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Ford Freestyle Maintenance and Repair



  • nutabugnutabug Posts: 8
  • Have 06 Freestyle with 70,000. Same acceleration problem and wrench light on the dash, high RPM's without engine power to dealership. Had to leave that dealer and go across town and it cranked and ran like a top. Had it checked anyway, and the throttle body is broken, no part available. Am waiting for Ford CS to call me back within the 2 day period. I was allowed a loaner due to having family with close ties to the dealer. Ford contacted them the day I called CS to verify the problem. I hoping I get answers when they return my call. I'll also be reporting it to NHSTA.

    By the way...I rear ended someone last spring while I was stopped at a signal. It was sudden and unexpected. I just assumed it was my fault, but now I'm not so sure.
  • lcjesselcjesse Posts: 30
    i would see the the Ford dealer can do Fuel Induction service 1st, or find someone who can and see if that fixes it 1st. If not, at least it is clean and then the TB can be installed. Yours is the first accident I've heard of. I wrote to Ford CS this week-end and recommended they have dealers try Fuel induction service and see if it works and if it does to proactively notify owners of problem and fix.
    Good luck. So far I've had mine back for 5 days in 97 degree weather with A/C going full blast and not ONE lurch.
    I also update my case with the NHTSA site with what fixed my car. It seems like a simple fix that they don't look for because the diagnostic test point to the Throttle body. But bet the TB looks bad because it is not getting what it needs to function correctly due the the build up in the fuel system.
  • Just left my Ford dealership, and within one hour of leaving the dealership the car did the same thing. Also was in Little Rock yesterday sitting at a red light, my husband had his foot on the brake, and the car revved up to approx 1200 rpms, and tried to surge forward, almost rearended the car in front of us. I called Ford Back, and they yet to do anything about the situation. I am contacting the Better Business Bureau, 800-955-5100 and reporting this issue to them as well. I have contacted NHTSA, Arkansas Atty General's office, and seriously considering contacting a lawyer as well.
  • aishac7aishac7 Posts: 5
    My Ford dealership just returned my Freestyle after almost 3 weeks awaiting a throttle body. Now that it has been replaced, my car drives great. I know how scary/dangerous that surging is. My last straw was when I almost hit the gas attendant. I'm surprised Ford Motor Company has not intervened on your behalf. After sending an email on the Ford site, "the company" called the service station. That's when things started happening. I had a loaner for the duration since I didn't feel safe driving my car, and they expedited the shipment of the part. I hope they do the same for you.
  • lcjesselcjesse Posts: 30
    glad that you fianlly got your car back and it is driving great. Look at the "Ford Freestyle Lots of problems" forum. There have been 2 owners who had the TB replaced and w/in 3 months the problem re-appeared., One even had the TB replaced x2 and still rear-ended someone at an intersection when it lurched forward 2 weeks after the replacement. We all need to be aware that our problem may re-occur. So far i have had mine back for 1 week after the Fuel Induction service only and no problems. I am not letting up on Ford on this problem.
  • bjackm2bjackm2 Posts: 1
    Looks like I have the same issue as everyone else. The Dealer (Bankston Ford) tells me our car is unsafe to drive as is, as if I didn't already know this! Then they tell the new version of throttle body for the Freestyle will not be available till Aug 31st. That leaves us with a car that is unsafe to drive for over three weeks and all the dealer has offered to do for us is lock it up on their lot till they can get the part. Then to add insult to injury they tell me the Extended Warranty we purchased for $2,445.00 will not cover the throttle body. A known defective part creates an unsafe driving condition that involes sudden accelartion, stalling and lurching and all Ford will offer to do is store the car till the replacement is available. Go figure! I bet they pruchased their throttle bodys from Toyota!
  • lcjesselcjesse Posts: 30
    Join the rest of us and call NHTSA 1-888-327-4236 and report your issue. We should not let up on this as 1) it is unsafe to drive our cars and 2) Ford needs to step up to the plate and figure out what the problem really is. I have read from at least 2 owners who got Throttle bodies replaced and w/in 3 months had the lurching again. On even rear-ended a truck when stopped at an intersection
  • Hoping to get some advice here. I've got a 2005 Freestyle that just turned 60K and after reading up on the CVT service procedure I decided to take it to the dealer for the service. I was skeptical from the beginning about the service because of what I had read, so when I changed the oil tonight I was looking under the car to see if I could tell if they had replaced the high pressure filter. Sadly, it doesn't look like they replaced the filter and my invoice only lists the fluid under 'Parts', no filter.. I had read that the trans mount had to be removed to get access to the filter and it doesn't look like it's been touched. I did manage to check the fluid on the dipstick with a clean paper towel and and was pretty light (as opposed to dirty). I tried to do the right thing and have a dealer do the work and now I'm afraid they didn't do it properly. I can call and question it, but what else can I do? I'm taking the car on a VERY long road trip tomorrow too.
    The service was very expensive and I can't believe they would charge me 192.61 for parts (fluid). :confuse:
  • You should absolutely confront the dealer. Since you have some pretty hard evidence that the HP filter was not changed out, you should demand to know why it wasn't. It is clearly called for at the 60k CVT service. Don't allow them to try to explain it away with some B.S. If they are a reputable dealer they will admit their error and apologize.
  • I took my 2007 Ford Freestyle into the dealer today to have it looked at because it was lurching and not getting enough power. It was diagnosed with ...BAD THROTTLE BODY...and the mechanic had the nerve to suggest that it only happens to cars that aren't maintained properly by the owners. My vehicle has just under 50K miles on it, and has been really well maintained. The cost to fix this problem is ONLY $1,188.93, and it cost me another $99 to actually diagnose the issue.

