was a higher level vehicle than what I was originally looking for, but with the 2009 models starting to hit the lot, I thought I'd take a chance, and really shoot low.

    $23,845 - MSRP
    $1,300 - Premium Package (sunroof, upgraded stereo)
    $150.00 - Carpeted Floor Mats
    $110.00 - All Weather Floor Mats (my request to have both)
    $15.00 - Front Cut Holder Insert
    $75.00 - Mudguards
    $100.00 - Sunroof Wind Deflector
    $660.00 - Inland Freight & Handling

    $26,255.00 Total MSRP

    There was also a $1,500 rebatre from Hyundai at the time of purchase, driving down the price to $24,755. I offered, and stuck to $21,000, stated I wanted KBB for my 2000 Corolla ($3,500), and put down $1,000 cash, and paid tax, title and license outside of financing.

    The dealership was great, and at first came back with $22,800, but I stated I was not trying to get to a specific monthly payment, and wanted $21,500, or I'd leave. They made a call to the owner to get approval, and came back saying it was mine.

    I think I made a pretty good deal based on what I've read online, and if anyone else is out there looking, and can find an older model still new on the lot, hopefully you can get a deal like this or better.

    Lovin' my new Tucson, and glad it purchased it over a 2008 Nissan Rogue or 2008 Honda Element.
  • that was a real grate price for what you got Nice to find a left over on the lot rair find you got lucky I no you will love it grate truck the Roge and that other one you said are good also you like what you like and what soots you best thanks for reading.
  • mrbestmrbest Posts: 1
    Bentley Hyundai in Huntsville, al
    31 miles when brought
    $20200 drive out the door
    very happy with the deal :) unhappy with gas mileage :mad:
  • tyac77tyac77 Posts: 2
    Anyone in the New Haven CT area find a Hyundai dealership that they would recommend? Currently have a Tuscon and love it but need to locate a reputable dealership
  • nice nice grate car I am shore you will love it yes the gas milage might not be not what you expectadecd it to be or what ever grate truck good luck with it thankyou for reading.
  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,023
    A national reporter is looking to speak to consumers who purchased a Hyundai vehicle recently (within the past four months) because of the Hyundai Assurance Program. Please send your daytime phone number and the vehicle you own to by Friday, June 5, 2009.

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • I recently purchased a Tucson GLS with the Popular Equipment Package in Southern California for $23,100 out the door including tax, tag, title and freight charges. Tax in Los Angeles is 9.25%. The Price of the car was about $20,500 without all the goods. I got 2.9% financing and that required 0 down. I did put a little down. The finacing rate was good for 24-60 month loans.
  • would like to see some posts of msrp of your 2010 and then what you actually paid etc
  • seems like an awesone deal what dealership did you use? best price ive received so far is MSRP 25,240 for $23,149 and the limited with prem package and carpets MSRP $28,090 for $25,547
  • Those are good prices, the best price i've gotten is MSRP = $25,240, My Price = $24,310, you got 2500 off on the limited with prem pack, wow. What dealer is this? It's probably worth it to buy it over the internetz
  • I would like to know what dealer this is, too. Who were you able to get 2.9% with 0 down :O?
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    All Kia dealers are offering that rate thru 1 Feb.......though in his case that must be 1 hefty car payment which I'll never understand,
  • Sorry for the slow response. I purchased my car at Glendora Hyundai in Glendora, CA. Once again. It was a GLS PZEV with the Popular Equipment package. Dealerships have not established the "selling price" of this car yet because it is brand new. I got it for $23,180 out the door with all charges and Los Angles has a 9.25% sales tax. I got most dealerships got down to about $24,000. Feel free to e-mail me if you want more info.
  • harbor hyundai in long beach, going back to them for my tucson because elantra i bought there in dec was great price and smooth transaction.
  • Just found out hyundai will not offer any financing on any vehiclesc for commercial companies, even with a personal guarantee. :(
  • well after talking to hyundai finance via email, it is apparantly up to the dealer how they choose to write their financing contract, so today i found another dealer who actually beat my already awesome price and wrote it all up in my company name. i am so impressed with this tucson, you wont be disappointed
  • Just for information - in case this helps anyone in New York state. I bought the above mentioned Tucson at Fuccillo in Syracuse for $23,430 plus tax and title/licensing. I think I got a decent deal. It was $100 over the invoice they showed me. What do others think? At least I am giving you a point of comparison. (Also, BTW, the "bottom line" price they gave me over the phone before I actually went to the showroom was $23,790, so they WILL come down, but they have to get you in the door first.)
  • Thrusday I finally bought my '10 Tucson, limited with premium package, MSRP was 28,100 and they wanted to sell it to me at 26,700, at the end I got it at 25,800 plus tax and license :) 3.9 % financing at 72 months, 4k down, 380 a month. The only bad side is 27k miles ago I paid 11,500 for my 02 Jeep Liberty and as I trade in they gave me only 3k, but oh well, I'm happy I have a reliable and safe vehicle now.
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 642
    was this 2wd or 4wd? moonroof and navigation or not?
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