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Dodge Challenger 2008 and Later



  • lennymlennym Posts: 1
    Concur 100%. Was that a Challenger that Don "the Snake" Prudhomme raced against that Duster in 1970? Hells no! It was a '70 CUDA baby! Was my favorite white Hot Wheel funny car a Challenger? No sir! How 'bout that silver Sizzler from '71? Yup, that was a Cuda, too. That's the car I'm going to buy, WHEN Chrysler makes it! All they need is a single bezel headlight setup, cleft grille, straighten the accent line on the rear quarters, and my favorite, the 3 horizontal tail lights ala '70 Cuda. I'm ready to relive the dream! Check the flashback:
  • riposteriposte Posts: 160
    Man, I'm annoyed about seeing these new 'Cudas, Challengers, Chargers, Camaros and even the 2005+ 'Stangs.

    My first new car was an '85 Mustang GT. Loved it! Always wanted another big V8, but, with gas costing what it does, and, let's face it; it's not likely to go down to the old levels, it just seems like a very bad idea to buy a car that gets such poor fuel mileage. I fully expect gas to cost $5/gal within two years.

    It's like 1974 all over again, sad to say. :-(
  • mopar_rickmopar_rick Posts: 16
    When the Challenger comes out with the 6.1 L Hemi, irregardless of the price of gas, I'll be waiting in line to put an order in. Let's face it, you could get a tiny 4 cylinder in an import and get maybe 30 miles to a gallon and have zero to 60 times in 30 days or get the Hemi and get about 15 to 20 mpg and have real performance. It'll be worth the extra money. If a person can't afford the price of gas, don't ruin an order for someone that's willing to pay.
  • jae5jae5 Posts: 1,205
    Was thinking the same as well. Was wondering what the effect will be if prices are in the $4 - $5 level, but even then people will still buy the car.

    It's all going to depend on the driving style and options (V6?, regular Hemi or SRT-8 6.1; rearend ratio; auto or stick; light or heavy right-foot; how long that foot is on the pedal). But the fuel price is giving me something to think about.

    I'm just hoping the dealers hold the line and don't do the stupid ADM like on the PT, or Chevy/Pontiac dealers with the SSR, Monaro/GTO.
  • C2456RonC2456Ron Posts: 58
    Just like the original Mustang & the New Mustang, this is just too close to the Original Cuda! Why not do what GM did with the New Concept Camaro, it has all the looks and style of the 69 Camaro, but it is STILL so much different, yet so much the same, to make it the NEW Generation! Just like the Corvette's, I don't care what Generation you look at, it does NOT need a Name Plate to know it's a Vette, even with all the physical changes, you can still tell what it is, from Gen 1 thru Gen 6, no need for Name Plate, you just KNOW what it is! No copy cats, no using the same Tool and Dyes! Are these two companies (Ford & Mopar) trying to save money on re-tooling? Just dig out all the old stuff from 1969 - 70!!! :cry:
  • mopar_rickmopar_rick Posts: 16
    Dodge, don't make the mistake that GM did with the new Camaro. Keep the new Challenger looking the way the concept is. There's no need to change anything. And, please don't add two more doors like the Charger. And, definitely keep the 6.1 L hemi option. From everything I've heard and seen, the car will be a major success as it is.
  • C2456RonC2456Ron Posts: 58
    I have never owned a 4 door, and NEVER will! I do not see the need for back doors, only for lazy people that do not want to get out to let someone into the backseat! Why in the world did they stop building 2 door cars on just about all American cars? It is even getting difficult to purchase a 2 door Pickup Truck now, WHY? Maybe that is one reason why I only purchase cars like I have now, they only come in 2 door, and would look foolish with the extra doors/weight/lenght! Yes, the Corvette is a Sports Car, and only weights in at less then 3200 lbs, curb weight! The Vette I presently own is the Z51 Pkg, with 400 HP, and a 6 speed that gets unbelieveable fuel mileage for what it is, and I can use it as a Daily Driver. Around Town I can get anywhere between 20 & 23 MPG, on a Trip I get 28 - 29 MPG, which I think is pretty good for what it is, a Factory Hot Rod, that I've had up to 150 MPH in 5th Gear @ 5000 RPM, it Redlines @ 6500, and I still had 1500 RPM + 6th gear to go, tops out @ almost 190 MPH, with a Small Block Chevy Motor! Buy American, Drive American, Feed American's, and KEEP American's Working! With what the Corvette proves in Fuel mileage, weight, power, torque, and all the creature comforts of Home, why would anyone want to buy a Rice Rocket, and give our hard earned money to another country? The Leman's Series belonged to Corvette since 2000 & the 5th Generation Corvette, not any of the Exotics have really given them any trouble in that Series, only this year the DB9 Astin Martin was a problem, but could not hold together the entire 24 hours, they would crap out within the last few hours, and that was a combined effort of most exotics, mainly Italian, and ALL over 5 times the cost! Give me old American Horse Power, and know how! Thanx! :shades:
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    I have one word for you:

