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Dodge Challenger 2008 and Later



  • Greetings all, I'm new to this forum but have been a long time reader. If I could change the subject for just a minute, I'd be curious to get your thoughts on this:

    I've been reading now for awhile that Dodge does NOT intend on offering a V6 Challenger (ever). Looks like it's going to be a V8 version only (the 6.1 SRT is a foregone conclusion, but I'm guessing they'll offer a 5.7 version as well... but as of yet I haven't seen anything confirming this). Let me say first that I'm personally not interested in a V6 Challenger (I doubt many of us here would be), but I have to say I think this is going to be a grave mistake on Dodge's part not to offer one and I sincerely hope they reconsider, and here's why:

    Ford sells about 3 (or more) V6 Mustangs for every V8 GT model. Ford has no problem selling 100,000+ Mustangs a year. GM is more than likely going to offer a V6 of some sort on the new 09 Camaro. If Dodge offers the Challenger in only one flavor, so to speak, that's gonna severly limit its appeal and I truly believe the car is gonna end up tanking as a result. One need only look at the 04-06 GTO for an example (I had an 04 GTO). Sure you could say the GTO tanked because it looked too much like a Grand Am/Grand Prix/Cavalier - whatever... but it also failed, I believe, because its market was too limited.

    IMHO the Challenger absolutely needs a V6 engine if it's gonna survive more than just 3-4 years on the market and not end up being another GTO or Chevy SSR. Chrysler already has an excellent 250 hp 3.5 V6 in the Charger SXT that would bolt right in, no problem. Plus I believe the dealers won't be able to gouge as much (which you KNOW they're gonna do, especially in the first year or two) with a lower-end V6 model available.

    Again, to state that I personally wouldn't want a V6 Challenger - I'm going straight for the 425 hp SRT model (and that damn thing BETTER have a 6-speed manual!)... but if that's all that Dodge is gonna offer, even in just its first year, it's gonna be just like the GTO/SSR/Prowler all over again.

    Your thoughts...
  • I'll be praying that DC don't make that mistake. And the truth is that I don't mind the V6. Plus there's plenty of aftermarket parts for these V6es that one can even double their output. And lets not forget that many people also choose their rides based on their looks and not necessary for their engine size. We'll see.
  • zman08zman08 Posts: 11
    I agree with you 100% yankeez, they would be down right retarded if they didn't make this appealing to the market that didn't require having a gas guzzling motor. The V6 does appeal to the majority of the market out there, but I am of the same school as you are, my Challenger has got to have the minimum of the 6.1 under the hood and the 6 speed tranny to boot. Check this website out, it gives some reliable insight to matter of the V6 option in the future. , Cheers
  • Well here is a snippet of info that's been going around

    "While the Mustang has a V8 as an option, with only 30% of the Ford sports car being sold with the beefier engine, it seems that the Challenger will only come in a V8, and thus is targeted squarely at the people bent on having powerful muscle cars."

    I know there are some who believe the Challenger should ONLY be a V8, but like I said earlier I truly believe it'll end up being a dire mistake if this is the route that DCX insists on taking.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Too expensive, too wide, and more engine (low gas mileage) than most people would care to have. If it sells for $31K, and is so large a car, it will be just a specialty car, such as the SSR. Nothing most people would have an interest in. Wish it was smaller, lighter, and had the V6, with a price around $23K or LESS. The Challenger, otherwise becomes a super-sized replica car -- whoopee!
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Face it Loren, the Challenger is simply too much car for you. Your frequent harping about "too big, too heavy, too much engine, too much gas consumption" is falling on deaf ears as that isn't what the Challenger is all about. Why you keep dumping on this and other cars when there are plenty of other cars out there that are much more closely aligned with your needs, wants and desires is beyond me. :confuse:

    Best Regards,
  • I read, and Posted (the 1st Post of) D/C's Announcement of Production of the new Challenger, and in the announcement it said that this car would come out almost just as seen in the Prototype, with few changes such as wheels, the 22" wheels were just too large to fit in the wheelwells and hit the body during just a minor acceleration, or Bump! It also said that this car would come out with a 425 HP Hemi, Pistol Grip 6 speed, and many of the features that were seen in this Prototype, and will sell somewhere in the $20,000.-- Range (possibly high $20.'s, but still under $30,000.-- for such a fine looking, fast automobile!
    Now I have no idea if D/C has improved on it's Fuel Economy, as Chevy has! D/C's economy has shown poorly, as proof just look at the "Viper" or the "Dodge Ram", with the "Viper" engine in it that are known to only get about 13 mpg! Corvette, including the ZO6 are well known to get quite reasonable Fuel mileage, 18 - 22 around town, and 28 mpg on the Highway! I have a Z51 C6 corvette, had a C5 LS1, C4 LT1 and C2 FI 327, and ALL but the 65 327 got excellent fuel mileage! My C6 gives me 22 - 24 City, and 27 - 29 Highway! I will say that I do have a rather heavy foot in town, but cruise near 80 - 85 on the highway, and have always gotten great fuel mileage with the Vette's I've owned! Just because a car is fast does not mean it can not get good fuel mileage, and great acceleration, comfort, looks, and all the benefits of owning one of these great automobiles!
    I have just been sitting here, reading all the Posts that have this car selling at or near $45,000. to $50,000. NOT! Please go way back to where D/C announced it was going ahead with production of this Old Time Muscle Car, and you will see everything I have said! I have not heard anything that would change my mind as to what I have already read!!! Thank you for reading my Post, but this is my honest opinion, and I will stick to it, until proven wrong!
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "It also said that this car would come out with a 425 HP Hemi, Pistol Grip 6 speed, and many of the features that were seen in this Prototype, and will sell somewhere in the $20,000.-- Range (possibly high $20.'s, but still under $30,000.-- for such a fine looking, fast automobile!"

