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Dodge Challenger 2008 and Later



  • C2456RonC2456Ron Posts: 58
    I don't know about having the BEST Design Team out of all the Manufacturers, but they do have a great looking car there. One that would make anyone Proud to drive down the street in! I'm willing to bet with the 425 HP motor in it, it will sound great, people will know when your coming, just like the good ole days! It even uses the same shifter that they used back in the '70 Challenger, the Pistol Grip. The next few years should prove to be very interesting with all the old "Muscle Cars" coming back out! There is nothing that would make me more Happy then to see all of these cars back out on the street! Chrysler really did good with this one, big HP, Hemi Engine, 2 Door, all of this for Mid $20,000, AWSUM!!! :shades: The price alone should have people lining up at the door just waiting for their car to come in! :shades: It is a Great Feeling to mash that right peddle to the carpets, and have it set you back in your seat! Good Luck to all you people that are going to purchase one of these GREAT replica's of the old days, and make us old timers feel back at home again with all the muscle on the road!!! :D I sincerely hope that everyone gets exactly what they want, and see them driving with a smile on their face that would take a 357 Magnum to remove! :shades:
  • "IF" Chrysler actually produces the Challenger in the $20,000 price range and in significant numbers unlike the Viper and other previous "performance" cars, I'll buy one right now. As much as I despise Ford products their marketing team has done their work. Sell a good looking performance car at a reasonable price and they'll roll off the lot one after another. I'll be parking a new Mustang GT in the garage soon and would love to add the Challenger. But here in western South Dakota the Chrysler dealers always jack the price up an extra 40%-50% for the "Special Editions" and if that happens I'll just buy two mustangs instead.
  • C2456RonC2456Ron Posts: 58
    I went to Ford Online Pricing, and found out things I did not know about this new Mustang, like Safety Features! I never realized how much FORD does not really care about the person driving this vehicle! :( It don't even offer "Active Handling" or full side curtains, and in my opinion, after driving GM vehicles with ABS & "Active Handling", these two items are possibly the best reason for me NOT to buy a High Performance Mustang from FORD! ABS is an OPTION, and "ACTIVE HANDLING", isn't even offered, same with Side Air Curtains (this item I could be mistaken, but don't believe I am), just call me spoiled, as these are mostly standard items on the GM vehicles I have owned, or now own!!! My wife was driving my Corvette home from the Local Dragstrip, and attempted to take a corner too fast, I looked over at the "Driver Information Center" (DIC), and noticed how fast she was actually going, as you really can't feel just how really fast you are going, and the rear of the car started to come around on her, but the "Active Handling" took over for her, and slowed the vehicle, applying the brake on the appropriate wheel, cut the Air/Fuel mixture down to slow the car also, and it made that corner with little effort, and STILL at a good speed (.75G's) Thanx to the "Active Handling"! I'm sorry but Mustang DOES NOT offer anything that even slightly interest me, not in the least! It's NOT even that fast, but they DO NOT offer enough Safety Features! But that is my opinion, and everyone here is entitled to that! Good Luck with your new Mustangs, but PLEASE be careful when driving them at a greater speed, I like talking to everyone in here, and will respect all opinions, but would HATE to see anyone hurt for lack of knowledge of Safty equipment offered/available! :sick: I think that I WILL stick to my GM products, something I feel very safe in! :shades:
  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
  • Just a bit of information to the question posed,
    "Challenger ? Why not a Charger? !!!"

    The answer I would say to that is the Challenger and the
    Charger of the late 1960's and early 1970's were two very
    different machines.

    The Charger was built on a larger frame, and thus had more
    body weight. It performed very well, but the handling
    characteristics were nothing like a Challenger's, which
    sat much lower to the ground and was a lighter body.

    In the end, it came down to personal choice.

    Those that had the Charger's loved them as those that
    had the Challenger's loved the smaller body style.

    I owned a 1972 Dodge Challenger and decided on buying
    it over a 1972 Dodge Charger at the time, because I
    liked how the Challenger handled over the Charger.

    That my answer, and it just as I said, a personal choice issue.

  • As it said in the reading about the 2008 Challenger, that the original sketch was that the color of the car was going to be "purple" i think they should make a purple (plum crazy) w/ black strips to honor the CHALLENGER. I will definately buy the car, no doubt...if it was offered in that color. Other than that.. the car looks very promising. As was the CHARGER it makes a nice 4-door, hopefully it will soon come as a two door.

