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Nissan Maxima Real World MPG



  • pernaperna Posts: 533
    I have an '03, and average 24mpg 80/20 city/highway. I use 93 octane.

    It's a small price to pay for such a fun car to drive. I suspect Nissan hooked me for life with this car (it's my first).
  • lmacmillmacmil Posts: 1,756
    The car never gets warmed up in your short city trips so the choke is on, idle speed up, etc. My wife's Highlander suffers from the same poor mileage due to her <3 mile commute.
  • moms_maxmoms_max Posts: 62
    Hi everyone... My "oldie but goodie" consistently gets 24-26 around town, and 28-29 highway. I've always used regular gas... and have lived in Southern Florida (both coasts), Colorado (western Slope), and now North Carolina. I l-o-v-e my car..... :)
  • azzankelazzankel Posts: 2
    A few months ago, I had a faulty coil in my 2000 Maxima SE 5 speed(52,000 miles). Had it replaced at a dealership, but "service eng soon" light came on a few days afterwards. Took it back in and they couldn't find a problem (car was running great)and reset the light. Few days later, light came on again...took it back in. They recommended that I replace remaining 5 coils. Since they could not find any problems, and car was running great, I decided to live with the light on rather than spend $700 more. Had always averaged 23-24 in town, and 29-31 on the hwy for the 5 1/2 yrs I've owned the car. In a few weeks, car started acting up and it was a rear coil. Had remaining 5 coils replaced at that point and car still runs great. Here is the highway miles now are 23-24, and my city miles are 21-22. Took it into the dealer and they can't find anything wrong. Everything is within acceptable parameters. Any ideas why I lost 100 miles per tank full on the highway, and 10% of my city mileage? Again.....this problem started right after I had remaining 5 coils replaced. Anyone have any ideas? Thx!!
  • dmaljunkdmaljunk Posts: 160
    if you had code P1320 and took your time to replace coils then your spark plugs or catalytic may have been affected. You may have detonation.
  • debatingdebating Posts: 14
    Purchased our 2000 Maxima SE used in '01, still have it. Still impressed with it. We had all the coils replaced a couple of years ago, and had a sensor replaced a short time later, thats all the problems encountered. We always burn premium by the way.

    Our first trip after purchasing was over 3000 miles, it impressed me with the highway mileage. One tank with 28 MPG, and the rest in the 26 MPG range. Averaged 70 to 80 MPH. Have never figured the city mileage, it's not as great however.

    From the long term reliability ratings I've seen lately, wonder if the newer Maxima's are still as reliable as ours has been. Plus with current gas prices and the forecasts if a four banger Toyota or similar for an eventual replacement, or even a diesel might not be a better choice? We owned a diesel escort in the mid 80's, those 40 plus MPG highway figures would sure be enjoyable today.

    But I dread reaching that point because I have sure enjoyed our time with the current Maxima.
  • Hi All
    I have a 2000 Nissan Maxima SE. In a turn hard to the left, I could hear a metal to metal rubbing sound.To make a long story short, I removed the right front hub and found the outer bearing cage broken in three places. Prior to hearing this sound, several months ago I felt a vibration in the front end. The axle nut was loose on the right. I re-torqued the nut to specs and even safety wired it too. Replacing the bearing is a job but it can be done with a press and a tool to remove the ball joints. Happy driving!! MJ9981
  • alexstorealexstore Posts: 264
    I have 05 maxima SE.. On highway alone I get 33-35 mpg, now funny part,while driving @64 i save more than while driving @ 59. As an average I get 24-27 mpg with 10% city and 90 % highway ( this actually depends on a day of the week as I get stuck in traffic for 2-2.5 hr on almost every friday) I Use Gold from BP. Exxon mobil- i somehow get less by 1-2 mpg.
  • my 2000 maxima has 147,000 miles. I was getting 22-24 mpg until last week. It runs a little rough, but still has good pickup but my mpg went below 20 (highway). Can anybody help.
  • I have a 2003 Max SE with 44k miles. Luckily, zero mx problems so far, only routine oil changes and a new set of tires at 34k. MPG in the city is 18 and mixed city/hwy is 22. Open road highway driving for 500 miles i have gotten 26-28 mpg driving 70mph. Two points: (1) the trip computer mpg is always 2-3 mpg wrong (high) (2) I have experimented with regular and mid-grade gas and have always found that the mpg suffers by ~2 mpg plus performance is not as spirited (also get occasional knock). So while premium does cost more, the car does run better. FWIW, I find BP gas (93 octane) works well in my Max. Also FWIW, Shell V-power made it knock much worse than any other gas.
  • cmyawncmyawn Posts: 36
    I have a 2007 Maxima SE, and I get about 23 mpg in mixed-use driving so far (only on my 4th tank). I have a slight problem in that the low fuel light comes on and the "DTE" (Distance to empty) on the computer warns I am nearly out of fuel, but when I fill up it only takes about 16 gallons (and the tank is spec'd to hold 20 gallons).