  • rannypiperannypipe Posts: 7
    As an original owner of a 70 Challenger R/T 440 6-pack,
    I love the idea of recreating somethings that's true to the
    1970, also my all time favorite was my 2nd car a 1969 Z28
    with the famous M22 Rock Crusher" 4-speed that I bought in 1974. So I can see where some old school are a little put
    back by the over the top look of the camaro concept.Back in
    the day I would never have owned a Ford Muscle car,but guess
    what,the challenger and camaro are still concepts I'm taking
    delivery of a 06 Mustang GT 5-spd Black Coupe on Monday. Want to have fun NOW, and there's always 2008 or 2009 to play around with a dodge or chevy.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    i rather weight thin blow all my money on a lttle 4.6 liter nothing.Mopar or no car . :shades:
  • mopar_rickmopar_rick Posts: 16
    I'm a Mopar guy and remember growing up. It was us against bowties and blue ovals, but now the three of us have to stick together against those imports otherwise there won't be any of the big three left. We have to get the US population to believe in the big three again and dump those imports. We're selling our country away. Yes, it's Mopar or no car but the last thing that I'd buy is an import.
  • C2456RonC2456Ron Posts: 58
    Do you really think the "Decaf" will help, or am I too far gone? :D I suppose my 40+ years of driving these cars, and growing up with them have possibly put me over the top, but still I remain a Fan of two door cars! I see no need for 4 doors, even if you have children, what could be safer then a 2 door vehicle, no matter which brand you choose! How can a child fall out of a backseat, with no doors? Unless your Handicapped, which I am, I still see no reason for having one of these cars, and having to get out to allow anyone into the rear seat, I did it for many years, and remain that way still today, they don't even look right with the extra doors in the rear! But I WILL take your suggestion and try "Decaf" for awhile, maybe it is just me that thinks like this! My wife kind of agrees with both of us, thinking that I am over the top, but also seeing the cars such as Charger with 4 doors, when in fact that particular car would look so much more AWESOME with just 2 doors, as it was intended to have way back when! But I never intended to offend anyone, nor get anyone's tighty whitie's in a bunch either, not over a car! Corvette's STILL Rule! I guess I am just a Die Hard Bow Tie Fan! I DO apologize if I offended you, have a nice day! :shades:
  • C2456RonC2456Ron Posts: 58
    I see no need to worry about the Fuel Mileage on any car, especially today! I've been driving Corvette's for many years now, and my wife has had a few new cars also that ALL get good fuel mileage, by my standard anyway! I'm getting anywhere between 20 - 23 MPG around Town, and 27 - 29 MPG on a Trip in my Vette's, and my wife is presently driving an '02 Monte Carlo SS, and she gets 24 - 26 around Town, and just about 35 MPG on a Trip! She does get better fuel mileage in my Vette then I do, but she don't have the hefty weight of my right foot either! I would have to say she would get atleast 1 to 3 MPG in anything that we drive! To say that we should all drive Rice Rockets, just to save on fuel is not right for everyone! If you feel comfortable driving one of those, PLEASE DO!
    I lost my job at General Motors when I came Home from Vietnam, my father lost his when they CLOSED it because of slumping sales in American Cars, and all the [non-permissible content removed] Crap was starting to assemble their cars in the US, so they could say "BUILT in AMERICA"! I just wish that the American Public could see exactly what they are doing to us, the entire country of the United States, everytime they purchase a foreign car! I still do not believe it when I hear that they build a better car then us! Now that is a "Left Wing Conspiracy"! I will walk before I ever purchase a Japanese car, I'll stick to the "American Muscle" Thank You! But to each his own, as long as your Happy driving what you are! This is only MY OPINION, nobody else's!
  • C2456RonC2456Ron Posts: 58
    "Forgekiller1", I totally agree with you in that we have to stick together and Buy American! But I believe you are wrong on the Cuda being the first, and Mustang being 2nd, PLEASE correct me if I am wrong! In mid '63 for came out with the '63 1/2 Mustang, with a High Performance 289 cu. in. that put out something like 312 HP! I had a friend that owned one of the very first ones to hit the street in my area, he did some motor work on it, and he Redlined @ 9500 RPM, went like He**, not too many cars could keep up with that thing, never mind beat it in the 1/4 mile! In '64, Plymouth came out with a Bellevadere (sp), stripped, no heater, no radio, no cigarette lighter/ashtray, and no armrest's either, nothing, no creature comforts at all, with a 426 HEMI, looked like Daddy's car down to the small hub caps and painted wheels, but was Scary Fast! That was about the time that all 3 Auto Manufacturer's went Nutz and were putting cars on the Showroom Floor that should never have been in kids hands! It wasn't until the very late '60, or early '70's the the Feds put the Brakes on, and told the Big 3 to slow down! But this is what I remember from the early days of the "Factory Hot Rods"! I know I am dating myself, but YES, I was around, and driving these cars myself, they were AWESOME to drive, and what a rush you could have just stomping on the right peddle!!! :shades: :shades: :shades:
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Actually, regarding forgekiller; YES, the Plymouth Barracuda beat the Mustang to the showroom floor (in April of 1964). It beat it to the showroom by a whole TWO WEEKS!!!!


