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Honda Accord Hybrid Care & Maintenance



  • r_ace1r_ace1 Posts: 5
    Raytx, if you have a warranty with Honda check with their warranty department. They might allow you to change out the oil before the 15,000k mile mark. As long as you show documentation that the oil and oil filter was changed.
    As for me, I just purchased a used 05 Accord Hybrid on the 9 of June, it comes with a 100,000k mile warranty but I'll be talking to the warranty dept about the oil, transmission, and other fluids. If I could change them out myself I would. It's cheaper to do it yourself and you know what you're putting in your ride.
    So far I'm impressed with Honda's design for the Accord Hybrid. My only concern is with the IMA batteries (see new topic regarding IMA batteries).

    Hope the above info helps
  • sewteksewtek Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    Really love the car, but while driving cross country, when letting up on the gas, we experienced a "growl" or vibration which sounded almost like the sub-woofer for the stereo, or like rumble strip in the road. Realized it was the car. Only noticable around the 45-50 mph range. Been to the transmission shop and they serviced, ie. filter, fluid etc. They couldn't get it to do it again, however, less than 24 hours later this returned.

    Also, the Gas economy display has disappeared and will not reset as the manual states.

    Any ideas?

  • rhand3rhand3 Posts: 2
    All the Accord Hybrids have this problem. It's the Active Noise Cancellation problem. Your dealer should know about it. I have yet to find an after market solution.
  • jbo3jbo3 Posts: 5
    The growling noise is sometimes referred to as a harmonic drone. I have a 2005 HAH and I had the same trouble. The hybrid engine makes the noise when it shut down 3 of the cylinders. The noise originates from the exhaust headers. When 3 cylinders shut down, the headers become untuned and the noise is generated. The engineers at Honda are aware of the problem and countered the noise issue with an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system. The ANC works using the audio system in the car by creating a 50 Hz sound exactly 180 degrees out of phase with the header sound effectively cancelling out the untuned header noise. The noise is still there but you won't hear it.

    Most dealerships are unaware of the issue or the fix. Your ANC is probably turned off. The fix is to reset the ANC to the on setting. To do this press and hold the on switch on the radio and press and hold the tuning switch at the same time. Look in the heads up display for ANC Then while the two switches are held down, press the scan button. You should see ANC ON or ANC OFF. By pressing the scan button repeatedly the display will toggle between ANC on and off.