    Is this behavior typical? I am used to other vehicles where the DTE is very accurate. Is there an adjustment that can be made at the dealership to improve the accuracy?

  • alexstorealexstore Posts: 264
    First thing first. Never drive in low gas, dangerous.
    I had similar situation and even though it was showing 40 miles left in 26 mpg (hey it was new. I can get 30-35 in highway driving alone) a full tank was about 14.5 gallons.
    DTE is estimate so if I were you , i will fill up @ 1/2-1/3 of tank.
  • I just bought a 2007 Maxima SE with 20,000 miles on it. It was a rental with 20K on it and sold for 21,900, a great price. But the first time the gas tank light was showing Empty and I filled it up, it only held 14 gallons. I'm scared. Did they stick a Sentra tank in by mistake? Is the gas tank guage so innacurate? I'm somewhat comforted to see that others like you have a similar problem. If you've found any tenable explanations, let me know.

    Jeff McMahon
    Torrance, CA
  • alexstorealexstore Posts: 264
    When I go for fill up, depending on a gas station, I get different amount of gas. My assumption to be on safe side , Nissan decided to have low fuel indication on empty while you have 3 gallons in your tank. If I were you, I would never allow my car to be low on gas. The lowest, I try to avoid is being at 3/4. I Usually fill up @ 1/2 tank or more.
  • debatingdebating Posts: 14
    ....stack up against the Maxima? With the base engine or the 3.5? Reliability and satisfaction with the car?

    Curious, we have a 2000 SE Maxima that still impresses. But quite frankly the Altima fits our needs better today, and I like the looks of the new Altima better.
  • Good advice. But I'm going to have the gas gauge checked since there should not be a six-gallon disparity. The car gets leather put in this week and they're going to check the gauge. I suspect it needs to be fixed.
  • I bought a 2007 Maxima 3 days ago but my intention was to buy a 2007 Altima. However, after driving them both, I realized the Altima felt cheap compared to the luxury of the Maxima. I bought my 2007 rental Maxima for 21,900, so I recommend getting an almost-new Maxima (you can get low mile ones for low 20s) over a new Altima.
  • craig777craig777 Posts: 4
    Hello... My name is Craig.. I live in Santa Monica ..

    I happened to read your posting...I have been wanting to have an extended test drive in the 2007 maximum ...

    You mentioned that you had bought your maximum from a local car rental place ?

    Could you please tell me the name and location of the car rental place so that I might rent a car for a day or two to really get a good feel for it..

    Thanks for your assistance ...
  • Craig, The Power Nissan Torrance dealership acquired the rental car. It was a 2007 with 20,000 miles. I don't think you will have to find a rental car to get a similar price. You should be able to find an 05 or 06 Maxima with low miles in the low 20K range. You will see several with these specs on I recommend leather as cloth seats retain odors and are hard to keep clean. The car rides like a Lexus GS for half the price. You do compromise on gas mileage however. You'll get high teens in town and mid twenties on the freeway.

    Best luck,

  • jg28jg28 Posts: 257
    The trip computer for Altimas or Maximas will consistently give you faulty information regarding MPG. Do it yourself. Most likely, you'll be disappointed. My trip computer (2002 Maxima) consistently says I'm getting 24-29 mpg but I've never done better than 24 (okay 23.7) when actually computing it. The low fuel warning is skittish since I've driven on what I thought was fumes and have never put more than 17 gallons in my 18.5 gallon tank.
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