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Dodge Challenger 2008 and Later



  • bmk32bmk32 Posts: 74
    "The version before it was garbage and that was the version I was reffering to."

    That sounds like pure speculation to me..... :) :D :P
  • twaintwain Posts: 185
    but the Challenger isn't a failure because you don't like it, or because it's retro.

    I like the Challenger design. I think it captures the spirit of the old Challenger the same way the Mustang does. My concern is this...will it be too big, too heavy and too expensive? I'd much rather see a 3200lb Challenger with 300hp for 25k than a 3800lb Challenger with 400hp for 35k.
  • m382m382 Posts: 35
    "If the Challenger were on the street right now, today, it's a grand slam home run. Three more years from now without any advances to the design, it's a single, double at best."

    Read between the lines of your own words. Do you think a car company strives to produce a car that would be the equivalent of a "single"...or "double" at best? Obviously not. In those terms, any product mereley being compared to a single or double would not be profitable business...what would you call it...a success?? It's not all in what you say, more as how you say it.

    And twain yea I agree with you completely, I'd like to see a smaller car that maybe didn't have to rely on such a large displacement engine. But with that said the SRT8's both Charger an 300C weigh the same and perform amazingly. I hope they do find a way to shave off weight here and there, but I don't think it'd be the end of the world if the Challenger emulated the performance of the SRT8's. I'm just stoked about it either way.
  • viet3viet3 Posts: 8
    I love the Charger styling too. But as a muscle car lover converted to import, why does the Charger or other retro muscle cars have to be so big? Big car needs big engine to pull dead weight, handle not as good and for sure is a gas guzzler. I can see the Charger is just another 4000 pounds iron spinning its wheel.
  • Yes, I see that now. :blush: However, I don't see any retro cues. It doesn't look like any station wagon from the 70's that I know of. Maybe it would have been better to name it an old Dodge wagon name, which I can't think of off hand.
  • why does the Charger or other retro muscle cars have to be so big?

    Well, they were not exactally smallish cars back then either.
  • bmk32bmk32 Posts: 74
    Monaco, Polara, Coronet, Aspen.....all were old Dodge wagon names.
  • I'm going overseas for three years. If that Challenger is in the showrooms when I come back, I'm buying one. Unless they come up with a two-door Charger without that ugly front end.
  • Best of luck to you and Godspeed on your safe return. I hope the Challenger of your dreams is here and waiting for you when you get home.

    I don't know if anyone caught the Chicago Auto Show on WGN last night, but the Camaro and Challenger were the stars of the show. They definately generated more buzz than anything else on the floor.

    Seems to me American's could fall in love with American cars all over again if these two machines are any indication of where we're going. ;)
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 17,141
    Well, no, I don't think the Magnum looks like a station wagon from the 70s, either. But, like I said, it takes cues from 40s and 50s hot rods with the high beltline, narrow windows, slab sides, etc. There is nothing wrong with it, in the least, its great looking, but, if you follow the thread, the person I was responding to was calling the Challenger garbage because of its retro cues, while calling the Magnum and 300 completely new, fresh, and modern. Fact is, they are all retro. Its just that the Challenger concept seems a bit more retro than the others.

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '14 Town&Country

  • bmk32bmk32 Posts: 74
    "Read between the lines of your own words. Do you think a car company strives to produce a car that would be the equivalent of a "single"...or "double" at best? Obviously not. In those terms, any product mereley being compared to a single or double would not be profitable business...what would you call it...a success?? It's not all in what you say, more as how you say it."

    No, I'm merely trying to say that it's too bad Challenger isn't available right now, 'cause if it was I don't think DCX could build enough of 'em. Three more years will give consumers an all new Camaro and a freshened up Mustang to choose from too. Just more in the mix for muscle car crazy American's to choose from, that's all.

    Have a nice day ! :)
  • jae5jae5 Posts: 1,205
    The same was in person, not sure which one got the most attention though. There was a decent crowd @ the GT500 as well. I really didn't look at the Camaro; I hope some clean-up is done to it before it hits the streets, if it does.

    For me, I'm still leaning towards the Challenger. To me it just has that "look", that "feel". But as many said, the real determinates will be:
    1. Will it really make it to production (from Dodge's past record, most likely it will)
    2. What will / won't make it to production or will be changed and make it horrible in some way
    3. Price / options
    4. Dreaded dealer markup - :cry:

    That Caliber SRT-8 was getting some looks as well, mostly for the hp rating. Not a bad little run about. The rest of the show was a bore to me.
  • jae5jae5 Posts: 1,205
    Know this is off-topic, but do you think the new Impala will become the darling of the rental - company-car fleets like the previous generation?

    Reason I ask is because the company I work for has Impalas as the mainstay fleet car, and Venture/whatever the new van is as people/box hauler throughout the NA locations. Our HQ here just got an '06, so looks as though we'll be rotating those in.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    I don't like the Camaros look it looks real bad,Chevy should learn from Ford,they brought back what people loved too look at and if chevy could just get away from the future and bring back the old style more they would bring back the people.

    the old new ponies are the best looking Cars on the Road again. Great Job Ford :shades:
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Well yes and no. Yes, the New Stang looks OK, though one could say too retro as in replica car. It is just new enough to where I would consider one. A nice looking car. It is just that they were doing fine with the previous styling. The interior, IMHO, was better looking and more functional before - using the instruments as an example. And one burning question is where to next? Hopefully not a full replay, or we are into the Pinto years.

    The New Challenger looks good, as does the Camaro. Just lower those doors if possible. The whole cars now-a-days look too bulky. And one note of caution, or is this another note on the same line, beware of the Challenger being too retro, as in replica, plastic car reproduction look.

    One more thought. What would have happened if people in 1970 did opt to buy a 1935 styled car? Now that would have seemed strange. That said, the mid-60's thru earliest 70's cars did stand out as real classics with enduring graceful lines which do stand the test of time.

  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    Yes they did,the cars in that era were the best since P>B and Jelly.good reply.But if I had the money I would buy both cars the old Challenger and Camro,69,SS and the 70 Challenger,for I don't have a money tree in my back yard so if you know were to buy ine let me know.

  • Reply to m1miata:
    Here's one for sale (1970 Challenger R/T) -- heck they'll even deliver it for slightly over $200K:

    Also, the recent Barret-Jackson auction had a couple...
  • Unlike the hideous midget Charger with the Dakota grill, the prototype Challenger appears to have some sheet metal DNA from the original Challenger. My question is will DCX pull another Bait&Switch routine like they did after parading the sleek, eye-catching, and aerodynamic 1999 Charger prototype to auto shows, only to roll out the stubby Checker Cab Charger.

    If DCX management intends to insult true Mopar enthusiasts by serving an Egg McMuffin again, after showing us a Sirloin Steak, they can keep it.
  • Since I remember Dodge Division came with the best performance cars, it is time to go back to the good times!!!.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    The teasing new Challenger seems to be more of a retro-Plymouth Barracuda to my eye. I note the filler panel in front of the leading edge of the hood, the way the rear quarter comes up to the hip, the rear taillight, all seem more Barracuda-esc to my eye.

    Regardless, I think its beautiful even if they called it a Meadowbrook!

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