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Hyundai Tucson Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The dealership quoted me a price of 940.00(US) in new jersey for the bumper to bumper extended warranty 100,000 miles .
    how does the price sound
    thanks :confuse:
  • I paid 900 less than Edmunds number on my 4WD gls in the Poconos.....
  • Has anyone noticed that there is a special financing deal posted on the Edmunds website that is not posted on the Hyundai website?
    The Edmunds site says Hyundai is offering low APR 3.25 - 3.75 depending on your finance term. This would void the 1000 incentive if using Hyundai financing. The dealer said he didn't know anything about it and I am trying to get the best rate I can. Thanks! :(
  • Does anyone remember a post where the member had such a bad experience with Classic Honda that he/she decided to buy another type of car, not just from Classic? I had a good experience with Classic and they seem to be unaware of their bad press in this forum. Thanks. :)
  • I just purchased an 06 GL AT for my daughter and the OTD price was $18300. This included tax. Also, I financed for 2.9%.If you have a bank that "matches any advertised price" check the website for navy federal credit union. They're advertising the 2.9%
  • markmark Posts: 16
    Hi all

    Just got some pricing from on the following:

    06 GLS 4x4 Blue
    roof rack
    cup pad
    wind deflector
    Access group 4

    $23,574 + 55.00 doc fee + 6% TAX ~ $1414.00 + $250(some other nonsense fee incl plate transfer) total delivered $25,296.74

    Good price?

    (BTW The nearest dealer gave me a price of $27.000 incl everything and the 10Y/100K B2B)

    We are also considering the 10y/100K B 2 B warranty ( yes I know what it comes with, its' just that we keep the beast for 10+ years usually). What should that cost? Buy it from the dealer or after-mkt?

  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Why are you posting this on a HYUNDAI Forum, rather than a Honda Forum??
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    Do yourself a favor...Do not buy an "aftermarket" warranty. If you do decide to buy the warranty...make sure it is the Factory OEM warranty. Some dealers will sell you a NON factory warranty. Be careful and if you check back on this site or the SantaFe site, I believe you will find some recommended Hyundai dealerships that sell the Hyundai 10 year for Less. Try the "Search" option.
    Perhaps the moderator of this site can help on that.
  • I think that I am in analysis paralysis between these two cars and am hoping that someone out there has already gone through this! I keep balancing the 2006 Tucson with all of its safety features (side curtain air bags, electronic stabilization) and better gas mileage against the larger Santa Fe. I have three kids - two in car seats - and am concerned that the Tucson may be too small. Has anyone stuffed a large family into these two cars?
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    Passenger space is very similar between the 2. It is luggage space (with 2nd row up) that is quite different.
  • I got a quote from a dealer in Bel Air, Md. yesterday for a 2005 lx4wd. no sunroof or other extras msrp is 23,404. Here's how he did it: Price of vehicle less $1000 rebate, 500 loyal owner rebate, 1000 off if I finance with Hyundai. he waive the $100 documentation fee and the $195 tag fee. The end result is 21,433. He said the 6% sales tax (PA) has to be taken against the msrp before deducting incentives. It seems to me he isn't giving much, most of it is from Hyundai. Should I push for a better deal? Also, how much is the Hyundai bumper to bumper extended warranty? Thanks, Rose
    Any extra advise would be great. I feel like a fish out of water working with these dealers.
  • I was able to get a price of $21,800 (including $1k rebate to finance through Hyundai but before title & taxes) on a fully loaded 2006 Tucson Limited with accessory package 3 (sunroof) at Clay Hyundai in Newton, MA. I did not qualify for the loyalty rebate. They were absolutely great to deal with - very friendly, cooperative, worked easily over the phone. I highly recommend giving them a call.