    When I wouldn't give a go-ahead for the fix, the mechanic warned me that it's really unsafe to drive the car. He said that my current lack of control will quickly increase and even turn into major acceleration with the inability to stop. He even cautioned me that the "the engine could seize" if I drove.

    When I got home, I looked up the problem on the internet and found that I wasn't the only person who had the bad throttle issue, but the potential charge I was given appeared high compared to the numbers other people were charged (maybe because I'm a woman?).

    The mechanic called me one last time and said he'd work on getting the price down to help me out.

    So, now I know it's not MY poor maintenance problems, but obviously a design flaw with the throttle body on the freestyle. I'm very nervous about driving the car, so I'm hoping that another dealership will actually do the right thing and help me get this addressed for a decent price or replace the defective part for free. Has anyone else had any luck with getting Ford to step up and remedy this problem? If it's so common hopefully they have started to work on the issue.

    I'm not sure if I should take it to a honest mechanic who works in town or let the Ford crew do the repairs since they're so used to do this. Any insight you can provide would be really helpful.

  • Well, I went to the dealer/owner with the problem and sent him all of the posts I d from this web site. If there wasn't a problem then why is the throttle body backordered? I was told the same thing about the dangers of driving the car. I would not Pay more than $600 for the repair including diagnotics and the labor. Call Billy Howell Ford Cumming and Ga. Ask for Charlie and dont tell him where you live just tell him the car, make , and problem and you would like to know if he ever heard of the problem and what his price to repair. THEN call your dealership back and tell him. I would also report this to the NTSB. I really thought this was dangerous because the car kept jumping. I traded the car last weel:(. I really did love it.
  • lcjesselcjesse Posts: 30
    it is frustrating and UNSAFE. Mine got much worse after i had to have the A/C compressor replaced. From what research i have done, i ended up having FUEL INDUCTION cleaning done, (google it) based on the experienced of another owner (danalln, i believe it is on this forum or It has been 3 weeks and i have not had a problem and it only cost me $125. I would much rather pay that and get just as good a result as paying $700-1000 and still have it happen again. I have read where 2 owners had the throttle body replace and then had the lurching reappear within 3 weeks of replacement.
    good luck
  • lcjesselcjesse Posts: 30
    i hope you got a decent trade-in value on it.
    before i got mine fixed (with Fuel Induction service, not replacing the throttle body) i was almost to the point of trading it in but hated to think of the next buyer being unaware of the problem and having an accident. Mine has been driving great since i had the service done but you'd better believe that i am always paying close attention to what my car does every time i come to a stop and i always try to allow more space than normal between me and the car in front just in case.
    It is awful to be afraid to drive your own car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Just passed 90k on my '07 Freestyle. On my third set of tires now (I now have a nice set of Hankook tires - good reviews online - $420 total.). The first set of tires were really, really bad. Just a great car. I'm going to the dealer tomorrow for some routine maintenance (they are actually cheaper than the local independent - who knew?). I have had 2 phone calls from Ford already wanting to show me new cars. I told them that the deal would have to be sooo good that I would have to be a fool not to do the deal. I'll let you know how it goes.. I have no intention of trading in, so this should be fun.

    Acceleration problems were fixed without any further problems by having a fuel induction service completed. :)
  • good to hear from you. I am now at 63000 miles on mine and have not had 1 "lurch" since getting the fuel induction done 5 months ago. Thanks again for the recommendation on that. Did just have to have new brakes all around. Only 11 more payments to go. I hope i don't have any more major work to do on it til it's paid off. Brakes x2, tires, air conditioner, almost a throttle body replacement is a little much to have to fix. Hoping to get at least 120K out of this car.
  • lydia4lydia4 Posts: 1
    I have an 07 Freestyle and had the throttle body sensor replaced in Oct '10 and new cv joints in Nov' 10. My car started shaking as I accelerated. We replaced the joints thinking they were faulty but that happened again, and again and again. We had the transmission checked- no filings. An engineer from the company that produces the joints came to the little garage in our tiny town to check the specs of the joints and many other parts of the car to try and diagnose the problem. Nothing. We've had Ford certified mechanics look at the car--nothing. The car only shakes when I accelerate but now after 4 replacement joints the car has a vibration even at a cruising speed. Any ideas?
  • danallandanallan Posts: 30
    Past 97k miles now. The A/C compressor died a slow death. With everything, the dealer wanted $1450 to repair. I asked politely if he could do anything with the price......he knocked off $200.

    Anybody else have an A/C die on them? the dealer said this was very rare....
  • pegkpegk Posts: 11
    Did you ever find the source/cause of this water leakage, and were you ever able to get it repaired? I have a 2005 Ford Freestyle that has been leaking on the passenger side back seat area for the about the last 3 years. I live in Pittsburgh, PA, so I usually notice this most in the spring and fall. Duing the winter the water stays mostly frozen and during the summer is evaportates. I definitely notice it after it rains. I have the carpet in the back seat pulled back and have stuck blocks under the padding to help it dry out, but anytime we get a good rain, I have a puddle back there, which naturally sloshes up to the front seat passenger side as soon as I drive up and down hills.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    An AC compressor repair is nothing unusual for any car, but you really should have found someone other than the dealer to repair and saved some money. I'd use the dealer if you had a transmission problem, because the Freestyle's CVT transmission is pretty unique, but for something common like an AC compressor, any shop can fix it.
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