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Nissan Altima Real World MPG



  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    No, they really aren't (not to sound snippy ). Nissan is very unique in this regard.

    Only in the US. both toyota and honda use them quite extensively outside the US. where nissan is unique is in designing one that will work well with a larger, more powerful engine.
  • sbb4thsbb4th Posts: 6
    Ok I'm was maybe babying it a little because it's new but I just burned my first tank. About 80% city/suburban 20% highway. Highway speeds 70-75. Averaged 26.312 MPG. Not bad really. I'm hoping it'll get even better as it gets broken in. This is in Virginia running 87 octane with 10% corn syrup (known as ethanol).
    A couple of observations. The MPG computer showed 28.6 which was off by over 2 miles. Another thing was my low gas warning came on and showed I had about 60 miles left to drive. When I filled it up it took 16.6 gallons. Assuming I have the 20 gallon tank as advertised when it gives the warning you still have about 4 gallons left.
  • ken75ken75 Posts: 52
    This is a continueing story of our Altima 2.5 SL with 2900 miles on it. My wife an I took a trip to northern Wisconsin with my sister,and rather big brother in law with luggage for all of us in the trunk plus cooler and other assorted garbage. We encountered many small burgs where slow down and acceleration was necessary. At no time did I run past 70 mph and at the end of the trip we had logged 512 miles and I still had a registered 1 /4 tank. The highest mileage monitored on the computer was 33.9 mpg and overall after fill up and a check with paper and pencil was 31.2 mpg. The car ran flawlessly, as it should, and is still a joy to drive. My wifes only complaint is the passenger side seat which seems to be uncomfortable to her. Love the car.
  • cadgirlcadgirl Posts: 1
    I have found that I am averaging about 25 miles per gallon with this car. I am probably about 60% highway, 40% city (well, small town) driving. I am getting around 380 miles before I fill up, and it's usually between 15 and 16 gallons per fill up.

    Over the holiday weekend, I did a LOT of in town driving and noticed a significant decrease in fuel efficiency. I also notice a significant decrease if I don't drive efficiently (slow take offs, coasting to a stop, etc).

    My biggest problem with the efficient driving is that I'm coming off driving a Jeep all the time, and this baby takes off with the slightest touch of the gas, as compared to really having to force the Jeep to move. If I'm not careful, I've hit 80 before I know it :)

    Also, my trip computer seems to be just about right on with what I'm calculating ~shrug~.

    We are taking it on it's first long road trip in a few weeks (about 500 miles), so I'm looking forward to checking the mileage on a long, all highway trip.

    I love the car, though, and while it may not be as good as some 4 cylinder cars around, I love the power behind it, and it's WAY better than my Jeep. :P
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779

    I love the car, though, and while it may not be as good as some 4 cylinder cars around, I love the power behind it, and it's WAY better than my Jeep

    I'm pretty sure it has the highest rated MPG of all midsize non hybrid cars. If you wanted a more fuel efficient I4, you'd have to go with a smaller car.
  • lorenwlorenw Posts: 2
    33.9mpg on last fill-up. 80% highway miles, no speeding, 91 octane gas. The 87 and 89 octane fuel in my area is all now 10% ethanol--I won't buy it because I think I get about 10% worse mpg's with it. I believe I am saving about a gallon-and-a-half on every tankful (about $6.00 worth) for a cost of only $1.50-$2.00 more for the top-grade SAVINGS of at least $4.00 per fill-up.

    If I could buy 100% gasoline that was also the cheaper 87 octane stuff, I would. Can't get away from the ethanol in the lower octanes at least locally.
  • ken75ken75 Posts: 52
    I am experiencing similar MPG numbers with our 2.5 SL but I only use 87 octane and 10% ethanol. That little bit of ethanol results in a 3.4 % loss of power and effeciency so I have a tough time with the vehicles operating with optional E85. I have to believe it will really trash economy and power.

    For the immediate future the purchase of 100% gasoline will be pretty scarce or until the government subsidy for corn crops is dropped. Not only do the oil companies have our politicians wrapped up but outfits like Cargil, Peavey and ADM have a pretty tight, controlling hold on the purse strings of congress.

    Enjoy the car and smile when the guy in the F-350 pulls into the next stall and drops $150.00 on diesel.
  • petrozeropetrozero Posts: 4
    Looking forward to posting results here and at the fuel saver forum site. Thanks for everyone who've taken time to post your results. It has sold me on this car! Best mpg short of a hybrid...
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    You're right. I tend to get geo-centric around the boards since a vast majority of posters are from the US.

