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Ford Freestyle Maintenance and Repair



  • coldcrankercoldcranker Posts: 877
    One more thing to add:

    I communicated this question to the son of the engineer who led the original development for the basic ZF design, and he is asking his dad about this. I'll post his answer later should I get it and compare it with the brainiacs who might answer this here. I'm certainly going to learn something here, and hope you all will too.

    From the Mini Cooper CVT transmission article PDF file to download here..., page 21

    "Pressure is supplied to the secondary pulley to ensure that there is always adequate clamping force onto the belt for all load conditions. A solenoid valve influences the secondary pressure control valve, optimising the pressure and hence the clamping force.
    Optimisation of this pressure improves fuel consumption.
    The working valves in this area are the secondary valve, the exhaust secondary valve, and a PWM solenoid secondary valve."
  • saabturboidsaabturboid Posts: 178
    Ok boys and girls, my '05 Freestyle is almost to 60,000 miles. Typically I don't go to the new car dealers for service unless I have to, but I've decided for the 60,000 mile service I had better go to a Ford dealer because of the special nature of the CVT, which requires a fluid change at 60,000 miles.

    One of the reasons I eschew dealers for these types of services is they tend to pad the list of things needed to be done so you walk out of there paying for things the manufacturer doesn't even call for.

    Would anyone who has had their 60,000 mile service be willing to share what was done and what the total cost was? I want to go into the dealer armed with as much accurate info as possible because I suspect they may try and slip a few extra services past me.

    Thank you,

  • jrmustjrmust Posts: 17

    Just got a call from my Dealer on the stalling and cutting off issue. According to the data recorded information I collected, the diagnostic tests show that just a split second before the incident happens, it loses a connection/contact with the sensor in the accelator causing it to either stall or shut off all together. Unfortunately not covered by my warranty but in this case the cutting off and stalling is far more dangerous for me and my family than a few hundred bucks. In the 18th months I've had this Freestyle and had this issue, this is the first time I've had to fork out money. Thus far, the instrument cluster, and 3 coils have been replaced trying to resolve this issue all on Ford. Hope this resolves my issue.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,960
    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide will estimate what your service should cost for your zip code.

    And you can always tell the dealer to do the things on your list - if you say "do the 60k service", you'll wind up with a $1,000+ bill, summer air in the tires, shiny new lug nuts, waxed headrests and a headliner cleaning!

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  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    Here's all you need: Change the transmission fluid and fuel filter (you can do the air filter yourself). Now where you might get ripped off is when they do their free inspections of everything else and tell you that something else needs replacing. But it should cost more than $150 to get the transmission fluid and fuel filter replaced.

    Change transmission fluid and high pressure case filter (CVT)
    Inspect automatic transmission fluid level (if equipped with underhood dipstick)
    Replace fuel filter
    Replace engine air filter

    Perform multi-point inspection
    Inspect and lubricate all non-sealed steering linkage,ball joints,suspension joints,half and drive-shafts and u-joints
    Inspect brake pads/shoes/rotors/drums, brake lines and hoses, and parking brake system
    Inspect complete exhaust system and heat shields
    Inspect engine cooling system and hoses
    Change engine oil and replace oil filter (Up to 5 quarts of oil. Perform at specified mileage interval or every 6 months, whichever occurs first)
    Rotate and inspect tires; check wheel end play and turning noise
  • saabturboidsaabturboid Posts: 178
    Thanks bobw3 and steve. By the way, my local Ford dealer is having a special this month on re-calibrated piston return springs and re-packed muffler bearings. I'm just glad they said they'll top off the blinker fluid for free.... ;)

    - Chad
  • coldcrankercoldcranker Posts: 877
    Does anybody out there know if it is easy to drain and refill the CVT fluid DIY-style? Also, is the CVT filter easy to get to and replace? Somebody with access to a Ford CVT shop manual might know.
  • coldcrankercoldcranker Posts: 877
    Shouldn't they fix it on warranty? You have had this problem for over a year (assuming your mileage was under 36,000 when you first reported it), and they have been fumbling the diagnosis since. I would ask the Ford zone office for consideration in paying for this. The new non-mechanical, all electric throttle pedal is to blame (if that is the case), and it is Ford's fault for not fixing it sooner when you first reported it.
  • bruneau1bruneau1 Posts: 468
    i would not attempt to service the CVT myself. The procedure is much more complicated than a regular automatic. Get the complete procedure from Ford and you will see. And more than the filter and fluid must be changed and specific tools are required. I even have doubts about Ford dealers under the current conditions, but that is your best bet especially if you go to a dealer who has done it.
  • coldcrankercoldcranker Posts: 877
    Anybody out there have the shop manual steps for a CVT fluid+filter change (the 60,000 mile service one)? I hope they didn't make it difficult.

