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Nissan Altima Real World MPG



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,810
    You're dead right. Even in states that have ethanol blend stations, some areas do not.

    We live in a semi-rural area where a lot of homeowners have a lot of older vehicles, off-road vehicles, farming vehicles, and watercraft, some of which take diesel and others (particularly boats) that don't take kindly to ethanol. Thus, we have a lot of no-ethanol stations around here.

    In fact, as we drive down to our largest lake area, there are signs all over the place advertising ethanol-free gas.

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  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Agreed. There are 4 stations within a 6 mile radius of my house that sell ethanol-free regular gas.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    I bought a 2008 Altima 2.5 SL new. My daughter now drives it, about 15 miles each way to work, primarily highway route.

    She gets right at 30 mpg average, due to little in-town driving, and that mpg mirrors the mileage I got when I was driving it before she got the car from me.

    I believe you when you say you don't get that, and I have no explanation why.

    All I can say is that is indeed the mileage her Altima gets. It now has about 50K miles.

    Back in 2005 I bought a Chevy Aveo hatchback new, and for the 3 years that I owned it, it never came anywhere close to the EPA estimates, either city or highway. It was a real disappointment...

    I just happen to believe some cars, for whatever reason, just don't get the mileage others get...
  • i havent seen an ethanol free pump at any brand in a decade- taveling the whole south east midwest - and west.

    i use many major brands....... states i havent been in more than 10 years - northeast - south west north west and pacific coast - and texas.......states i have bought gas with only some undisclosed % if ethanol.. is wisconsin , illinois, indiana, iowa and nebraska ( special high % ethanol) colorado , whyoming, utah, nevada , oklahoma, georgia, missouri, tenn, alabama, florida, southcarlolina.. kentucky and ohio...... pls tell me what states u can get ethanol free gas? i have never seen a sign advertising ethanol free gas.. why would some states force ethanol gas - its not a smog thing - i dont live in smog areas - except knoxville has some bad air though because valley - but the main reason is not to add it because of smog - its to add it to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and foreign oil .. they add the % they feel is safe to use in cars designed for gas.. though it can affect mileage - i guess - the truth is it doesnt in other cars- so what is special about the nissan that it cant use the same gas everyone else uses. again ethanol is added not because region but because oil consumption in general . so why woudl they be special to allow you to use pure fossil fuels anywhere ?? they dont.. i don tbelieve it.. never seen a sign for ethanol free. anywhere .. i think its more likely that some local laws dont require them to disclose additives less than 10% that is more like it.. anyhow - again i am tryign to tell you - this not well my gas is cheap - i have bought it rural places in city - in several states - all same.. i am sure u can get gas that can vary 1- 2 mpg or 5% or less of total milage - but we are talking i cant get city rating on the highway with ac off.. while peopel are driving the same car in the city getting mroe than i get i straight hwy.. this is not logical at any degree.. again i am saying its somethign broken with the car- not driver or gas- you can put of 2 - 3 or even 5 mpg for usage and gas - but i am talking i get combined wich is about 70% hwy at about 21 mpg - and my blazer gets about 19.. it geting 70% of hwy rating in this usage - i should be getting about 31 with car as others state they get here - so you chauk this up to gas??? comon - get a brain..... i get suv type mileage - i thought i was buying an economy car - per the ratings and yes comparing to other cars.. - oh and by the way i believe for first 3k i feel like i go tthis great milage without breakin even - it was right after first oil change it got bad and way bad - my wife said it first tank after service - so its possible they reset somethign if they checked it with comp. that is what i am feeling - and by the way the first mo i bought the car - when had almost no mileage on it - i taught my nephew to drive in parking lot and to park the car at the mall - according to the comp i got about 19 and some change mpg driving around a pakring lot - i was amazed...... we where averaging something liek 5 and some change mph .. according to comp now my car says - i average 26 mph and 20 and some change mpg............ - so tell me if this make sense.... somethign is breaking on these cars...
  • oh by the way - to the peopel who insist my milage is because ethanol gas - even if bought a gallon - and it was 10% eth.. i should still be able to get 90% of the rated mileage if the etha didnt burn at all as if it were water... and in that case- i should still be able to average above 30mpg on the hwy .. i cant.. i cant get within 20% mind 10% i am averaging about the same as my blazer in combined driving - i cant get 25 averge per tank mind 30 i am averaging 20 with 70% i use the car off hours to go shopping to avoid traffic and even with that - there is little traffic or lights betweem me and the main shopping district about 5- 7 miles average - 1 light - 45 zone one small hill - and ofcourse the parking lot turn offs at teh store. i must slow down for.. and the enterence for my community... its almost like i should be getting very close to hwy milage 100% i dont do stop and go driving and waiting in traffic....... and again even when i taught my nephewin the parking when i first bought the car i felt i got better milages turning and pakring and doing again .. and parallel parking and instructing i got better than i do now- somethign broke - right after first oil service i would almost say the dealer sabotaged the car if i didnt know beter or accidentally reset teh comp - but like people here i have to fight to convince them they will just say gas driving and ratings are not realworld blah meean while plenty of people here have good cars..... its a shame i got a lemon - never again buying nissan - because i cant even convince theier is a problem because of ignorance like here- and it should be an easy fix - because this car did get better much better milage before first service - what i shame......
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    edited June 2012
    Ethanol free gas stations in SC... Many, if not all states have ethanol free gas.

