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Chevy Aveo Accesories & Modifications



  • dude, if i was you ide just go get a set of rims and tires as a package to take the hassel out of it, thats what the guy did that had the car before me, he went to and bought the 19 inch motegi 5 spoke rims as a wheel and tire package
  • I just bought a 2007 Aveo, I cant find anything for it as far as to modify it. Probably because its too new. Im looking for a body kit and some engine upgrades. If anyone knows about any or if anyone has done upgrades to there Aveo, let me know how it turned out. Thanks
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    Did you get the hatchback or the sedan. There are body kits for the hatcback on EBay and someone on here has bought it and I think is putting it on his Aveo now. If it is the sedan,it is a brand new body. You probably won't find any body kits. But there is a wing for the trunk on EBay for it. For the engine,some people on here SAY they have found some turbo or supercharger available for it. I so far have only managed to put in Bosch Plus 4 Sparkplugs for a bit more power and better mileage,and using Synthetic oil helps to. The engine is still the same no matter what you bought. So you can do those upgrades, and also replacing the lightbulbs in the headlights with Sylvania Silverstars will give you a lot more light and is super easy to replace, I have done that to,the other things depend on if you got a new sedan or the hatchback.
  • Yeah I bought the sedan, i figured there werent many things out for it, yet, hopefully soon. Yeah ive been reading this forum and thats what ive been hearing about the spark plugs and the oil. When i buy them, does Aveo take a certain Bosch, or is it just a 1.6 liter, platinum spark plug? Thanks for the help, do you have a sedan?
  • I took the Aveo LS letters of the back and the two GM emblems on the side off as well. All there was, were adhesive residue, after about 15 minutes of scrubbing with decal remover it came off. Although I didn't take the bow tie off yet because I dont know if the rear bow tie is screwed in or just has adhesive I'm going to do it tonite and I will let you know
  • It takes a Bosch +4 P/N 4419
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    I have the 2006 hatchback automatic LS. I have added many stock parts,but bought them on EBay,like Body side molding,Ventvisors for the windows,but I finally got the HARD hood deflector that has been in the sales brochures since the car was first sold...but no dealer had them for sale! I finally got one....after a soft hood bra ruined the paint on the front of my hood . But now this hard hood protector looks great,and makes the front end look it doesn't look so 'pinched' in the front. I think it looked a little to small. Now it looks a bit wider. But it is a genuine GM part,that you can get from any GM dealer. I dont know if they make one for your sedan yet. But I thought it was so stupid that they show it for sale as an accessory in the sales brochures for over 4 years...yet you couldnt buy it! Well they finally emailed me directly to let me know that GM finally had it for sale. Kind of stupid to show it for sale...then not be able t obuy it for over 4 years. I got the side molding for like 1/2 the price of the dealers price. I dont see any other Aveos in Ft.Lauderdale with side molding on them...they are covered in door dings! I guess they never thought of even cheap aftermarket side molding. I see you got the Bosch plug number already, the only other thing I can think of is in your next oil change,go for synthetic. With your highway driving, it will last a lot longer and you will get very slightly higher mileage. I see you have discoverd you dont get the great high mpg this tiny car should get. We all have found that. But a few on here seem to get over 40mpg somehow. I think they dont know how to fill the tank and calculate by filling it again the entire way. and they are over estimating wehat they are getting. No offense meant to them.but how a few get 40+ mileage and the rest of us get crappy mileage, is very odd. It is the same engine,and some of them drive mixed city and highway and claim high 30's and 40's mpg. I only pray for over 20! Enjoy your car. It sure is different from the 2006. Our hatchback is slighty improved,they only put in a few new standard things,but they would be great on my car. Like an arm rest and a different automatic shifter. It feels stronger and more sturdy. but hey...we can all lie and still say we have a 2007 at least! hehehehe!
  • flaaveoflaaveo Posts: 161
    GEE!! The main thing I wanted to tell you. There is at least 1 pin holding that BowTie emblem on. So if you want to have an open hole on your car...take it off. I think it is just asking for I wont remove mine. People here have told me to remove it, it is only 'a hole'. Well I don't want a hole in my NEW paint on my new car. So..unless they changed it on the new sedan...there is at least 1 pin holding that emblem on. The one on the grille comes out fairly easy,but to me it leaves an empty depression that looks like it needs to be filled. But many on here have removed the grille chrome and BowTie. The big one on the back is the one I have been told has at least 1 pin holding in on. On yours,it could be more, or they could have gone to adhesive. You could ask your Chevy. dealer service dept. BUT chances are they will have no idea. If they are as 'knowledgeable' as my dealers!
  • Ive been looking through my magazines and there is nothing for my car obviously. But do you think that i can make stuff fit on it as far as it not being made for my car. Another thing, is there a way to put custom molding on my car, maybe made for another car and i can do it myself? Thanks
  • Ok, so im extremely frustrated right now, because there is nothing out for my car. Does anyone know anything about when something might come out, and not from the dealership. Im this close to trading my car in, for something else. I want an EVO, but if there is something coming out for it, then ill wait.(That last statement was out of frustration, i cant afford it, or i would have already had an EVO) For instance, last night I went to AutoZone and they didnt even have any freakin spark plugs yet. Im going crazy, i cant afford new wheels right now, and i have to wait until spring. It looks like im riding on spare tires. Someone help me,please...haha.thanks
  • I actually started taking the grill off, but then i stopped myself to ask someone about it. Did u say that some people take the whole thing off. I wonder what it looks like. Prolly like a big black hole. IDK, im going insane because there isnt anything out for my car. Do you know of any stuff yet. Any good websites or anything...thanks
  • I found a good site...well its ok. found some stuff on here. Like a new universal grill. Check it out
  • wave54wave54 Posts: 209
    Wait til you need to replace struts and shocks -- still no replacements except the expensive, wimpy OEM GM parts from the dealer. More than $260 just for the parts -- before the $90/hr labor!