    Well, considering that the current Charger SRT-8 (with the 6.1 425hp hemi) sells for $36k with no options, I have a hard time believing that Dodge would sell a lower volume Challenger similarly equipped for under $30k.

    I think that with the initial announcement, DCX was saying the Challenger would be AVAILABLE with the 425hp hemi, and would be AVAILABLE for under $30k......but not both.
  • zman08zman08 Posts: 11

    I did say 45K - 50K, but that wasn't in US funds it was in CDN funds. That will be the minimum price tag considering the SRT8 Charger is tagged at 47K CDN. The concept did have large wheels 21"x10' rear and 20"x9" front, wich will more than likely be change to 20's on the production model.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Shipo: What is beyond you is of little interest to me.

    If the super-sized Challenger is built and sold as a V8 only for a high sticker price, it will fail. They already have a overpriced Viper, the Crossfire fiasco, a Charger which is a four door, kinda odd version of what people would think of a Charger, the Sebring which is pretty ugly. Would be good for Chrysler to stop and think of what's ahead. The PT and 300 were quite the success. It is slowly going downhill from there. This Towns Car sized muscle car, or whatever you wish to classify it as, is larger than the original. Just perfect for $3.50 per gallon gas prices of 2007.

    If Chrysler can actually make money on limited run, low volume sold Challengers, which a few can appreciate, then fine -- you got your Hemi, supersized, show car. As for profitable, Chrysler is heading towards doomsday, IMHO.
  • kawhdkawhd Posts: 3
    Help me out, please.

    My Challenger will be a "weekend fun" car and not a daily driver. So, do I wait and buy a 2008 HEMI, or a 1970 R/T 440? It's looking like the price will be about the same (low to mid $40k).

    I've always wanted a HEMI, but how special and unique will the new Challenger be versus an original 1970.

    I'm struggling with which way to go and would like to hear from other Challenger enthusiast.

  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Look, all you do is rag on the car adnauseum. It's your right to state your feelings, and I support that, however, you've said your piece so many times that you sound like a broken record. With that in mind, we who like the car know your opinion of it and really don't care, so please move on.

    Best Regards,
  • zman08zman08 Posts: 11
    M1miata, you simply just do not get it. This car is aimed atthe hard core rod market, not the mother who drives the kids to school everyday market. There's plenty of boring fuel efficient cars for that, they're actually starting to offer the muscle fans a car to appreciate and and possibly purchase. Cheers.
  • Well kawhd, there are several factors to consider in such a decision. For instance...

    You can buy a 70 Challenger R/T right now instead of waiting until the 08 model comes out, so if you're in a hurry to scratch your itch, the old one might be the best choice. Plus, it'll probably be easier to buy an old one - you won't have to worry about dealers gouging the holy hell out of it or having Fort Knox-style security around it like they will the new one (and you KNOW they will).

    The 70 Challenger will continue to appreciate in value whereas the new one will depreciate (although not by much in the first year or two), so if you're looking to get any real return on your investment, the old one is the way to go.

    The 08 Challenger will no doubt be a much nicer (and safer) car to drive - it'll have functioning A/C, anti-lock brakes, air bags, will be able to stop, handle and corner light years ahead of the old model and get alot better MPG - plus it'll have a full warranty and won't likely leak oil or tranny fluid in your garage like an older one might. Plus it'll be a NEW car and not a 37-year-old one that's been thru god knows what-all...

    Some things to think about :)
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    Negative opinions are fine; trying to beat others into agreeing with those opinions isn't.

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  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Never said it had a thing to do with being a practical car for the family. Heaven only knows where you picked that up from. I am from the era of the real muscle cars. The idea was to get weight and size down on the car, with beast of engines in them. The cars came in two flavors. One was the base engine and price, while you could buy the performance engine and other elements to add to the muscle car. The basic cars paid the bill for production so that the muscle car could exist. The Mustang is a modern day example of such.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    I do like the looks of the Challenger, then and now. And if people like the larger size and limited production Hemi, which will be costly, so be it. Actually, the original Challenger, AMX, Camaro, 'Cudas in final years of production, are all pretty hot!
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Been there - done than, lived in the 60's. Off this thread - enjoy - goodbye!
  • Actually, the original Challenger, AMX, Camaro, 'Cudas in final years of production, are all pretty hot!

    Are you referring to these car's final year of production as being "pretty hot"? Well the Camaro Z28/SS were pretty hot when they got canned in 02, but the original Challenger, AMX and Cuda, in their last year of 1974, could hardly be considered "hot" - lukewarm, maybe, at best. The 1974 models of these cars, while decent for the day, were hardly the ground-pounders of the originals, especially when you remember the 390 AMXs and 440 and 426 Hemi Challengers and Cudas...
  • i have my challenger 27 years now and its one off three build en sold on the Champ Elisee in France 1970
    simca/chrysler build him in europe en sold him
    im second owner and he almost finish a big restauration from 4 years
    it still has original engine 383 high performance and electric windows 34000 km
    is there anybody who has intrest in this car??
    or shall i keep it for much more money later
    the told me that i can get a 150.000$ for the car
    or is that a indian story
    here in the Netherlands the dont pay a lot for claccics
    hope to here from some one
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