    My experience at Herb Connolly in Natick was terrible. I had gotten a price on the same car of $22,000 (including $1k Hyundai rebate). That was where I did my initial test drive, and I figured for $200 that I owed them. As I was reviewing the paperwork to sign the deal, I asked the salesman what the Hyundai finance rate was going to be. He responded that the finance manager was out and he could not give me the rate because it depended on them running my credit report, the final sales date, etc. I said fine, but could he give me the approximate rate for someone with a top credit rating. He said that he couldn't give me my rate because the finance guy was out (all he had to do was lie & say 6% - I would never have known the difference). We went around for a few minutes & I asked to see the manager. The salesman say "look guy I can't tell you the rate - do you want the car or not?" I stood up, said thank you, and went to shake his hand - he refused & walked away. I left and the manager ran out to find out what the problem was - no problem for me since the chances of me ever giving them a dime are zero.
  • rxcaptrxcapt Posts: 17
    Hi, I bought mine at the end of August. I got the 2005 LX 4wd w/sunroof and
    crossrails and I paid about the same, but I got one with all the options except
    the mudflaps (I had these added later). So the deal is not that bad but
    considering the sunroof is an $800+ plus option, I think you could do a bit

    I bought it from Fitzgerald Hyundai, they are a no haggle dealer and although
    they were VERY SLOW on delivery day I am fairly confident I got a good deal. You
    might want to call them and see if they can beat the price.

    I would be very wary of sponsored financing. In order to get the rebate you are
    taking their financing and the question is, if you could get better financing
    would you do better in the long run. I got my loan at 4.5%, and will do better
    over the life of the loan.

    I got the full 10/100000 Hyundai extended warranty for just over $1,000. On a
    previous car I paid about the same price for an extended warranty with less
    provisions and it turned out the warranty company went belly up and I lost my
    money (WARRANTY GOLD, Inc). Moral:It may cost more than a secondary market
    extended warranty but if you wan to buy one I would buy one from the factory
    only. I have heard on the web that there are other Hyundai dealers who will sell
    you an extended factory warranty for ~$800. They can do this as they are not
    going to have to honor it (the dealer you take it to will) so they can shave the
    price and still make out.

    Best of luck!

    P.S. I have 3500 miles on it, first oil change today, and the car is running
    fine, and mileage on a mixed highway city driving in Maryland suburbs is about
  • Your point about the Hyundai rate is a great point and is what caused the problem for me at Herb Connolly when I was negotiating on the 2006 Tucson Limited. I have a loan commitment for 5%, and the Hyundai rate was quite a bit higher. I was financing over five years and estimated that the Hyundai rate would cost me about $750 extra over that time, thus reducing the $1k rebate to only $250. That is why the salesman (in my estimation) refused to tell me the rate. He wanted my deposit first, and then a few days later I would find out that the rate was 8% - which is what the sales manager told me the rate was as I drove away without buying the car from them.
  • Rick, I went in today and picked up a 2005 lx to take overnight. The guy I was supposed to see could not be there early, so he left me a message last night to see another guy that works with him. I forgot the name of the person, so when I went in to the showroom, they just started spouting names. No one seemed to know what it was about. I ended up with a salesperson that figured my salesman sent me to him. Any way, They pretty much gave me no reason to expect anymore off. I asked the price of the extended factory warranty and got an off the cuff 1500 but theirs is just as good and less expensive, by the manager. I hate the red, and the blue they offered was waiting on a radio, seems, someone crossed wires and blew the battery and radio.

    Boy now I'm really getting nervous. I think they could do better than they have done. I haven't had leather interior before, and am not sure my life style works with it. (hauling plants and things around. I keep a car forever, my subaru legacy is 11 years old, and I'm only getting a new car, because I'm told by my husband --it's time. I'm not too confident about Jones Junction in Bel Air. That's where I ended up. My daughter got a Elentra in July from Jack Giambalvo in York, Pa. They were nice; but the sales guy seems so out of it. he never seems to know what they have or what price they can give me. I feel like I.m pulling teeth when I talk to him. Anyway to force them to give their best deal and stop goofing around?
  • There are three Hyundai dealerships in the Boston area. The one in Wilmington was completely out to lunch on their prices, and getting them to ever call me back was impossible. I just kept calling Clay and Connolly, always dealing with the internet salesperson, and played them off against each other. I refused to come in to the showroom without at least a verbal price approval from the manager. Make sure that you know of all the rebates from edmunds. I also looked over prices paid to get an idea of where other prices were at & started on the very lowest side.
  • rxcaptrxcapt Posts: 17
    I would take it back first thing in the morning and say good-bye. They can do better. As soon as you walk out they will. Do not settle for what you don't want because you will regret it the whole time you own your car...and that can be along time. Again I went to Fitzgerald. I told them what I wanted, we went over things, the car I wanted wasn't there but within 24hrs they had one from Len Storer Hyundai brought down for me.