    So, if forgekiller thinks Ford 'copied' Plymouth by releasing the Mustang 2 weeks after the 'cuda, then he must have a higher opinion of the capability of Ford than even I do.

    And the first Mustangs' ('64-1/2) had a 260 V8. The 289 came with the '65 models. The HiPo289 was rated at 271hp in the Mustangs. Shelby massaged them the HiPo289 to get 306hp (in GT350) and close to 360hp in full race tune (in the GT350R).

    I will agree with you guys on one huge point: the current Charger looks stupid as a 4 door. Chargers are (if done correctly) 2 door cars. And the upcoming Challenger looks REALLY sweet.
  • deano69deano69 Posts: 1
    I will sell my WS6 to purchase one of these cars with the Hemi under two conditions- Lime green color is available and the engine is flex fuel capable. Always wanted a Cuda when I was a teenager, but they were either rusted through or out of my price range. NOW I can get that style AGAIN! Don't put skinny tires on the back either!
  • rannypiperannypipe Posts: 7
    So I'm a traitor for buying the 06 Mustang, I guess the right thing to do is for me to wait 2 or so years sit on the sideline, do nothing grit my teeth and wait for the challenger, sorrrryyyyyyy. No way. I want some gratification now, At least I'm buying American, by the way, the first car credited as being referred to as being "The First American Muscle Car" is the 1964 Pontiac GTO.
  • wantone3wantone3 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if there are any talks about creating this new Hemi Challenger in a rag top? If so I'm slapping down the cash now for it?
  • jae5jae5 Posts: 1,205
    ...he did some motor work on it, and he Redlined @ 9500 RPM,...

    yeah...right...sure it did.

    Did you get some decaf yet?
  • was the 55 chrysler 300.....Unlike the later mustangs and GTOs, which never did anything at the races, the 300 dominated NASCAR in it's, the 300's, first year...This was all the more impressive because Chrysler had no interest in supporting chrysler products on NASCAR tracks....Some rich guy just bought a few 300s, took them south and totally dominated against factory supported teams from Ford & GM, winning some 25 of 40 races...
    The first barracuda may have beat the first Mustang to the show room floor but it was nothing but a souped up valient with a fastback....and it was UGGGLY...The Mustang was a totally new, and beautiful, design....Ford made great cars back then....To bad they don't anymore...Old Henry must be turning over in his grave.....
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