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Infiniti G35 Real World MPG

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
Please post your G35's actual MPG here.

"Real World" Fuel Economy vs. EPA Estimates

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  • I have had my g35x since Sept '04 and I get between 18 and 19 mpg doing mostly city driving. I check my mpg weekly and it has been pretty consistent since break-in. I need to go on some road trips to get true highway mpg. I don't baby the gas peddle but I don't drive like a madman either. True,the mileage is not as good as in my old Solara Cov't, but not bad for a car that is so much fun the drive and blows the doors off of my old Solara.
  • joeshanjoeshan Posts: 70
    Filled up an hour ago-17.4 gallons to the neck (at $2.46) of no-name after 244city miles with A/C on for the most part.. BTW, not a leadfoot nor a slowpoke.
    Am soon taking a 600 mile highway trip with 4 people and luggage, will post est. mileage.
  • beanctrbeanctr Posts: 99
    I have a 04 G35 Auto with just over 11K Miles. Average MPG to date is 21.4. Best MPG has been 24.7 with the worst being 17.3. These figures have been obtained through mostly moderate highway driving with premium fuel . In city driving, the mileage really drops. Fun car to drive; however, expect to pay at the pump.
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    Mine is an 05 G35X that just turned 6000 miles on a long (535 mile) trip. So far I'm averaging 19.2 MPG in my normal commute, mostly back roads, no highway. On trips, (2 so far) I'm averaging 23.4 MPG. Not bad at all for the level of performance and the safety of AWD. She was delivered in April so I have no winter experience. Love the car! Wrong thread but the noise level is somewhat elevated though not obtrusive for a SPORT sedan.
  • geekaygeekay Posts: 51
    I have a 6MT Sedan. Just over 900 miles on it. Rural, backroad, highway and DC Metro area (495/WW Bridge). Average 22 mpg. Total satisfaction. Just watch my RPM and bingo, good gas mileage. P.S. I have fun too.
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    OK, just got back from an 1100 mile trip. Mileage out to 550 miles averaged 21MPG. This included heavy traffic on I84 due to construction and some city use in Toronto. (Hockey tournament) On the trip home, I filled up on I190 near the Canadian border and headed home to NJ. 400 miles later with two "health stops" I filled up near home. Get this, 25.14MPG!!!! Average speed was between 75MPH and 85MPH. Three people aboard with luggage and a hockey bag. That's impressive for a 2005 G35X with 6750 miles.
  • dhsieh9dhsieh9 Posts: 44
    I have 2700 miles and average 21MPG with most short (< 10 miles) HW driving. Maybe it hasn't breaked in yet given the mileage I have driven since Nov 2004 when I bought it.
  • joeshanjoeshan Posts: 70
    I got about 25 MPG with c/c set at 70 mph and a/c on, with driver + 3 and luggage. Not too bad (04 G35X)
  • joeshanjoeshan Posts: 70
    I got about 25MPG with c/c set at 70 MPH, a/c on, and driver + 3 passengers and luggage. Not bad...
  • akotigaakotiga Posts: 11
    20 mile commute takes me about 35 minutes.
    My 2005 G35x has been averaging 19.5 mpg to 21 mpg.
  • woojacwoojac Posts: 6
    Have a 2004 6MT sedan. I must have the perfect conditions for mileage. About 50 miles per day round trip to work on country roads with 45 and 55 speed limits. Not many stop signs or lights. Even while having some fun I get about 27 in the summer (with A/C) and down to about 24 in the winter (Virginia winter that is). Love this car!
    :D ">
  • rsandersvarsandersva Posts: 10
    05 G35X purchased in Dec, 8500 miles, have keep MPG records since I purchased the car. Overall, just over 20 mpg on mixed highway and local roads (no. VA), but commute puts me in DC beltway traffic. 30 mile one-way commute can take 30 minutes in the AM and 50 minutes in the PM. The 20 mpg includes a lot of traffic time and if you know the DC weather, a lot of AC time. Also, using regular. Worst gas mileage was with a tank of premium.
  • With just over 3K on the odometer I've been getting a consistent 21.4 mpg in a mix of highway and city/suburban driving. By observing the instantaneous mpg readout on the nav system display I know I could do quite a bit better if I could just keep my foot out of it, but driving this car in a way that exploits its power and handling prowess is way too much fun for me to behave any better than I do. :)
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    Why buy a car with all that hp and not use it. ;)
  • I see it touched on above but are you guys using regular ore premium? Besides gas milage what about knocking when using regular unleaded? I just bought the car so haven't filled it yet.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    Use the gas the owner's manual recommends.
  • Thanks Nick for that insightful help. This is a forum for discussion. I haven't read the owner's manual so I don't know what it says but that's not the point... what have people used in the real world? If the answer was always what the owner's manual says we wouldn't have forums like this. I know I have had cars where the type of gas really does change performance so thought I would ask what others have found. Have you bought the car yet or still thinking?
  • I agree, I know what the owners manual says, but I'd like to know what everyone else does in real life. Personally, I generally use 89 octane, but run a tank of premium (93 octane) every once in awhile.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    I didn't mean to be flippant about the owners manual suggestion, but what I have been told is that a computer will get messed up if you don't use the suggested octane. I am no mechanic, but why spend 30k+ on a car, and then get cheap with the gas?
  • joeshanjoeshan Posts: 70
    I use 93, usually Sunoco, Amoco, or Mobil. I get a litle pinging ocasionally, so I'll mention that to service rep at next oil change.
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