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Hyundai Tucson Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • chyannachyanna Posts: 9
    Hi! Ok, the dealer is correct in saying that you have to choose between the $1000 rebate or the special financing with the customer loyalty. It is either one or the other and that comes from the main Hyundai site.

    Edmunds has a great Financial Calculator that compares Low APR’s to Cash Back. If you go to the “New Car” section, then to “Financing” you’ll find it towards the middle of the page. Plug in all the numbers and it will show you which will save you the most money.

    Is the$21,628.34 with the $1000 rebate and before tax, tags, fees etc?

    Or is the $22,688.11 the “Out the door” with all the tax, tags, fees etc included the special financing and customer loyalty?
  • 19221922 Posts: 5
    The $21,628.34 is without the $1,000 rebate and loyalty but includes the title and sales tax; not tags. They say there are no doc fees included.

    The $22,688 is "out-the-door with 4.9% financing."

    Thanks, I'm going to go to Financial Calculator.
  • chyannachyanna Posts: 9
    From what I can tell, and using my zip code for the invoice, $22,688 "out-the-door” is a good deal considering that a fully loaded 2006 Limited with every option goes for roughly 22,430 without tax, title, tags, fees ect. So it would seem you are getting it below invoice.

    I brought my 2006 Platinum Green Limited 4WD with every option except for mud flaps $200 below invoice and went with the 4.9% finance. I was pleased with the price, didn’t have to pay any extra bogus fees that I hear about and enjoyed the whole car buying experience. It really helps to do your homework.

    I absolutely LOVE my Tucson and do not worry the MPG will go up as the engine breaks in. ;)

    Good luck! Let us know what your final decision is.
  • 19221922 Posts: 5
    The dealer has the Tuscon fully loaded listed at $20,881, the rebate price. On the calulation sheet, he lists $20,881 plus $1,000 rebate for a total of $21,881, adds 3.5% sales tax and title fee for a total price of $22,665. THEN, HE DEDUCTS $1,000 REBATE AND BALANCE DUE IS $21,665.34 "out-the-door" plus 6.5% financing =$28,705.

    If rebate price is $20,881, why is he adding the $1,000 into calulations making the price $21,881 which he adds tax and title,THEN, he deducts #1,000? Does this make sense?

    Then, I said I wanted the 4.9% financing and $500 loyalty with no rebate or 21,881 plus 3.5% sales and 16.50 title =$22,663.50 -$500 loyalty=22163.50 "out-the-door" times 6.5% financing for 60 mos. =$27,592.

    TMV said take the cash!
  • 19221922 Posts: 5
    I'm looking at a 2WD. Compared to your 4WD, please give me your opinion. Thanks.
  • chyannachyanna Posts: 9
    I may be wrong, but technically the car cost $21,881, which is what you are buying the car for, therefore you pay tax on that price. The $1000 is “cash back” giving to you after the deal, which of course you put onto the car along with any other down payment. I’m not familiar with how they work so I’m guessing. When you find out, let me know.

    I personally went with the lower APR. You might want to ask the folks over in the Sonata folder about how their rebates were calculated since many of them recently brought cars with the $2500 rebates.
  • Just bought new tucson gl w/ air and auto package. Dealer invoice is 25055.00 for the vehicle (all canadian dollars here of course) My wife received 500 off for the graduate program and i paid 22020.00 plus freight and tax's. came to 27000 on the road. Taxs up here are high yes and there are extra tax's on air conditioners and such. Got 5 year loan at 0% percent which is pretty amazing. I haggled for a while just want to know how i did. All i wanted was a fair price and i think i did o.k. wadaya think? msrp + taxs up here the vehicle is priced at about 29100.00 or so. 07 are 1 week away so i thought it was good time to buy.
  • chyannachyanna Posts: 9
    It sounds like you got yourself a good deal! That 0% for 60mos is awesome too. Enjoy you Tucson. I know I love mine. :D
  • Thx...question to picking up vehicle tomorrow and was planning on driving 400 miles to ohio the following day. Reading that its not good to drive new car at same speed for extended time as debris builds up in the cylinder and may cause a groove where piston is stopping. people recommend varying the speeds. what is hyundai's recommended technique. what have you guys done. My last car was an acura and they said car didnt need break in period. I still took it easy the first couple thousand miles. wadaya think?
  • chyannachyanna Posts: 9
    This is from the Tucson manual:

    During the First 1,200 Miles (2,000 Km)
    No formal "break-in" procedure is required with
    your new Hyundai. However, you can contribute
    to the economical operation and durability of
    your Hyundai by observing the following recommendations
    during the first 1,200 miles (2,000
    o Don't drive faster than 55 MPH (88 km/h). (This is a tough one to follow.)

    o While driving, keep your engine speed (rpm,
    or revolutions per minute) between 2,000
    rpm and 4,000 rpm.

    o Use moderate acceleration. Don't start
    quickly or depress the accelerator pedal

    o For the first 200 miles (300 km), try to avoid
    hard stops.

