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Chevy Aveo Accesories & Modifications



  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,446
    It incredibly simple. Crutchfield will send you the instructions....Removal will take less than 2 minutes...
  • yngwieyngwie Posts: 16
    Thanks! I'm diggin' the car,but need a little more juice in the audio dept.
  • ryryck591ryryck591 Posts: 2
    anyone know how to take 2007 speakers out
  • gene_fitzgene_fitz Posts: 9
    The rear deck speakers in the sedan are pretty easy, however, you do have to take the rear deck cover off to do that. This means all the tie downs and locks have to be unbolted, then you just have to be careful while pulling the deck cover off.
    The doors are a little more difficult, because not only do you have to remove the bolts for the handles, arm rests and such, but there are holding clips behind the door, that many times are "one use" items. Be aware, and ready to spend the needed money for them.
    If it all possible, I would reccomend you take it to a professional and have them do it. Not only will it be guaranteed, but it will save you a lot of headaches.
  • yngwieyngwie Posts: 16
    I just pulled the factory radio out of my 07 A5. It is the radio with the cd player. Replced it with a Kenwood. I could sell it to you. What do you think it's worth?
  • the_big_althe_big_al Posts: 1,068
    At the risk of being skewered and seared over an open flame -- Aveo body kits??? What's next? Body kits for my Moped?? Oh well... I happened upon this forum and couldn't help reading through it. I even looked at the pictures of one guys modified Aveo with wheels and an underbody light kit. What ever floats your boat. What you will have is a one of a kind car that no one else will have and I give you kudos for that. As long as it's tastefully done and not over done. Just don't be puting Fast and Furious air dams and wings and spoilers on. :D I couldn't believe that there were body kits out there for Aveos much less people that would actually want to modify this essentially new generation Metro.

    In restrospect - can you imagine the looks you would get from a Mustang owner at a stoplight if you hopped up your Aveo to be a tire burner?? A sleeping Aveo. That might be kind of cool.
  • scy80scy80 Posts: 3
    First of all, let me start off by saying that I have loved my little white roller skate - I mean Aveo - since the day I bought it. My only issue with it just recently started. I have a 2004 LS and have always locked my car using the remote. Two weeks ago I noticed that I didn't get my customary "honk" when I pressed the button. The doors locked, but the alarm didn't engage, so I know it's not necessarily the remote battery going bad, but just in case I replaced it. Still no fix. I continued to lock it with the remote anyways.

    Earlier this week when I went to lock it, lo and behold it honked, then the alarm went off. I unlocked the doors and the alarm turned off. I put the key in the ignition to keep the doors from automatically locking again and then when I got out I locked the doors manually. I have since then continued to use my remote most of the time to lock the doors, occassionally the alarm engages (and 60% of the time the alarm will go off anywhere from immediately after locked to 15 mins later) and I notice that the indicator light on the dash is blinking larger and brighter than normal. More often then not, the doors only lock, no alarm activation or dash indicator light.

    Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you fix it? I'm open to suggestions.
  • estrellasestrellas Posts: 2
    I know this is a horribly dumb question, but I absolutely cannot figure out how to set the radio stations in my 2006 Aveo. it's driving me nuts!
  • My Hot Wheels..well Aveo is doing the exact same thing. It went about 3 weeks ago. Of course my warranty is up so i havent taken it into the dealership.
    I called the hotline number to see what they could do for me and if it would be covered at all but i was given no help there.
    I read through the manual and it says that instead of using the lock button on your key you can just lock the door manually by putting the key in the door. So far it works. it's my first day trying it out and my alarm has yet to go off.

    Let me know if you've heard anything different
  • I have had this same problem with my 05 Aveo. I have brought it into the shop on 2 occasions and they claim there is a short someplace and they can't find it. If you lock it manually with the key it works ok.

    Mine goes off during cold weather and wet weather. My neighbors just love to hear the sound of my car alarm all night in the winter...UGH

    Good luck!!
  • I have the shop manual if you want the pages of wiring
  • site doesn't have anything for 04 to 06 this is the message i get
    The requested resource is not available.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    If someone has already asked this, I missed it. I have used the K&N air filters before in other cars and trucks, and barely notice any difference in 'horsepower or mileage increase'. It wasn't worse, but barely noticed any improvement. At $44.00 a piece, for the Aveo, has anyone put this in their Aveo? With an automatic tranny? Has it made ANY change at all in your miles per gallon, or give it anymore, 'get up and go'? :confuse: Considering the small amount of mileage I have on my Aveo after 2.5 years, I just dont if it is worth the cost. Opinons from people that have installed one in their Aveo, would be great.
  • Your car comes from the factory with a preset tuning that, in theory, is optimal for typical driving conditions. If your car senses that more air is coming into the motor than expected, it will adjust the fuel injection accordingly to continue giving the same performance as before. You can try to get around this by pulling your battery cables off and then putting the back on. This will cause the computer to forget its current settings and go into a mode where it will retune itself. Since you now have upgrades, it will be taking your upgraded filter/airbox into consideration this time.

    However, an air filter alone is too small an upgrade to really matter anyway, in my opinion. To fully take advantage of airflow upgrades, you need a bigger intake, more efficient exhaust, tuned injectors, and an appropriate MAF sensor. For an Aveo, it's really not going to be worthwhile.
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Thank you for your advise. And you are VERY right. It isnt worth the price of all those mods, to get a few horsepower, in an Aveo. it would cost the price of the car to get all the mods! Even just a cold air intake , which I tired, is to much money and way to much work. It didnt fit, and took months to get my money back. I gave up trying for more power. I guess I have all I will get with my synthetic oil, and Bosch Plus 4 spark plugs. I get better mpg. Maybe a whopping 1-3 more horsepower. Thats enough. IF the K&N actually gave the car the 10-15 extra horsepower it claims all over its ads, it would be worth it. but it never does. Maybe I'll just go put in a new plain old paper filter. :)
  • I have an 05 aveo and the alarm just goes off for no reason.... In the middle of the day or night.... At first we thought it was loud noise or a bump against it.. but that's not it. We unlocked it yesterday, and the next thing I know it locked itself(with the birdy chirp) I'm guessing it's a short somewhere....

    Anyone with help???

    Thanks Bill
  • That chirp sound is the alarm reseting it's self. It is normal to do this, in case you forget to lock the car. Notice the doors locking also.
  • According to the manual for my '08 Aveo, on cars with the factory alarm, the doors lock themselves after you unlock them under certain circumstances. IIRC, "certain circumstances" are if you don't insert the key into the ignition within 30 seconds, but I might not be remembering correctly. Check your manual -- but note that the Aveo's advanced computer-controlled features seem to be documented about as accurately as most computer equipment (that is, not very well). For instance, my manual talks about the stereo playing MP3 files with .m3u extensions, but this is inaccurate; the stereo wants to see .mp3 extensions, and it seems to ignore .m3u files.
  • Was wondering where and if you can get a rear stabilizer or sway bar for the '08 Aveo to get more sporty handling?
  • part of your problem, could be those bosch plug, never ever, have i heard anyone give even a small hint of running bosch, in a gm motor, your best bet is delco, no matter what, ive been working on cars since i was 12 and i know, you dont want bosch plugs, good plugs dont get me wrong, but not for a gm motor. have a good one
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