  • Would it be possible for someone to tell me IF this Forum is Closed or not? I haven't heard a word about this vehicle in sometime now, and it's just too HOT an item not to be discussed!!! Although not a MOPAR Fan, I am a Fan of ALL MUSCLE CARS, especially the ones that were out during the "Muscle Car Wars" of the mid '60's, and into the early '70's!!! I grew up with these animals, and have an undying appreciation for them! Any information on this Forum would be greatly appreciated! I certainly would enjoy more discussion on this particular vehicle! It made such a splash back then, and I am sure it will again with the massive 425 HP Hemi under it's Hood! :D Thanx!!! :shades:
    PS: Any discussion on the Charger would have to be on Welding the Back Doors SHUT, and re-painting the vehicle, to look like a 2 door again! But that is only MHO!!!
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,828
    hello C2456Ron. your post is evidence that this forum is not closed. i think the challenger will probably be awesome as long as it comes with a standard shift. i'm mostly ignoring this forum until the Challenger is actually available - in the meantime i'll be too busy working and leisurely dusting of mustangs and C5 Z06s with my 6-spd GTO.
    speaking of mustangs, i love that new shelby/cobra ad where the USA dude brings it to Germany. that ad rocks.
    btw, i think i heard "450hp" for the Challenger rather than 425hp. BRING IT!
  • yes2yes2 Posts: 1
  • Thanks for joining in, and welcome!
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  • jae5jae5 Posts: 1,205
    "...dusting of mustangs and C5 Z06s with my 6-spd GTO..."

    Uh-huh, yeah, sure, ok. Mustangs, ok, but Z06s??!! :confuse:

    Again, uh-huh, yeah, sure, ok. ;)
  • For someone such as myself who wasn't around for the 60's musclecar era, the 08' Challenger is a godsend. A way for me to experience what I missed 40 years ago. And a Hemi with a stick would be spectacular.
  • I too was not lucky enough to be around for the muscle car era. With the re-engineered Mustang that came out...the approved concept of the challenger coming out and a few ideas thrown out for the camaro...history is bound to repeat itself...I am NOT a mopar fan but they most definitely seem to have the best design for the aerodinamically re-engineered pony cars...Not to mention the fact it has a 6 speed manual (pistol grip at that) hemi! that tops out at 176 mph! And the guages that tell you how fast your 1/4 mile time is! your 0-60 time! I see that feature not making it into the market though great idea but not a seller among people who don't really race. The only downfall to me are the tires...the tires are made specifically by goodyear...not a goodyear fan simply because they are over priced and over used by too many industries same with the michellin and all the name brand tires. Other than that I am impressed with chryler's decision on bringing back the Challenger after 35 long years this is a long over due welcome!
  • I first saw an article about the Challenger in a magazine at work, and I knew at that very second what my next new car was going to be, but it was not green-lighted at that time, it took about 2 weeks for me to finally see it was good for production. Instant love was all I felt looking at the concept. I just hope they keep it at a reasonable price, it would be disheartening to see it sell for $35,000, hopefully it will be in the range of $22-$25,000 not everybody has a high 5 figure income, American car makers wonder why they are losing ground to the imports, but with the typical decent American car sitting at $31,000, but you can buy a Kia or Hyundai for under $21,000 and get a 10 year warantee, so I think a huge selling point will be to keep it as low-cost as possible, but regardless, I will be first in line with my kidney in hand....
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  • You know its about time dodge got a little hint of what its going to take to capture the younger generation as well as the old.This car will in my own feelings push chrysler to its best production car since the 70's with the cuda an the challenger.I hope to see this car in production soon an reasonably priced,cause ill buy one no matter what....
  • zman08zman08 Posts: 11
    I'm 42years old, I've had small cars, 4x4's, 2wd trucks,motorcycles, dirt bikes and small cars. All thats left is to have a nice rod. Well it's finally arrived, :surprise: It's in the form of the Dodge Challenger. I don't think I've ever seen such a sweet ride. No doubt about it, I will own this car. :shades:
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Yes, the Challenger is suppose to be the smaller of the two. If they build yet another car sized as a 300, I would consider it too large. Don't need a super sized pony car. Something no wider than 74" is OK, and would prefer under 71", and smaller overall dimensions. Give the base model the 3.5 V6 and sell it for around $21K or less, and I would bite. Camaro, Mustang, Challenger, 'Cuda, AMX pony cars all looked awesome. Keep them no larger, and a bit lighter than the original cars to help performance and gas mileage, and the New Challenger should be a winner as a Pony car, as well as, a muscle machine. Hope it doesn't become a specialty car, too wide to drive in my home town, and too costly buy. Have no idea what gas will be in 2007 and 2008, but I bet it will be more than the $2.50 a gallon it is now. My bet is $3.00 to $3.75 a gallon range, if we are lucky. So a tame version and a gas guzzler may make for a good pair to sell. Yeah, I know DoD engines save on gas, if you want to drive like the little ol' lady going to bingo. That said, Corvettes, with a stick, get pretty good gas mileage when cruising.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Sure you've seen this car before. It is, in a way, a replica car of Challenger of days-gone-bye. From '67 to '73 there were plenty beauties to choose from. Best years for GM and Dodge/Chrysler's had some hot looking items, while Ford gave use some great Stangs. Personally, I think one of the most awesome looking concept cars is the Solstice Coupe, which for the life of me, I can not understand why GM did not produce it in large numbers before introducing the drop top. I would have sold the Sky as the roadster and the Solstice as a Coupe'. Oh yeah, with lower door window sills.
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