    As for the leather, in my opinion it is better than cloth. But that is my opinion. I am assuming you only haul plants in the back and not up in the real passenger area. After I got my Tucson I broke it in by carrying 20 bags of pine bark mulch, I just drop the back seat and lay a blanket down, done and done.

    Rosemarie, there are other Hyundai dealers out there who would be happy to sell you a car. You can buy it anywhere and take it anywhere for service. The loyalty stuff is just like mulch, something you spread around. As for a non-factory dealer based warranty, I had one from Kline Ford on my Taurus I had back in the 90s. It was a dealer warranty, but then they moved 30miles away and the new Ford dealer did not want to honor it. If you get the factory warranty any Hyundai dealer has to honor it. Buying an off brand dealer warranty is risky, sure they will jack up the Hyundai extended warranty to make theirs look attractive, that way they don't have to share the money with Hyundai. Call Hyundai directly (check the website under the tucson screen). $1500 is way way too much. Again I got mine for exactly $1028. I know some people who got it down to $900. Tell them you know they are trying to pull something and that you are not buying. They are the ones who need to sell not you. :mad:
  • I also had a terrible experience at Herb Connolly that lasted from 10-30 thru 11-4. I went there with my daughter to cosign a loan for her. I have excellent credit hers is not very good. After being told she could not purchase a new Tuson at the price she was willing to pay, they showed her a used 2004 Santa Fee and assured her they could get her in that car for the price she wanted to pay. She test drove the car and we agreed. they sent us out to lunch and promised when we returned the car would be ready and she could take it home. Not only did she not take it home we had to hound them several times daily for the entire next week. I spoke to everyone, including managers, sales managers, finance managers, all we could get was that they were working on the credit, because of my daughter's poor credit it would take sometime. Finally we demanded that we would come in on Friday 11/4 to pick up the car or get our deposit back. When we went in they had upped the price 70 per month (because they could not go 72 months, could only go 60) and told me that they had to take me off the credit app and put in my daughters name only. Also, the bank would not agree to the car she wanted so they chose another car (not an suv) for her. This other car was another year older and had 47,000 miles. Totally unacceptable. We demanded our deposit back, they issued the credit on my credit card for 200, I had left a deposit of 500. When I pointed out the error they then credited the additional 300. We have since gone to Empire Hyundai in Fall River and purchased a 2006 Tuscon, with me as a co applicant on the loan we spent 3 hours there and went home with the car. DO NOT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH HER CONNOLLY. Does anyone know who I can complain to. We plan to write to the President and to the Hyundai manufacturer to complain.
  • I am checking out the Tuscon. First, it is not 6K less than the of the line CRV maybe but not all. Still it is CHEAPER.

    Some questions as a person who just started looking.

    1) Do they have a model that has color coded cladding or is it always black. I hated those black bumpers on the CRV too!
    2) Do they sell extended warranty's? We usually get 7 - 8 years coverage. I know it comes with 5? What does a 0 deductible 7/75 warranty cost...I realize it is really a 2 year extension but do they sell them?
    3) What is gas mileage like in the 6 cylinder.
    4) Is the rear seating and cargo as roomy as the CRV.
    5) Is it worth waiting for an 06? Are any changes expected?

    We seriously looked at a Tucson. We would have taken delivery if the interior color on the car they acquired from another dealer was correct. We had second thoughts about Hyundai reliability and got a CRV-SE instead. I also did the math regarding lower purchase price of the Tucson vs. the better gas mileage of the CRV and since we are planning to keep the car for a long time (6-10 years), the better reliability and gas mileage of the Honda won out. We are very happy with our decision. The Honda also has much more cargo capacity. I must admit though, I do like the look of the Tucson better. And the auto-manual.
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    3-Not too good.
    4-Seating yes, cargo no.
    5-If you want color coded cladding, you have to go to 06.
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