    This procedure fixed my harmonic drone but if you turn on the ANC and the sound doesn't stop, your ANC may need to be replaced. That'll cost you because the stereo speakers and the ANC are matched. Good luck.
  • I am really disappointed in the gas mileage my hybrid is getting. On a road trip, I watched it drop from 34 when I was doing 65 MPH to 25 when I was averaging 75 MPH... you almost can't do less on the interstates. I called my Honda dealer in a panic, thinking something was wrong. They didn't take the call; I left a message on the machine, and they never called back. Both Honda dealers where I live are... not helpful, let's say. Around town, I'm only getting about 24. I got much better gas mileage with a Nissan. Anyway, does anyone have a clue on this? The car has 80,000 miles on it, reasonable tires altho not the Pilot Exaltos I now know I should have put on. I had the noise problem, which has been solved, thank heavens.
  • snowtrackssnowtracks Posts: 1
    edited September 2012
    I would also describe the noise I hear in my 2005 HAH as a harmonic drone. However, my HAH does not have a heads-up display. Can someone give a more detailed description of how to switch ANC ON and OFF? Thanks.
  • emmy6emmy6 Posts: 4
    I purchased my '06 HAH in Nov 2007 with 7000 miles. I was averaging around 29 mpg mixed in town/hwy for the 1st years. It was not the best but considered ok for a V6. When I took trips, I would reset and get upto 39 mpg hwy. Overtime, I have noticed a decline in the mpg. I am now getting 23/24mpg in town, 25 mpg mixed, and 30 mpg straight hwy. I am avid with the maintance schedule thru the local dealership and have Michelin tires. Aside from the disappointing gas mileage, I have really loved this car. I prefer the '03-'07 Accord models (hybrid and non hybrids) to the '08-'12 models. A new model has been released this year and haven't seen it yet. Has anyone else had the same issue the mpg?
  • tonysonytonysony Posts: 2
    My miles per gallon dropped dramatically in my '05 HAH. I was averaging 10 miles per gallon less than usual and my engine light started coming on for no reason. The dealer did a software upgrade to my hybrid battery and my engine light went off however my miles per gallon remained very low (27 mpg or so). About a month later my engine light and integrated motor assist lights came back on. Miles per gallon dropped to around 23 mpg. I took it in about a month later and they checked the hybrid battery again and said it was defective and would be replaced under warranty. I'm picking it up today and we'll see how the repair went.
  • scm74scm74 Posts: 5
    How's the MPG since you picked up the car with the replaced battery? So was your battery replaced within the 80K warranty? I have 120K on mine and just took in my car to the dealer this week. Honda is chipping in for repairs and I'll be paying about $500 instead of the $3K typical replacement cost. Was told the battery pack is "remanufactured", but confirmed w/Honda that the cells are brand new and only the casing is re-used. Hoping to get many more years out of my HAH.
  • srasorsrasor Posts: 1
    I too have a 2005 Hybrid with the harmonic drone. I tried your recommended solution but pressing and holding the radio power and tuning buttons simultaneously did not get me to any view of the ANC on/off options - it just played the radio. I hope you can help me at least try your recommendation with different instructions so I can avoid the $800 ANC unit and Speaker replacement my dealer is quoting. Othewise, I may just try to avoid 25, 40, and 55 mph speeds when the drone kicks in. Thanks
  • I have a 2005 HAH with only 31,000 on it. Put a new regular (100 month) battery in it in November of last year. Now IMA and motor icons are starting to light up again. Last week it would not start. I had the IMA reinitialized, etc. but it is still showing the icons. and I am told that the big battery is weak and will need replacement soon. For the last year, it really has not seen much activity (and I guess you can say that it has not been overworked in general). I bought it in March of 2005, but they say that the warranty has expired. What's the best way to go?
  • I have EXACTLY the same problem. 2006 Honda Accord Hybrid with 29-32 mpg for years; 39 on extended highway trips. Have 75,000+ miles and thru last year mpg has gone down to 21-23 mpg. Went to local dealer and he has offered to replace with Honda warranted IPA for almost $600. You say it cost you nothing! How did that happen? Can you give me a hint how you achieved it? Thanks
  • My wife and I are experiencing the same problems with our 2006 Honda Accord Hybrid. The dealer is offering us a replacement IPA for about $600. Can you explain how you were able to receive a warranted replacement at no cost to you? Any suggestions on how you go about achieving? You didn't say how many miles were on your vehicle. Ours has 75,000.
    Your message also only said you were picking up the battery, but didn't say how it went. How has it been going?
  • genealgeneal Posts: 2
    I am looking for comments. My 2005 Accord hybrid with only 31,000 miles on it has been acting very strange lately. The Honda shop told me that I probably needed a new battery pack, but the IMA was given a “reinitialization” to see if that would solve the problem. Since then I have been watching the battery report on the dashboard very closely. The Engine icon is on and the IMA icon has been on and off and now on again. Here are my observations on a recent 17 mile test run.

    Started with 5 bars and in less than a mile, it dropped to 3 and then 2 and just as quickly went up to 6 and 5, then again just as quickly to 2 and 1. (Small charging started to show after the drops while doing normal driving, but sometimes coasting or braking showed no charging.) It next got up to 4 and then I pulled over to make some notes and the reading went up to 6. When I resumed it went to 5 for a while and then I noticed that it was doing some small charging on normal driving (but nothing on coasting or braking). Next thing it was 3 bars and all charging scenarios were at work. It then went to 6 bars and I called it quits. It seldom went one bar at a time. Also. The assist indicator only shows action for less than a second at a time and eve that doesn’t happen often. My opinion is that it is still a computer problem.

    Here’s a little history. Back in April of 2008 after 16,432 miles, the car would not start and I was told that it needed a new battery. A 100 month battery was installed. Then in November of 2012 with the mileage at 30,385, when the car would not start, I was told that that 100 month battery was bad. On November 30, 2012, once again, the battery was replaced.

    Finally in September of this year with the mileage around 30,900, the same problem occurred, and I was given the new battery pack recommendation. Of course, it was pointed out to me that at this point, in 2013, the warranty has expired.

    Any thoughts?
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