    o Don't lug the engine (in other words, don't
    drive so slowly in too high a gear that the
    engine "bucks"-shift to a lower gear).

    o Whether going fast or slow, vary your speed
    from time to time.

    o Don't let the engine idle longer than 3 minutes
    at one time.

    o Don't tow a trailer during the first 1,200 miles

    I pretty much followed their suggestions with exception to the “Don't let the engine idle longer than 3 minutes at one time.” :blush: I had to run into the store, left my family in the car for 5 minutes with the AC on. It was 101 degrees that day, I didn't want them to melt.
  • Thx for that. I'm thinking we will take the wifes altima for the weekend, better safe than sorry. too bad , was looking forward to driving the new car.
  • Curious to know where you live. I have been trying to make a deal with just about every dealer in Ohio for a 2006 Limited 4wd and the lowest price anyone will give me is $22,713 including the $1,000 rebate. This price is, of course, before tax title and license. It also does not include the sunroof. I know the 2007's will be out shortly and I'm hoping they will be willing to negotiate with me a bit more.
  • pas914pas914 Posts: 14
    I live in NJ - the dealership I purchased from was "Brad Benson Mitsubishi & Hyundai". they had a special at the time and were offering "30% off any new Hyundai" .. the inflated sticker price ($27k) included a $3k "option pkg" (which amounted to door guards, mud flaps and a pinstripe), and they added $1k back in after the 30% (they said that was a Hyundai loyalty incentive for previous Hyundai owners only), but then took off another $500 for military discount -- so in the end, I dont think it was really 30% off of the car's true value. But either way, the car still came out ($19,500) well under the list/bluebook/msrp.

    One more note - the car I got is a limited edition with running boards and a few extras, but it does NOT have a sunroof ..

  • Hi Everyone,
    I leave in Northen NJ and this is what I got from the dealer: (2006 Hyundai Tucson GL, automatic, basic version, without accesories)
    "I have the vehicle you've requested in-stock...
    A 2006 Hyundai Tucson automatic lists at $19,345.00 including destination. Invoice is $18,774.00. You can purchase the car for $500 bellow invoice, and there is $1,000.00 factory rebate."

    So after calculation, it looks like this:
    MSRP: $19,345.00 (both, dealer and
    $18,774.00 - invoice price, including destination charge $600.00 (but invoice price on is $18,315.00 so seems dealer is adding $459.00 on his invoice price)
    - $500 discount
    - $1000 factory rebate
    which gives $17,274.00
    Is this price OK?
  • I'm looking around for 2006 Hyundai Tuscon in Milwaukee wisconsin and can also drive around to Chicago, IL if I'm getting a better deal.

    The dealer here is offering for V6 4WD Moonroof leather interior and 6 cd changer

    Limited: 24301 - 1000rebate + Tax

    Is this a good one to go with...please advise
  • Just got pricing for a new 2006 Tucson GLS 6 cyl...4X4. Including the rebate of 1500 dollars the Price EXCLUDING tax is 21,450. Emailed few dealers... and that seems to be the going price. Almost like they all talk to each other. Does anone know if this is good deal for me.
  • I just hope you wont have my problem with the 05 tucson, my A/C malfunctioned after one year...bought it Aug o5, gave me a problem already during Aug 2006, Hyundai USA cant do anything, brought it already with two dealer, twice in Douglas Hyundai stayed there for two whole day, and sent it out again to another Hyundai, they didn't cange my A/c or even fix it, they gave me the reason of that my Termostat needs to be at MAX always, I hope you wont get a Lemon, also I learned the hard way that Hyundai tends to loose VALUE VERY VERY FAST!!!
  • I'm thinking of buying a Hynudai Tucson. Either 2006 or 2007. The 2006 models seem around 2 K below the 2007 models (which are not really available at this point). I do need to buy within a couple of weeks so I can't wait for 2007 models anyway in trim and color. There seem to be relatively few differences between the 2006 and 2007 SUVs.

    I know that resale value will be lower for the 2006 model, but I do not intend to resale for many years so I don't care about that.

    Any thoughts on going with the cheaper 2006 model
  • If you are looking to keep the car 5+ years it doesn’t matter if it is a 06 or a 07. From what I can tell there is barely a difference between the two with exception to a few new colors.

    Hyundai is also offering a rebate on the 06 now:
    GLS V6 and Limited V6 - $1500
    GL 4 cyl - $1000

    There is also special financing as well on the 06.

    I personally would go for the 06 if you are looking to keep the car until the wheels fall off. With the 2007 coming onto the lots, they are more willing to negotiate on their current inventory and you can get the rebate.
  • johnjjjohnjj Posts: 81
    Does anyone know, or have an idea, on what the rebate amount will be tomorrow (November) for the 2006 Tuscon GLS? It's $1500 right now, but I'm thinking it could only go up tomorrow. IMO it wouldn't make sense for it to go down. But maybe my thinking is wrong. I'm about to close a deal today, but maybe I should wait until tomorrow.
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