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Nissan Altima Real World MPG



  • franny67franny67 Posts: 1
    My 06 2.5SL gets 29mpg city & hwy :D
  • tzzooomatzzoooma Posts: 5
    Just made it to 1k miles after a month and numbers have stabilized.

    2009 Altima Sedan 2.5S
    MPG - 32.6
    MPH - 37.4

    What are your numbers?
  • I have a 05 2.5s altima and i get about 32mpg thats a mix between city and highway but , mostly its city miles..I use the highest octain gas and add marval mystery oil to each tank of gas.Some times i get higher mileage 34 or so highwway but it never goes under 27mpg in the city.I reset my miles every time i fill up and this last tank i got 448 miles and put 14g in the tank and had 6g left in the tank before i filled up.its was near empty when i filled up.And i always use shell gas nothing else..
  • boodrowboodrow Posts: 15
    I recently purchased an 09 Altima 2.5s in Post Falls, ID and then drove it home to Fairbanks, AK. Hiway mpg is running 31-32 and suburban commuting about 26. This is calculated brim full to brim full mileage, not the computer. The computer tends to be optimistic by 10%. Not bad but it needs a good diesel engine which would get around 45 and I would change to in a heartbeat. I did look at the Jetta TDI's but concluded I would save enough on the car to buy a lot gas.
  • I also have an 06 2.5 and get 24-27 fillup-fillup driving all highway. Not anywhere near what the sticker said. Now Nissan quotes 25-27 Highway. That is about $8000.00 more for gas over the life of the car.
  • 2009 2.5s, 6M, 7900 miles. Computer shows 32.2, which is right on target with my calculations. Very satified with the mileage and the range of this car. I'm not hypermiling or anything, though I drive the interstate a lot, I spend most of the drive between 75-80 mph.
  • I have over 68K miles on my '07 Altima, and I can happily say that I CONSISTENLY get 33 - 34 miles per gallon on the Hwy, driving @ 65 - 70 mph. :D
  • I have 1600 miles on the odo and according to the trip computer:

    Avg MPG - 29.6
    Avg MPH - 29.5

    About 40% of that is hwy, 60% city. My work is just 5 miles from my home. I commute between home and work 4 times each weekday. I think, such frequent short commutes kill my mpg.

    I accelerate slowly and coast whenever I can. I use 87 octane gas.
  • I went thru the lemon law only to find out that according to the EPA and nissan.
    Unless you are driving 55 to 60 with your windows shut and your air off you
    will not get the mpg on the highway.I did get the 31 mpg at first but as soon as the
    senscers worn in I was lucky to get 26 .I think it is easier to find a Needle in a hay stack then to to get good mpg to of an altima.
  • Wow, I cannot believe you did that. I've been driving mostly Toyotas (Avalon, Camry, Corolla), Nissans (Altima, Maxima), and 1 Honda (Accord). I've never got the EPA. I usually got 4-5 miles less than the EPA.

    I have some doubts with those people who claim that they can get better MPG than the EPA. :confuse:
  • I am considering purchasing an 09 or 2010 Altima (2.5S, CVT), and I've enjoyed the test drives I've been on so far, but I wanted a little longer test drive, so yesterday I rented one.

    2010, 2.5S, had 600 miles on it when I rented it. After completely filling it up, I spent a few hours yesterday driving it around - 221 miles total. Approx 80 miles of that was highway, the rest was a mix of city/suburban.

    When I filled it up this morning, the trip computer said 31.2 MPG, which worked out to be about 10% optimistic, as I put in 7.9 gallons, which equals 27.97 MPG. I filled it up "to the brim" both times, but this morning's fill was on a slight incline away from the filler neck, so I probably put more gas because of that fact.

    Today's 100 miles worth of driving was a combination of backroads and some stop-n-go boulevard type stuff. The trip computer read 32.8 when we reached our destination, but after the boulevard stuff, some "let's see what she'll do!", and the trip home, it reads 31.8. If the optimistic nature of the trip computer is consistent, then its still getting approx 28 mpg.

    Granted, these are short trips, but I thought I would share my experience anyway. Oh, I really like the car...may buy one!
  • ^^^^^ Tire pressures were as stated on the door sticker (~32psi). Max sidewall press is 44psi for all you hyper-milers :)
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    33K miles and consistently get 28-30 mph with a mix of city/driving. I'm very pleased - EPA estimates are "spot on". Suppose a lot depends on your driving habits...... :)
  • Well, I filled up my rental Altima today just before returning it. 139.4 miles driven/4.282 gal = 32.4MPG. Again, yesterday's "fill it on an incline" probably helped today's situation, but that's still decent mileage!

    I also reset the computer just as I started my highway commute to work today. Drove about 32 miles at about 65mph, and the computer read 36.4 MPG at the end of my journey here in NC.

    YMMV :P
  • Hi, My 2005 Nissan Altima is giving only 16-17 mpg in city and maximum of 24mpg in highway.
    Mileage - 39000
    Gas - Regular gas.
    By reading the above posts i feel that there is some problem in my car engine. Please help me/give me some tips on increasing my mileage.
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 749
    24MPG is not bad. You might be able to get a couple more miles. I think I only got about 25-26 w/ the '05. I used to get about 28-29 w/ the '07. I just got the '10 and I haven't done a long trip yet.

    However, I don't drive like a grandma. I just go w/ the fastest traffic.

    It mights help by replacing the air filter if you haven't done that for the last 5 years..
  • Thanks for the response. I will change the air filter and see if that makes any difference in mpg.
  • atlanta7atlanta7 Posts: 1
    Hello all, I would really appreciate some help! I bought a 2000 4cyl altima with 155k and I am only getting an average of 210 miles per tank from a 15.7 gallon tank!! After I bought the car I noticed it did not have an air filter but after putting in a top of the line K&N filter, new spark plugs and using a liquid "tune up in a bottle" solution I am still getting this terrible gas mileage.
    I must make mention of the fact that before the purchase the "check engine" light was on but I was told this had been addressed and the car did pass emissions. The day after purchase, 6 weeks ago, the light was back on and has stayed on. Could an emissions issue be causing this problem?

    I am not lead footed and the tires are properly inflated - what could the problem be?

    Thanks in advance for any advice...

  • Only getting 19.5 MPG on the first two tanks of gas. The first tank I got stuck in a traffic jam for an hour but the second tank seems to be giving me the same or similar results. The MPG gauge is reading 22.3 MPG. Am I driving the car wrong? I use it in the city, but I do drive on the Houston Beltway at 70-75 MPH for 20-24 miles daily during the week.

    I am reading some of the mileage results that people have on this forum and I am stunned at how well their vehicles perform. Would I be better off using the sport transmission on the CVT or just the regular CVT? I had hoped to get at least 25 MPG out of this new car.
  • char5321char5321 Posts: 3
    If you just got the car that not bad it will get better after 7500 miles. But they have
    very sensitive sensors and they effect the mpg. I started the lemon law process to
    find out that the epa / gov. is in on the scam .They told me that if I was not going 55mph with my window up and my air off I had no chance in getting what it's was rated at.
    Go to this site and watch the video on driving . It will help you curve your driving and
    you will get better mpg. Mine does great in the city . but below the rating on the highway. Some of the problem is the hills and mountains . But most of it is the corrupt
    manufactures and to many government payoffs
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