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Nissan Pathfinder Real World MPG



  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Well a V8 is going to be more torquey than the V6 is. $5 is like 1.5 gallons at most. The ride in the 4-wheel indy suspension PF should be better.

  • It was actually 2 to 4 gallons more on the PF ($2.40/gal). More torque, power, better ride, better mileage and quality? I'll take the 4runner any day.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    4wheel indy suspension will ride better than the 4-runner, oh and cost.... toyota will be way more as well.

  • We got the sport edition with XREAS suspension, handles great...Resale value in a toyota is way higher than a nissan, and when I quoted both, the 4runner was only $400 more, to me it was a no brainer. Sorry you made the wrong choice.
  • These are the closing comments on the review of the 05 Pathfinder, and below the 03 4runner, by

    05 PATHFINDERAfter a week with a 2005 Pathfinder SE 4x4, we can't deny the wide-ranging capabilities of this SUV. It's certainly quick and it can haul kids and cargo with the best of 'em.
    But it sacrifices the surefooted handling and braking of the old Pathfinder in the name of off-road capability. And although its cabin is comfortable and well equipped, it's not put together with a great deal of care. Were it our money, we'd think long and hard before spending it on the 2005 Nissan Pathfinder.

    03 4RUNNER
    Mulling over our week with the 4Runner, we were struck by how Toyota nearly always hits the nail on the head when revamping one of its vehicles. With the 2003 Toyota 4Runner, the company has done it again by providing a level of ride comfort and on-road handling that rivals most car-based "soft-roaders," while also enhancing its already renowned off-road skills.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    You still have a solid rear axle, and $400 more for a v8 4-runner? would you mind breaking down the prices and also breaking down the Actual price one would pay v. list price?

    Toyota does make a good truck however, your comments "sorry you made the wrong choice" are a bit un-called for.

    Then again I paid $34k OTD for my Armada LE 4wd w/60 mo 1% financing so who really made the wrong choice? :)

  • A solid rear axle, and yet better ride than most car based SUVs.

    The armada is not a mid size SUV, so it is not really comparable to the 4runner, so why even bring it up? However, read any reviews on the Armada and it is usually on all the worst reliability full size SUV lists. Here is one of such lists from Consumer Reports:
    Least reliable (Worst score first)
    Nissan Armada
    Infiniti QX56
    Lincoln Navigator
    Hummer H2


    Here is a list of midsize SUVs, most reliable:
    Most reliable (Best score first)
    Toyota Highlander Hybrid* (pictured)
    Toyota 4Runner
    Toyota Highlander
    Honda Pilot
    Lexus RX400h* (hybrid)
    2006 Acura MDX


    Cheaper to me is not necessarily better. I paid $27k for the 4runner, but again it is a smaller SUV not comparable to the Armada.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Thanks for proving my point. This Pathfinder MPG, not Toyota v. Nissan....

    Let's move on....

  • dreamer9dreamer9 Posts: 1
    I have 1998 Pathfinder SE with 100K. It is a very reliable car except for the gas milage. It gives about 14 in city and 18 Hwy MPG. With the incresing gas prices, I am in a dilema whether to keep it or replace with a smaller more fuel efficient car. The problem is that it will be difficult to get any money for this old car.

    Is there a way to improve its fuel efficiency somehow? Or is it has average MPG? Appreciate for your :confuse: advise?
  • I am just looking for thoughts from those of you that have a 2008 Pathfinder (or from 2005 on I guess) and how you feel about the mileage and what kind of gas you use. I currently have a 1999 Pathfinder and have been considering trading up. I like the look of the new Pathfinder, even though they have gone to a truck base. But I am surprised they recommend using premium fuel. While my '99 wasn't exactly mileage friendly, I could still deal with it, it wasn't too bad. I could also use 87 octane. Some say 93 burns slower, but is it really that noticeable? I don't want a secnd job just to pay for gas as I do drive a lot, but I really like the vehicles. Any thoughts or comments?

    All the best,
  • I have a 2008 V6 4X2 LE with 1500 miles on it and according to the MPG computer I'm getting around 18MPG with mixed city/hwy driving. Straight highway with the cruise on 80mph I average 21MPG. Also, I've only put 87 octane in it. So I don't think that's too bad. Plus I LOVE my SUV!
  • We are considering a Pathfinder ('05/'06). What is the real world MPG? We are a family of five and need the third seat for trips.

