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Dodge Challenger 2008 and Later



  • OK but 30 years later in design ,YOU THINK. Back then , the Challenger ,Cuda easily took the prize in design next to the stang,camaro of the same year. Apples to Oranges in Design years later,again the Dodge wins. It's all a matter of flavor and the Promotional aspect. Dodge lost here because of massive
    false propaganda against them as they continue to get. Chrysler HAS the Designs, others copy. period. On a different note , Don't be too hard on Dodge, remember,THEIR engines helped win the war with Japan when they sent the A-BOMB on that B-29 Superfortress. But now alls we have to do is power those Japanese cars with with Chrysler , we'll work on that one ! Thanks, SEE YA! :)
  • I like your way of thinking forgekiller1. I think that we should take our B-29's (now B1's) and bomb the Japanese car plants that have invaded our country. They say that they are American car companies but do they expect to believe their propaganda? Apparently, many Americans have bought into the idea. Where do you think that all the profits go??? What happened to baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Dodge (I took liberties here)? It didn't say anything about sushi.

    Anyway, back to the Challenger. Has anyone heard anything from Chrysler in the last 6 months? I haven't heard a word other than it will come out in 2008. Will we be able to put our orders in this year? I've been waiting for this car for a couple years now. We know more about the Camaro and it's coming out in 2009.

    Chrysler forever.
  • Sorry if any of you didn't understand the last sentence, I meant Dodge Powered B-29 Superfortress, CHRYSLER RULES!
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    I watch Barret-Jackson Auctions,And you car would probably go for 50-75000 American dollars.If it had A HEMI,then you could get maybe the 150K.
  • Good Morning Kirstie,
    Although not a Dodge Fan, I am very much interested in this "Muscle Car" and ALL "Muscle Cars", always have, always will! All my Posts are not, and will not be negative, as I am extremely happy that the "Muscle Cars" are finally coming back with a vengeance! Personally I am a Corvette Fan, again, always have been, and always will be! I've seen this car in a video and really liked it's looks, only problem I have is the same with the new Mustang, too close to what it originally looked like, and I like change, with a great deal of old styling involved, not completely though! This car and the Mustang are almost identical as the originals! But Please do not misunderstand, just the thought of having all these GREAT vehicles coming back, with huge HP is an AWESOME achievement, one I would love to see continue! I never thought I would ever see this day ever again, almost like time backed up 30 years! I just hope you do not take this as disagreeing and attempting to sway others opinions to my way of thinking! I grew up back then, you couldn't sway anyone's opinion then, and doubt you could sway anyone's opinion now! I really do enjoy hearing and talking about what it will do, and what can be done with these memorable vehicles!!! :}~ Thanx for reading this, and hope that you see my point!
    Thanx Again,
  • No, that's great - I like your enthusiasm! I was only talking about folks who seem to come in here for no other reason than to tell everyone that the Challenger is a POS (repeatedly) :)

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  • zman08zman08 Posts: 11
    Just wanted to say that I was at the Detroit Auto show last Sunday, man that convertible Comaro looks good. But I am still sticking to the Challenger, did anyone else visit the show.
  • ed3779ed3779 Posts: 1
    i was too young to enjoy the cars of the period but i do think that they are thinking in the right direction,i would love to see this car in a t/a sytle with the pin striping and spoilers both front and rear. I would also like to see the rebirth of other cars of mopar's past glory the roadrunner, the aar barracuda,the gtx,the duster/demon unlike it was in the 90's and more styled toward its old looks and v 8 motors
  • To actually sell them, they'll have to meet the price points of the current retro mustang. Why not make it cheap? Also, I wish they could put some of the old stuff back, like bumpers (crazy but would make the car look lighter), split tail light (or at least put the white part between instead of one long red tail light). And then, as the model years progress, change it up offering the crazy stripes and circular tail lights.

    I've driven the 440 and the sound could not be beat. Must say the current retro challenger design just makes me want to buy an original 70-72 version and upgrade the handling and brakes. Vanishing Point white of course :)
    They start production in Brampton,Ont Sping 08 :) :) :)
  • zman08zman08 Posts: 11
    The wait for the release of this killer rod is just going to kill me. ;) It's getting pretty hard to keep my focus on anything else these days, All I can think about is having the pleasure of driving one of these bad boys, and being able to park it in the garage. :shades:
  • Recent news has Daimler selling or just auctioning off the parts of Chrysler to the highest bidders. So still think this bath tub on wheels is going into production? I'm still betting the answer is no.
  • zman08zman08 Posts: 11
    On the contrary dialm4speed, they (Daimler) just released information that they are indeed going ahead with this bathtub on wheels and production will start in spring of 08'. They will be building them at the Brampton, Ontario plant, and the clock is now literally counting down to the start date. Cheers Bro. :shades:
  • I had read that over a year ago, and was quite pleased. That was put out just after the Auto Show, I forgotten which one now, but just after the show, they allowed some Magazine to take it for a ride, to local California known hangouts for car nutz!

    They even took it to an ALL Challenger hangout, and most of the people were drooling over the new one!!! The car as shown on the street was the one and same as at the show, with the big 22" tires & wheels, which turned out to be much too large, and they would hit the body even on a speed bump.

