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Ford Freestyle Maintenance and Repair



  • jen124jen124 Posts: 1
    Thanks for this post. I bought a 2005 Ford Freestyle in March of this year and I am noticing the surge in reverse and when I am in drive with my foot on the brake. I will definitely take your advice. Another problem that I see is that the engine rattles and goes crazy when turning around in tight places. I like my car but if performance were smoother, I would not be thinking of changing it already.
  • I just bought it 6 days ago feels like it wants to thrust if air is on and I am stopped but in gea r.. got up this morning and driver side is full of water. The cup holders in 3rd row are filled and and the ground behind driver had about a half inch of water. Emailed dealership haven't heard anything from them yet
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    Even though the main warranty might be done at 70,000 miles, the emissions warranty is longer at at least 80,000 miles. Check your owners warranty manual. I had a transmission control module go out, but was covered as part of the emissions system. There's a part list in the warranty book.

    I sold my 2005 Freestyle a couple of years ago because I no longer needed such a big vehicle. I have to admit that even though I didn't have any problems that I needed to pay for, another reason I sold it was because of the posts I read here. Maybe once it's back in good running order, you might decide if you really need a big three row vehicle and get rid of the Freestyle.
  • I bought an 06 Freestyle a few months ago and the car was lurching/surging a few times a day everyday for the first month. I talked to my mechanic about cleaning the throttle body after researching online. He just laughed and told me to buy some Seafoam or Lucas upper cylinder lubricant for the gas tank. I used Seafoam for the first tank; the problem was still present, but rarely happened. Then I used Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant. It has been a few months and the lurching/surging has stopped. I actually ran Lucas through the tank twice just to make sure that I was good. He told me to use it in my tank a couple of times each year . Problem seems to be solved for now!
  • lcjesselcjesse Posts: 30
    glad you found something that worked. we are at 82K and still have not had any more lurching. I think it is time to some kind of 75K maintenance but i am not sure that i want anyone messing with it since it is running so well.
    Was thinking about have fuel induction cleaning done again for good measure, but maybe I'll try the Lucase Upper Cylinder lubricant.
  • I have had my 05 Freestlye since 07. First off, it always had a loud knocking sound under passenger side when heat/air turned on/off they adjusted something but still makes sound. I also brought the car in 2 times with complaints of a winding sound that they could never recreate or diagnose (happens more with hotter weather). At 99000 miles brought the car in for winding again, and to have brakes completely replaced to be told the undercarriage was in excellent condition but still could not diagnose the problem. Recently we started smelling something burning going up hills started faint but got worse. At this time I brought to my mechanic because it was out of warranty he took it until he smelled burning and also heard the winding. Unable to check transmission fluid he diagnosed it as a transmission problem. Meanwhile I continued to drive it taking it easy up hills. My back window busted out for no reason. My seats are all malfunctioned, and my back hatch will not open. I replaced tie rods twice in less than a year. My car has the lunging problem especially in reverse but never gave that a thought. Recently I had to climb into the back to check the spare because I had a questionable tire lost its tread in 400 miles to expose the muffler had burnt clear through the metal realized that was the burning smell. All these mechanics and so many times this car has been lifted and no one saw this?? I was hoping other owners could check there back under carpet to see if this is a problem with just my vehicle or what. Any feedback is wonderful. Thanks
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