    Sorry! :)
  • sbb4thsbb4th Posts: 6
    OK I just filled up my fourth tank. On my first three I really babied it. Slow starts and acceleration etc. My first three fillups ran 26.3, 26.3 and 25.8. This was with about 80% city/suburban - 20% highway.
    I was satisfied but not particularly thrilled. Then I said the hell with it and started driving the way I've always had with a medium heavy foot to accelerate and then letting off when I hit my speed. The results were 522.2 miles with only 12 miles highway and my mpg went up to 28.3. Now I'm very happy!
    If you watch your mpg gauge you'll see that after you let off or maintain your throttle the mpgs go up to the 60 mpg mark. The only time you really burn gas is to accelerate and the sooner you hit your speed the better.
    BTW, 522 miles on a tank is great and I still had 1-1/2 gallons left though the computer said I was empty. By my calculations I could have gone about 570 miles on the tank for virtually all city/suburban driving.
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    I drive a 97 Altima 2.4L 5spd manual.
    A year ago I was averaging 32 mpg ( my car is rated at 29 hwy)
    I started reading about hypermilers, and did a few thing differently, inflated my tires to max sidewall rating (44 PSI), coasting more often especially when red light were approaching, etc. My mileage went to 35. I was pretty happy.
    I kept reading. I finally decided to drive a little slower, I was driving 75-80 mph in my commute. I lowered that to 55-65. My mileage for my last 2 tanks are 42.1, and 43.0 MPG.
    Its possible to get great mileage out of these cars if you change your driving behaviour a little.
  • texmigueltexmiguel Posts: 4
    08 Altima 2.5 w/CVT
    These past six months my mileage has improved slightly, after a front wheel alignment and breaking in the motor.
    On the open highway in Texas I drive 400 miles between towns often. I donot fillup till I arrive at my destination. At first I got 33 mpg more or less depending if I use the AC. Now I get an avg of 38 per the car's trip computer if I donot use the AC. This driving 65-75 with very little traffic or towns in between. I am very happy w/mileage, but I do not track use intown as of yet.
  • ndiboyndiboy Posts: 36
    I bought this I4 2002 Altima with 73,000 miles in January 08 used.I have been averaging 18.8-22.3 in the cith and 26-31 on the highway.When i use pen and paper there are some discrepancies as reported by other contributors.
    I have also noticed that sometimes i need to reset the mpg meter to get something near reality e.g after a highway trip reading of say 29mpg by the time you enter a city you expect it to go down but sometimes it either stays there or takes time to come down and Nissan says it updates every 30 secs.
    When I am in such situations, I reset it and it comes down to b/w 21-23.
    Has anyone observed similar things?
    Chuma, Nigeria.
  • Any body have any newer MPG numbers?
  • neo_neo_ Posts: 14
    2.5 S. Roughly 18K miles. 27.5 MPG over ~2 yrs in Milwaukee. For those who don't know, it goes below 0 in winter, so impacts my MPG significantly. I use the lowest octane gas. I am a very careful driver. Use lots of cruise and don't accelerate too hard, though I find it really tempting to just floor it :P
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Very similar to neo. 2008 2.5S, owned for 19 months, 22+K miles - getting 27-30 mpg consistently but here in Texas I don't have cold temps.... ;)
  • jkandlerjkandler Posts: 5
    So, what do you think about these numbers verses those on the window sticker? I have a 2007 2.5 S and get the same mileage as you, tank-tank fill-up.
  • rdeschenerdeschene Posts: 318
    I rented a 2008 (might have been a 2007) Altima two weeks ago, and now a 2009 recently and drove almost identical routes: about 1200km round trip from Brockville, ON to either Secaucus, NJ or Princeton, NJ. As close to 100% highway driving as you get, with several long hills as one crosses the Pocono mountains.

    The 2007/08 reved at about 2400rpm at 70mph (110 km/h), had enough horsepower to get up these grades without downshifting and got around 32mpg for the trip. The 2009 reved at just over 2000rpm at 70mph and got 35mpg and produced noticeably less engine noise and still did not downshift on the grades. I assumed if they increased their OD or final drive gear ratio on the 2007/08 it could improve mileage without harming highway performance, and sure enough it did.

    They also improved the speedometer light colour and contrast so that it can be more easily read with either sunglasses or sun glare, which was certainly needed. Especially for the inside set of numbers (mph on Canadian vehicles).
  • wjtinatlwjtinatl Posts: 50
    Just returned from a 1500 mile trip from Atlanta to Baton Rouge and back in a Hertz rental with 7500 miles on it. Averaging 64 mph over the whole trip, about 85% highway. On highway average speed was right at 80 mph, using cruise. According to the computer and my calculations, averaged just over 30 mpg using A/C about 70% of the time. Loaded with about 300 lbs. of cargo in addition to my 260 lb. self. Was very impressed with the mileage as well as the highway speed acceleration with the CVT. Not rally a big fan of CVT's but it is obviously an efficient transmission. By the way I make this trip frequently and have made it in an '07 Accord (4cyl auto) and Camry LE (4cyl auto), both averaged about 28 mpg on this trip. The Altima provides superior performance and economy to both.
  • char5321char5321 Posts: 3
    I have been to the dealership 4 or 5 times. I am losing
    mpg on the highway . I am only getting 21 to26. The dealerships keep say there getting no codes. The engine
    sound good but the mpg keep droping.I heard adding
    pure acetone will increase mpg , but I am not sure what it
    will due to the engine or sensors.
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