    They asked the guys showing it NOT to take sharp corners, boot it, or anything that would twist the body all out of shape, or the vehicle would get too bent twisted out of shape it would more then likely tear up the body! Even taking a very mild corner into a Hangout that got the body so twisted out of shape, the tires DID hit hard against the fenders, and wheel wells!

    Not that I am a MOPAR Fan, but a Real Car Nut, really enjoyed the video, and almost wet my pants seeing another Muscle Car that would be hitting the road again! I guess you would have had to have grown-up in that era to have the feelings I had about watching this thing out on the streets, with a 425 HP Hemi in it (as the article read)!

    I am extremely happy for ALL the MOPAR Lovers out there, that would be getting one of their best babies back in their greasy little paws! :shades: These cars were a real part of History, and went like H***!!! :shades: :D

    Good Luck with them, and I only wish that they were already hitting the streets! I am truly Happy for all the MOPAR Lovers, and can not even put that into words!!!

    I just hope that D/C's thoughts of selling off their shares in Chrysler, will not hurt the Production of these AWESOME CARZ!!! Good Luck Folks!!!

  • js23rfc7js23rfc7 Posts: 1
    Just an opinion about the 2008 Challenger

    I'd like to buy one.... however..... the experience would be much more enjoyable if the following was considered.

    1.) It was communicated by Dodge that a special performance version like the 1970 Challenger RT was an option. All I've seen so far in the cars marketing is a parallel to the base Challenger - sorry but that is not going to get my money. Build an RT for the "too much is not enough crowd." Also, have a way to buy one special order - I know what I want, I should be able to order it, not explain to someone at the dealership what the car even is to begin with. I should be able to build it online.

    2.) Call it what you will but three base motors to choose from just won't be enough. An SRT-8 or SRT-10 should fit under that long sexy hood with a shaker option as well. How about a 528 hemi?

    3.) The gauges are all wrong as well as the stereo. This is a big oversight for two reasons: The RT version had an option for rally gauges instead of that droopy speedometer hanging down the left side of the steering column. The rally gauges would include a tach in the dash and would all be symmetrical. Maybe they will have the proper rally gauges as an option for the SRT8 or RT version... one can only hope.

    4.) The stereo is all wrong in that the cheese of the "designer" dash cut out will be hell in the long run. I know, I've heard it all that the "new" stereo options are better and that you won't be tempted to upgrade - The simple fact remains that you will eventually wear out the deck or it will break in time (CD skips, volume nob gets scratchy, etc.) Then you have an ugly double din space to fill in the dash with only a cheezy aftermarket insert to make an attempt at closing it back up into something short of an open crater big enough to show all the under dash wiring harness... yuck!

    Here is the car I'd sign up for:

    2008 Challenger RT
    528 Hemi engine (dreaming)
    Shaker Hood
    6-speed HD Pistol grip manual stick
    Bullet proof rear end differential (3.91)
    18" Rally wheels
    Plum Crazy or Mood Indigo Paint
    White leather interior
    Rally Gauges
    Rim Blow steering wheel

    Then I'd go hunting for Z06 vetts, ZL1 camaros, Shelby with the B.S. 20k "market adjustments", and anything foreign.

  • ronan5ronan5 Posts: 1
    Anybody heard what planned production capacity will be? IF it's 10,000 - 15,000 per year like the Mustang GT500, they'll be selling for $10-15k over MSRP as well.
  • sputterguysputterguy Posts: 383
    I hope they jettison that radio. I was looking for an old style dash, not a '50s retro diner look. But then, it might be so unpopular it will drive the price down.
  • old69rtold69rt Posts: 1
    Take if from an ‘old-timer’ that once you actually purchase the car issues like gauge placement and stereo will become secondary. First and foremost are exterior styling and brute performance.

    I purchased a new ’69-Hemi Roadrunner only to sell it because me wife was afraid to drive it, followed by a ’69 Charger RT which she actually liked. Both of the cars were awesome performers in stock factory configurations and very easy to modify if you were looking for that extra edge, and of course hind site being what it is, I certainly would like either or both of the cars back.

    Your concerns of gauge placement and stereo are valid however the proof is in the 'pedal' and when you put it to the floor at 50 mph and grab 2nd gear you want to look in the mirror and see rubber on the road.

    Word on the street is that the new ’08 will carry a price tag somewhere around 31k and there could be a performance super-stock 392-hemi (525 hp/510 pound-feet of torque) in the works priced somewhere around $???.

    The new and the old, it is true somethings do get better….
  • eric8190eric8190 Posts: 1
    The current mustang is so hot, and the upcoming camaro looks awsome too, but I just dont see what all the hype is about this car. This dodge is soooooooo UGLY. Atleast the mustang and camaro are retro designs with a modern execution of style, but this thing is just a rehashed version of the past and is downright ugly. Now Im sure the performence will be spectacular, but unless they fix this design, I dont see why anyone would buy one over a mustang or camaro.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in this case at least, your opinion of the Challenger seems to be WAY in the minority.
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