    If you're not convinced the Ford techs are good enough, similar ZF-brand CVTs are in Audi and Mini-Cooper (BMW) cars. Those dealerships should have the best mechanics around, and could likely service the Freestyle version of the ZF-designed CVT.
  • jrmustjrmust Posts: 17
    Hi coldcranker

    Thanks for the tip. I called the Dealer to remind them the problem started under warranty and would appreciate anything they could do to have that covered. They just called and it's ready for pick up at no charge. I just hope that this fixes the problem. Will keep you posted.
  • tpbctpbc Posts: 13
    My Brakes on 05 FWD Freestyle are degraded. My Meinecke (high quality tech) found seepage inside the rear calipers. I am "outside" the 3 years on my warranty but inside the 36,000 miles as I am at 29,988 miles today. I assume the seepage and slight drag on rear brakes was caused by the exposure to moisture during manufacture that was explained by Ford's letter received last year. (BTW-Ford dealer tech checked my brakes in October 2007 after I received letter from Ford and apparently checked just the pads (7 mm) but not the interior of the caliper)

    Does anyone believe that the leakage inside the caliper was caused by anything other than the "exposure to moisture" detailed by Ford letter of 2007?

    I do not want to spend $400 on rear brakes at under 30,000 miles.
  • jjp1118jjp1118 Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem. I found today that the bracket on the right side of the engine is busted. I called ford and they cannot get me the part till September. They say that there is a problem with the mfg. And the part is on back order. I do not know if this will help you. If you get any answers let me know please.
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    Responding to my own question, the flex pipe was bad, had it replaced yesterday and the rattle/vibration sound is gone. The flex pipe attaches to the Y pipe and allows the exhaust system to move preventing stress on the manifold. Work was done under warranty.
  • The awd malfunction alert has started coming on just recently. There is also a clunk when cornering and over small bumps. Can these 2 things be related? Is it steering, suspension or somthing else? Anyone have any ideas?
  • I've had mine for 2 1/2 years now, with no problems, and just routine maintenance. I'm loving the extra MPGs the CVT gets me now.
  • heltonhelton Posts: 56
    I have had my 2006 FWD Freestyle for two years now, and aside from a middle seat problem, there have been no mechanical problems. On the other hand, the car only has 15,000 miles on it. We have a 2007 Honda Accord Hybrid that gets most of the use in our family. The Honda gets great gas mileage, looks good, it’s comfortable and fun to drive. The Freestyle gets good highway mileage when driven between 55 and 65 mph. Otherwise, the mileage is about the same as my old 1996 Explorer.
  • My 2005 has 84K on it now. I just had the fuel filter replaced today (third time--I figure it can't hurt), have kept up with my oil changes and use synthetic oil (not to open a can of worms :P ). I have the middle seat problem, too, and someone got stuck in the way back last week--not good. Fortunately, the person was nimble, so he could climb out the back hatch. We have tried everything to fix it, and nothing has worked, including slamming down really hard on the rare time that we could actually get the seat down. It's maddening and is affecting my ability to use the car the way I need to. Frustrating, but still the best car I've ever had. My MPG is 27 highway, 23 around town. Not bad, considering all the space and comfort we have. If the seat would just not work, and keep on not working, that would be easier to get the dealer to fix it than the intermittent problem it is now (doesn't work about 80% of the time). My husband has better luck with it, but not much.

    Glad you are enjoying yours and the mileage works out for you.
  • heltonhelton Posts: 56
    There is a Ford technical service bulletin on the middle seat thing. I took a copy of it to my dealer and they fixed the problem. The TSB number is 06-26-3. A copy of it is posted at:
    Good luck.
  • Thank you so much! I did a Google search awhile back, and the actual one didn't come up for some reason. This is perfect, because it's dated Dec. 2006, but the dealer here gives me the deer-in-the-headlights look every time I tell I bring the car in. It's now out of warranty, but it sure wasn't when I started bringing it in. My husband is going to take the TSB in (because these guys swear it doesn't exist) and demand they replace the mechanism. The young man getting trapped in the back was the final straw. I have a car seat in the 40 side, so getting him out that way, while doable, was not optional. I'll keep you posted, and thanks again!
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