    Also, ethanol has roughly 33% less energy per unit as compared to gasoline, if I remember correctly.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,426
    All stations in SD and Iowa have ethanol free gas. In SD only 89 octane has ethanol and it is the. Cheapest. 87 and 91 octane are always ethanol free.
  • like i said previously - doesnt matter - because if had no energy value - i shoudl still be able to get 90% of the rated .. that is what i said.... but with this you are telling i shoudl be able to get about 96.67% - i get less than 60% .. so no gas can make this much difference - you people are still missing the point - i guess i am dealing with morons - who think they know somethign - it sucks to live in a world of 100 iq morons when u are above 140.. - sometimes i wish i were ignorant like the some of the masses..

    anyhow - read my post - i said its more likely that some states have different labeling laws. and that nice link u posted has a link on it to a site called fuel testers that states not all states are required to label this - and some states have different rules for what % they have to label as eth-free gas - exactly as i stated ... in post above../ and to the following poster about SD AND Iowa - its exactly as nebraska the mid grade is a special super high - eth gas because they produce it there - and infact is cheaper than the other grades.. - infact the other grades have it - they just arent required by law in those states to list it because of the % ---

    and oh by the way - the link you sent me - is a site where users submit gas stations - these are people who think they are buying eth-free but are not because they are not required to label - based on state laws and if they are not required to disclose they can advertise it as such - and by the way i looked at those stations listed there most are off brand and unbranded gas- and yet everyone here is saying to use branded gas - not the cheap - that is why u have poor milage - now you are sayign to use the cheap gas - not knowing where it comes from and what is in it..? right?? i got it - perfect sense - for a lowly 100IQ.. sorry - i am sorry you people are so gullible , no wonder the dumb states are republican - i am sure u are replubincans no doubt..
  • chevyonlyfonchevyonlyfon Posts: 10
    edited June 2012
    @smarty 666 sorry - u miss the point too - and ur perspective is way off - i dont live in the city of live on the outer skirts of a suburb of a college town of 180k people - i wouldnt say i drive city at all - i can freely do 45 - 55 on all roads i travel and half i travel are interstate whicih i can do 85 np (traffc flow) anyhow - i have one light between me and the main shopping district - i work from home so that is not a problem - my wife is a student - and drives interstate to school - she is 2 miles from the ramp with one light - and 45 mph limit - and at the terminal end of the trip the school is right off the express light one main light and one at the school - this is the driving we have done with this car - plus a few day trips strict hwy.. yet our combined average is 20mpg . we never get stuck in stop and go traffic - i have habits to go to store off hour just because its less busy. so this is our pace .. what u describe has no perspective on what people here are complaining about - its people liek you who are keeping us from getting our problems with the car addressed. they are real - they are not us - i get 22mph where my blazer got 19...... so its not worse thank god - but its about 15% more over all - and i dont care how and when u rated the car. and if its for comparison or what ever they say milage may vary - the truth is the nissan is rated at about 65% more milage than the blazer and real world is 15% ... this is huge - for my habits..... i understand if its really city duh hnow much milage u getting sitting a traffic light?
    i get horrible hwy mileage too - peopel here are getting blended at 31 - and i cant get 26 on the hwy....... and u tell me driving habits - dont be silly. u get a perspective- half of us have lemons are we are getting screwed good - it wouldnt be so bad if all the caars were the same but think how we feel that half these cars achieve good milage. so we know its somethign broken - and then in the honda hyundai suits - they used other peple testimonies to dissmiss the case holy [non-permissible content removed] . common - what does it have to do that your car gets good milage - that mine is broken - that makes u think u dont have to fix it or pay for it.? tzhe problem is they are using the excuse its our driving - trust me - there are way too many people stating grandma drriving habits and ultimate conditions getting crap mileage yet peopel with heavy feet and fair blended conditions getting great mileage.. somethign is up .. u need to read all and digest and not just assume - pespective.. pls get one
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    edited June 2012
    You seem to have an axe to grind.

    I made no comments on the mpg you get, or don't get.

    I simply gave you a reference point to find non-ethanol gas, which YOU said didn't exist any more... Your post # 269.

    While I'm sympathetic to those that, for whatever reason don't get the expected mpg they hope for, I'll make an exception in your case.
  • geptogepto Posts: 2
    I may as well add my two cents worth. Last week I took a trip north into Canada with a friend of mine and alot of luggage. We drove my 2011 Altima that has 9,000 miles on it. We did some off road driving in the Canadian Provincial parks, got lost for an hour TWICE in Thunder Bay, Ontario and took no special precautions to increase mileage. After over a thousand miles of driving, the computer said we averages 35.7 mpg. In the past the computer has proven to optomistic by about .8 miles per gallon compared to doing the math and calculating it manually. We got about 35 honest mpg and I'm very satisfied. Next years car should get well into the high 30's with an luck at all.