    Any other words of advice? We are also considering the Honda Pilot.
  • Disappointed:
    2007 SE Auto Pathfinder 4x4. Mostly highway, I live in South Florida = 15.2 mpg. Here to Orlando = 19 mpg. Tried regular, mid grade & premium. $3.15 - $3.50 a gallon, not impressive.

    Reg. Frank R.
  • Also disappointed here. I, too, have an '07 SE. I'm averaging about 16mpg. I haven't see anything above 18mpg. And it has a terrible vibration at about 40-45mpg. Dealer test drove two others on the lot when I reported the vibration and both of those also had it. Seems to be common in this model. I wouldn't buy another one.
  • flosjaflosja Posts: 1
    The 08 4x4 S model I have gets about 14/15mpg on short trips and about 18/19 on the highway. I was curious if anyone here knows any good performance chips to put in that will enhance the mpg? Thanks
  • 2007 SE Automatic, 15.2 mpg with 5 mile each way (45mph) & 25 mile each way (65 mph) trips. Really bad mpg got better from my Ford Explorer V8. See my other Pathfinder posts, noisy wipers (Thump thump, backwards and forward), Tranny changing up and down Unnecessarily at 40 mph, rear end creaking on pulling away from stop, wheels vibrate after running over a bump, twig, stone in the road, rattles when closing doors. Heated sets, are hot sometimes, others warm seems to have a mind of its own. Dual temp control seems useless, put one side at 60 f the other at 80f both give out same air temp. Front passenger window, rattles when open. Rear base woofer, even on zero bass, makes intermittent booming & rattle sound.
    This SUV is the worst quality I have owned, it drives like an old pick up truck instead of a semi luxury SUV. Lots of gadgets, that do not work. Dealer not interested, says all problems, normal. I can't decide if that’s Nissan's, answer or the lazy dealer. Coral Springs Nissan FL.
    Reg. Frank R.
    Ps. Lease has 26 months to go, wish I could get rid of it next week.
  • sevenupsevenup Posts: 2
    same or other car makers have source to put in more or less good, but all is depends on suppliers. maybe its just suppliers they use or nothing of that list, ;) just some manufacturers are switching between suppliers for :( some of that new supply may go wrong, and manufacturers don't pay responsibility to cover this its suppliers that warrantied such products which they build. all may seems not that wrong
  • xtierraxtierra Posts: 55
    your gas mpg might be effected if your pathfinder has a carbon canister that works with fuel system to take the fuel vapors from the gas tank to the intake.... the problem is that the carbon canister that controls that system has an open air breather line that attaches to the inside of the xterra frame... if the pathfinder is build similar, then it has a carbon canister system also...........this open air line can be polluted by dirt and dust.... specially if you had to change your purge valve on the carbon canister.........i just replaced my 2nd valve ........1st one at 44k second one at 100,000 last week... when i removed the valve, i found dirt and dust all over it............ while the 2 other fittings for the other hoses where not visibly polluted with dust or dirt, i took out a compressor line to the center hose fitting and blew a ton of dirt and dust out of the purge valve opening....... so my vapor line has been sending fuel vapors and dust into the intake system........ hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm something to have checked......... to those who work on their own cars......the purge valve has 2 plastic locking things..... if you try to lift out the purge valve without having the 2 plastic things on the right are, you will rubb plastic of the locking mechanism and will have to use gasket seal to place on the opening of valve as you push it into place and lock it in to position............ also, some of you might want to check your mass air sensor wich i also found with dust on it...... you can clean it by removing and using gloves and special cleaner for the mass sensor cleaner....... good luck... i hope to see some feed back on this important subject....
  • after 3 weeks of going crazy over my 10 to 11 mpg i found the mechanic that found the solution. when ever you disconect your battery, your ecu is re-set to re-learning air/fuel procedure wich begins when you start the truck. idle truck to warm, then keep rpm's 1000 to 1500 . take truck to open highway keeping rpm's low and get truck to 60 mph . stay at 60 mph for 15 minutes. my engine performance was at 86% prior to mechanics instructions and re-setting ecu.
  • Just bought a used 05 LE w/ 40k miles. I'm in SE PA. I can't get anything above 16 mpg mixed. I drive very cautiously, always keeping the rpms below 2500 - most of the time under 2000. Plus I've checked everything I know of and can't get it any better. Is this normal???
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