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2007 Ford Everest/Expedition



  • I really hope Ford gets there things together and actually give this SUV more power. I own a 99 Expedition with a 4.6L V-8 and I feel like my truck has better acceleration and power than this 5.4L 3V V-8 has. I work at a Ford dealer and some of my customers have said the same thing. I also hope Ford finds a way to fit a Powerstroke diesel into this truck.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    I was hoping to find pictures of the next Expedition, and was pretty surprised to find them. I really like the styling, it has a lot of "bling" now. If only Ford had a better engine to put in it. The interior is just as good as that of the Tahoe/Yukon.

    On a sidenote - Host can you please change this discussion name to only Ford Expedition, not Everest?It is pretty clear that the Everest name wont be used.
  • dtd07dtd07 Posts: 19
    looks like there is an option of engins other than the 5.4L there might be a 4.5L V8 Diesel Engine and a 4.6L V8 Gas-Electric Hybrid.
    Take at the link below. I hope this is true. :D
    Lets see what happens, can't wait.
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 4,079
    Wish they would lose the two-tone color scheme that is standard on everything except the Limited. It looks tacky.
  • dhhdhh Posts: 5
    In the build & price link mentioned above, the diesel and hybrid options are not actually available, they're just there to research how many people would actually want them. So you're effectively voting for what options Ford would offer in the future. There was an article in Autoweek recently that said the diesel won't be available until 2010. Personally, I'm amazed that it took Ford this long to see this trend coming, and also that it's going to take them that long to get it into production. Sigh.
  • bcweirbcweir Posts: 1
    What, Ford doesn't DRUG TEST their truck designers anymore? The 2007 Expedition makes the previous model AND the NEW GM SUV's look like beauty contestants by comparison!

    If Ford's recovery is riding on vehicles like the 2007 Expedition to save it, I hope the Ford Motor Company ship brought plenty of lifeboats, because there's a HUGE iceberg named Toyota is coming right at it.

    Hope you Ford fans can swim.
  • taz16taz16 Posts: 29
    Im with you bcweir, look at these photos below from ...
    Seem like a reincarnated Excursion struck by lighting and taking steriods!!! :P
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    sequoia sells about 2k per month. i think it will be dropped soon.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    The Sequoia is downright ancient. It dates back to what, 2001? The styling also needs to be updated. To me, it barely competes anymore.

    To me, the class leader in the non luxury full size segment would be the new Chevrolet Tahoe/GMC Yukon. They have great interiors and powerful engines, and the styling is very clean. I really like the look of the new Expedition, but it needs more power. The Armada just looks weird and the Durango feels cheap inside.
  • Although the new Expedition has a nice exterior, I am afraid that it wont be able to rival its Toyota/GM rivals. The interior looks downright cheap to me, something that plagues Ford. As for power, im afraid it still wont have enough punch to keep it ahead of the game. Dismal fuel prices will also keep sales down, I expect.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    Styling is a personal thing. While I think GM did a great job with the exterior styling, the new Expedition doesn't bother me, and certainly wouldn't do much to sway my opinion much in terms of a purchase.

    What "would" sway my opinion is the interior. Here the Expedition has a huge advantage with the much more flexible fold-into-the-floor 3rd-row seats.

    I also prefer the IRS on the Expedition, and its 6-speed automatic over the 4-speed/solid rear axle Suburban.

  • ace35ace35 Posts: 131
    I personally like the 07's styling, especially in black with the limited trim. Hopefully the new 6spd will make the engine a little more responsive. Ive never felt the 5.4L is underpowered, jus felt its not as lively or quick as its competitors V8's
  • dtd07dtd07 Posts: 19

    try the link above and check off your options.
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