    Good mileage to all of you,
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,950
    Obviously, if all you say is true there is something wrong with your car. If you spent as much time talking to the dealer(try to refrain from calling them morons) about it as you spend boring everyone on this forum maybe it would be fixed by now!
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    edited June 2012
    I suspect any bridges the poster had with his dealer were burned long ago...

    Especially if he continuously informed them of his "superior" intelligence...
  • nimailninimailni Posts: 1
    @chevyonlyfon: Can you please start using regular sentences?

    Your posts are unreadable.
  • sergiynysergiyny Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    Just got my new 2012 Nissan Altima, and now i've been driving it for 2 days in the city and the highest mpg i was getting is 19!!! The more i kept driving, the lower mpg got, to 15!!! i'm really disappointed with the car, i tried driving like old grandma but nothing changed.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,950
    Just rented a 2012 Altima for a 10 day from Chicago to Texas and return. 2200 miles total and about 95% interstate/5% city so for all practical purposes it was a hwy trip. Trip computer came out at 32.8 mpg with an average of 63 mph. I calculated 32.3 from 5 fill ups and drove the speed limits which varied from some 55 to mostly 65 to 75mph. Overall pretty impressed with the car and liked the CVT once moving at a good clip but from a stop not so much.
  • Summary of what I learned from a Nissan "expert driver":
    Making short trips is bad for your gas mileage.

    Apparently a catalytic converter needs to be hot to do its job properly, and your car would produce drastically more air pollution if you drove around normally until it warmed up. To meet pollution standards, when you first start your Altima (and presumably most modern gas engines?) the car invests a surprising amount of energy idling fast to quickly heat the catalytic converter. So for the first couple of minutes you are in the car it is in a gas-expensive but pollution-reducing mode, and if you only drive for two minutes every time then you will get abysmal gas mileage. If you generally take five or ten minute trips, your mileage will still be noticeably worse than if you drove the same distance in one trip, because you burn extra gasoline each time you start driving.

    I want to point out that polite persistence can be very helpful in situations like this. I spent a lot of time talking to my dealer, and got to meet "the expert from Nissan" who explained that my car is perfectly capable of getting 35+ mpg driving on an empty freeway etc. He insisted that he couldn't tell me why I would consistently get half of that without being there to watch my driving habits, and waited for me to accept that I must be doing something strange and walk away.
    I spent an extra 20 minutes patiently restating that I needed to figure out what the problem was because it was costing me a lot of money, so would he please list the things that I might be doing wrong. He reluctantly tried thinking of a few, and was impatient when I told him that each one didn't happen to apply in my case. In frustration he eventually said "the only person I've ever heard of getting such low mpg is my wife, but she only takes the car for short trips of a mile or two."

    How to take advantage of this information is a whole separate problem, since I live in L.A. and am therefore legally forbidden to walk anywhere that a car could take me.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,950
    Since you have spent so much time working with the dealer to resolve your problem one would think the dealer would have insisted that the "expert" from Nissan drive your car to see if a so called expert could get a decent mpg number. It wouldn't have taken more longer than your conversation did. I did notice on the rental Altima I recently drove that city driving really drove the MPG down.

    One thing I can't understand in all this is that all I hear from Nissan is that the CVT is supposed to be so much better for MPG than conventional transmissions. But when you compare the other top midsize cars to the Altima(ie Sonata, Camry, Accord, etc) they are comparable in HP, weight and MPG. You would think if the CVT was that big of factor the Altima would kill the rest but that's not the case.

    I understand the new 2013 Altima has jumped in MPG but the older model Altimas have had the CVT for years and have never been ahead or even equal to some of the other midsizers with conventional transmissions. Just wondering why if the CVT is all that wonderful.
  • New car. MPG so far as follows:

    24.4 (mostly town/some highway)

    20.0 (all city, heavy stop/go, 3 mile or less trips, two weeks)

    40.0 (yes, 40 - all highway, cruise set at posted limits of 65, 75)

    35.0 (75/25 highway/city, 560 mile trip)

    That's right. These were calculated using fillups. And I mean filled to the TOP. All are with the climate control set on auto, usually A/C running.

    Car has 1900 miles to date and the mpg avg on the screen is 27.2.

    Engine RPM's at speed are very, very low - 1400 to 1750 depending on speed, holding cruise. Around town, with a light foot, you can keep it well under 2000 all the time.

    The car responds well to careful driving, paying attention to RPM's.

    Of course if you floor it, all bets are off, and the 3.5 certainly delivers with acceleration (I've read that it does the quarter mile in 14.3 and I have no reason to doubt it) that's impressive for a car at this price point.

    So, to date, I couldn't be happier with the MPG. We'll see how winter affects it with heavy snow and city driving.

    Also, the seats and stereo are outstanding. This is quite the car even for sticker price.
  • Do U use Regualr unleaded or premium unleaded?
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