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Honda Accord Hybrid Owners: Meet the Members



  • s2khahs2khah Posts: 26
    Don't worry about the loss of fuel mileage. It will be not noticeable. If you remove the compressor and its plastic housing (or not) and put the tire in the car it will not be any more than having a suitcase in the trunk or a case or two of beer(he!He!).
    You will get better mileage once you get a handle for driving the car easily and only kicking in the 255 HP when you need it. Just keep in mind to use gentle acceleration and little movement on the gas pedal unless you are doing something that requires power.
    Keep an eye on the "ECO" green light on the speedometer. The more you can keep that ECO light the more you will improve your mpg's. The ECO light is on when the engine is in the 3 cylinder mode of operation (instead of 6) and is the key to getting the mpg's up there.
    Good luck and we love our HAH.
  • thanks for the info!! Happy hybrid driving!!! :)
  • I have a 2005 Accord Hybrid and had the same feelings about not having a spare tire. I found that a full size spare would NOT fit into the tire well with enough room to close the floorboard cover. I purchased a Mini-spare tire and rim from my dealer (not available at tire stores) for $151.00. The 05 Canadian Accord Hybrid comes with the Mini-spare included. There is a foam cover for the mini-spare that Honda sells for $60.00 that is needed to support the floorboard cover. I used a piece of 1/2" plywood to cover the spare and support the floorboard cover. Works just fine. The inner rim area of the mini spare is used for the jack assembly. You also need to order a bolt and an adapter to hold down the mini-spare ($8.50) . I also have a can of pressurized fix-a flat in place of the tire pump.
  • I have the silver frost. I must say I am disappointed in my decision to go w/ silver instead of my USUAL boring WHITE. My last 3 cars have been white (living in FL, need light color for the heat). I decided to go silver for a change but the Silver Frost color on my new HAH sometimes looks blue in the sun and I don't like blue cars. Wondering what the most popular color for HAH's are. anyone want to trade white for my silver?? LOL just kidding...i'll get used to it... OTHERWISE, I love this car. very smooth ride and more fun to drive than my last 2004 maxima. love the MPG and feel like I am doing my part to help the environment. (i'll probably upgrade in 2 years to the newer HAH with sunroof and get a white one!!) :)
  • I traded in my Escalade ESV and CTS-V for two Honda Accords 1 HAH and 1 EX 4 Banger. I was just sick and tired of fuel prices between myself and the wife over $1000 a month in fuel. I drove the HAH I actually enjoy driving and seeing what I can get for MPG. I am getting 27 mpg 60 miles per day 1/2 city other half HW. Also anyone out there that cares I had the HAH at 132 est mph had to slow down curve.
  • Mine is silver frost too. Bought it for the blue tinge it has, subtly different from regular silver.
  • I have a white HAH that I bought in early October. White and silver are my favorites being in south Texas, for the same reasons that they are yours. Just too hot for anything else around here. I love the silver frost look, but I bought my HAH on an impulse. Just saw it sitting on the lot when I went to get my 2002 EX V6 serviced, and got a great trade-in for my old car. Plus, it was one of the two right colors. I'd take you up on your offer to trade colors, but I have really become attached to the maple and tan console and my paint looks incredible with the 5-star shine I just put on it! (That's a paint protection I got off the internet and hired someone to detail my car with, bugs and bird stuff just wash right off)

    I LOVE driving this car, and the body style is getting sexier every day I see it. This is the perfect car for me, someone who has to drive 50 miles each way to work, has a lead foot and loves performance, comfort and luxury!
  • Hi! Wish they had a white one at the time I bought mine. I do like the gray and silver interior on the silver frost model though. Still just don't like the silver frost color. I'm thinking about trading up when the 2006's come out to get a pearl white one and sunroof! The car really is fun to drive and very smooth. I have been averaging 32 mpg total. My drive to work is 35 miles one way, which I do about 16 days a month. Most is highway. I now have 4000 miles on mine! Happy New Year!! :blush:
  • Folks,

    I bought the 05 Accord Hybrid for $25K on 01/01/06. It is a very good deal but I am only getting 20mpg max. I currently have around 500 miles. Will this mileage ever go up
  • Wow!!! :blush: :surprise: I think my driving is not as good. I am only getting around 20mpg. Also the "AUTO STOP" function is pretty annoying. The stoping and starting gets jerky due to this Auto stop. Can some body tell me how the mpg is calculated. Also how to improve the mpg
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Hi Desidriver:

    Does your Accord Hybrid have NAVI, extended warranty and some other extra accessories? How much is out-the-door price? What state are you in? Thanks.

    The MGP should be 29 mixed - 37 highway as the EPA rating. In the winter MPG is a bit lower due to required extra substance in fuel. MPG also depends on your driving style. Kids usually get very low MPG (22 - 25).
  • HI PHX. Well, my mileage MPG's got better after my first 2,000 miles or so I put on the car. You have to try not to accelerate fast and keep the ECO light on as much as possible to get better mileage. there's more info on how to get better mileage on the other forum, hybrid real numbers....I can get around 39 on highway, 32 on city driving. Not bad for a V-6.
    On another post about how to get good MPG, their advice was to act like there is an egg between your foot and the pedal.. seems to help. Good luck!!
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    That was my "egg advive" jaxflygirl. You do "egg tatics" better than me now.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Long live "Eggy tricks". Long live Queen Jaxflygirl, Mistress of "Eggy Gang", The One and Only.
  • hi
    new member, names dan
    thinking of getting a HAH after hearing about all the incentives )$3k cdn off from honda)+ ($1k from gvt) so it works out less than ex v6
    also glad 06 has sunroof, im going this week to see what i can get for my 03 mini cooper s(18 k km) (great car) but im thinking of something bigger

    glad to mett you all, ive read every post you have, im very excited, hope to be a reg member soon!
    mississauga, ontario, canada
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,690
    Welcome to the Forum Dan. Do they have the 2006 HAH in Canada yet? Sounds like they are held up from the US market for a couple more months. Let us know how you like the car when you get it.
  • hi
    well the salesman said i can go for a test drive next week, so i hope they have one!
  • Hi everybody....What do y'all think about the new 07 hybrid camry that's coming out? From the pictures I've seen, I think I like it better than my 05 HAH, especially the interior. Major plus is the high horsepower 4 cyl. with the awesome mileage they are posting. may have to trade...won't know until I actually drive one...They aren't due in until late march. :confuse:
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    If I were Jaxflygirl I would not trade it in for the Camry hybrid for the following reasons:

    - HAH's power is greater than he Camry hybrid.
    - Camry hybrid quality has not been proven.
    - Honda has much more experience in hybrid technology.
    - I will buy a HAH '06.
    - The '06 regular Camry was given 6/ 10 by MSN's male auto critic while the female critic gave it 9.5/ 10.
    - It's true that the 3,800 lbs HAH hybrid is so light like a feather which flies on the road.
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