    I wouldn't hold my breath for parts for an '07 since there are virtually none for the 04-06 models except for oil filters. Can't even find a lousy air filter at any local auto stores!
  • I have a chevy aveo sedan, i bought the K&N original filter and iridium spark plugs, i drove it around 120mph and he goes very well, like a mercedes, soft like a silk, but im looking how i reflash the aveo ecu whit a laptop???? Please help me!!!, Thanks...
  • I dont drive like a granny and yes on long trips I have gotten over 40...mpg...and around town I get 29-31.....and I do now after doing this for 30 to figure my The only time I get bad mileage is when I get gas intown ..and it is the E-10 blend of gas and my town mileage goes down to about 27-29 and my highway is down to 35-37...on the mixed I get about 34.
  • Today I went to a custom car place and asked about some stuff for my Aveo LS...he said everyone he talks to predicts tons more stuff to come out for the 2007 in the end of Feb. Hopefully this is true. I will let everyone know when I find out more...
  • jadormjadorm Posts: 1
    I was wondering how the Ebay Dash kit (the aluminum accents) worked out?
  • Hi.
    I keep getting Errors messages when I put in a CD with MP3s on it. I've followed their directions to a T. I get Error 4 and Error 5 and Error 6. I can't find a definition of these errors ANYWHERE.... :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Add to that this: My local Chevy dealer says they don't work with the sound system.... :mad: :mad:

    Any help anyone can give is greatly appreciated.

  • Hello, I have a 2004 Aveo LS hatchback with the tiny 14" wheels and want to upgrade to something bigger. Not suer if I'm ready to spend the dough for mags but want to put a set of 16" or 17" steely's on. I like the look and simplicity of them. Is this possible to find something with the same bolt pattern or would I have to go to mags? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • randydriverrandydriver Posts: 262
    just about any tire and wheel dealer can get you a set of rims and tires......I got mine at discount tires....
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